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Union calls, SQL User's Guide*
Union Columns Cross Reference screen User's Guide*
Union Summary Menu User's Guide*
unions Reference Summary*
Columns Cross Reference screen Reference Summary*
DB-DECLARE Reference*
DB-PROCESS Reference*
Summary Menu screen Reference Summary*
UNLOCK keyword
DB-FREE Reference* , *
unprotected fields Reference*
character screens User's Guide*
UNTIL Customization Facility statement Customization Facility Guide* , *
UNTIL statement Reference* , *
Customization Facility Reference Summary*
S-COBOL Reference Summary*
Update function, Online Express User's Guide*
specifying User's Guide*
UPDATE keyword
DB-DECLARE Reference*
DB-PROCESS Reference*
updating database records, function in Online Express User's Guide*
specifying User's Guide*
UPON Report Writer clause Reference*
User's Guide*
USAGE clause in data structures Reference*
Use Reference*
USE BEFORE REPORTING Report Writer clause Reference*
USE BEFORE REPORTING Report Writer statement Reference*
User's Guide*
User Controlled Database Calls screen Reference Summary*
User exits
Application Painter customization exit Administrator's Guide*
for batch job submission Administrator's Guide*
user exits
Application Painter Reference*
User help
application modules User's Guide*
display program User's Guide*
programs User's Guide*
types of User's Guide*
user help Reference*
APHLPIN control file Reference*
User help database
defining help databases User's Guide*
User Help facility Reference Summary*
User Help Facility User's Guide*
User Help facility
control file Reference Summary*
user help, creating
for character programs, source files, editing User's Guide*
user-defined field edits Getting Started*
control file switches Reference* , *
creating Reference*
User's Guide*
examples Reference*
referencing APS-generated field names in Reference*
screen fields Reference Summary*
selecting from predefined list Reference*
application limit Reference*
USERNAME statement Reference* , *
Reference Summary*
USING keyword Reference*

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