Master Index for Object COBOL for UNIX

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-N cob flag Object COBOL UG5.5.1
        pass generate phase directive Object COBOL UG9.1
?n command in Forms-2 Object COBOL Char Tools8.2.4.1
N RTS switch Object COBOL UG13.2
PG to File Handling13.4.1 , 12.2.3
Object COBOL Char Tools7.1 , 2.3
Name Language Reference2.2.2.1 ,
Name program
        d program Object COBOL Char Tools6.4
NAMED option LR - Additional Topics11.4.4
Named pipes Communications3.2.5
        | character PG to File Handling2.3.6.3
        environment variable PG to File Handling2.3.6
        >> character PG to File Handling2.3.6.1
        << character PG to File Handling2.3.6.2
        on UNIX Communications3.2.6
Named values
        allocate memory PG to Writing Programs14.3.2
        create/update PG to Writing Programs14.3.2
        read PG to Writing Programs14.3.2
        a screen in Screens PG to Creating UIs9.2.4.2
        panel PG to Creating UIs11.2.5
Naming data in Forms-2 Object COBOL Char Tools8.
        INITIALIZE REPLACING Language Reference13.1.11
        INITIALIZE REPLACING Language Reference13.1.11
National Language Support PG to File Handling26.4
GS with Object COBOL1.4
        See also NLS
        adisctrl database PG to Writing Programs7.2
        case conversion PG to Writing Programs7.5 , 7.5.5
        class condition tests PG to Writing Programs7.5.2
        codepage environment PG to Writing Programs7.3
        collating sequence PG to Writing Programs7.5.6
        currency symbol PG to Writing Programs7.3 , 7.5 , 7.5.8
        editing programs PG to Writing Programs7.5.7
        indexed sequential file PG to Writing Programs7.5.3
        intrinsic functions PG to Writing Programs7.5.8
        language environment PG to Writing Programs7.3 , 7.5.9
        library routines (call-by-name) PG to Writing Programs7.5.1 , 7.5.4 , 7.6
        locale PG to Writing Programs7.3
        %NLS% PG to Writing Programs7.5.3
        sample programs Object COBOL UGApD
        territory environment PG to Writing Programs7.3
        using PG to Writing Programs7.2
NATIVE Checker directive collating considerations PG to Writing Programs7.9.3
NATIVE Compiler directive Compatibility Guide1.3.1.11
Object COBOL UG6.3
NATIVE directive Language Reference6.1.2.2 ,
Native object code PG to Writing ProgramsCh9
        listing PG to Writing Programs1.1.4
        on-line help files Object COBOL Char Tools10.1.2
Navigation of source code Object COBOL Char Tools5.1
NCHAR-EDITED data rule LR - Additional Topics6.10.4
        Compiler directive LR - Additional TopicsCh6
        data rules LR - Additional Topics6.10.3
        literal LR - Additional Topics6.8.1
NCHAR Compiler directive Object COBOL UG6.3
Negated simple condition Language Reference10.
NEGATIVE value Language Reference10.
NESTCALL Compiler directive Object COBOL UG6.3
PG to Writing Programs1.1.2.7 ,
Nested source programs Language Reference4.2.2.1 ,
        limits PG to File Handling32.1.2
Nesting limits PG to Writing Programs3.1.3
NESTLOCALSTORAGE Compiler directive Object COBOL UG6.3
NETBIOS Communications3.2.7
        Fileshare PG to File HandlingCh21
        Animator Object COBOL Char Tools4.2.3 , , 4.2.4
        misinterpretation of function keys PG to Creating UIs4.
Network session
        MCS Communications8.3.1
        and Common Communications Interface Communications2.1
        CCITCP module Communications5.
        file handling limits PG to File Handling12.4.3
New-locate Object COBOL Char Tools5.5.3
New program OO Programming4.4
New Technology File System PG to File Handling2.1.1
New versions LMF Admin Guide3.1 , 3.1
"new" method OO Programming20.2.4.3 , 19.5
"newClass" method OO Programming28.2.1
NEXT GROUP clause LR - Additional Topics1.4.18
Next Hotspot function in Hyhelp Object COBOL Char Tools10.1.5.2
Next logical record Language Reference15.1.2
NEXT option Language Reference15.1.2
NEXT PAGE phrase LR - Additional Topics1.4.17
Next panel Dialog System Char6.4.3
NEXT phrase Language Reference15.1.2
NEXT SENTENCE Language Reference13.1.10 , 16.1.1
NEXT SENTENCE statement Language Reference14.1.4
NLS PG to File Handling26.4
        See also National Language Support
NLS Compiler directive Object COBOL UG6.3
PG to Writing Programs7.4
NLS folding Dialog System Char16.5 , 7.1.1
NLS routines PG to Writing Programs7.8
        CBL_NLS_CLOSE_MSG_FILE PG to Writing Programs7.8
        CBL_NLS_COMPARE PG to Writing Programs7.8
        CBL_NLS_INFO PG to Writing Programs7.8
        CBL_NLS_OPEN_MSG_FILE PG to Writing Programs7.8
        CBL_NLS_READ_MSG PG to Writing Programs7.8
NO-ECHO clause Language Reference9.1.1.26
        Adis field option PG to Creating UIs4.1.2
        in Screens PG to Creating UIs9.2.5
        skip concealed fields PG to Creating UIs4.2.8
NO-ECHO option LR - Additional Topics11.4.2
No License condition AS Licensing3.3
NO LOCK phrase Language Reference15.1.2
NO OF PRINT LINES ON A PAGE configuration parameter Dialog System Char16.4
No operation statement Language Reference12.1.10
No Pause Object COBOL Char Tools3.
NO REWIND phrase Language Reference12.1.7 , 14.1.7
NO87 environment variable PG to Writing Programs1.3
NOCLEAR-PATH configuration parameter Dialog System Char16.5
NOCLEAR Analyzer directive Object COBOL Char Tools3.2.3
NOCOUNT Analyzer directive Object COBOL Char Tools3.2.3
Node Structure Animator function Object COBOL Char Tools11.3
NODYNAM Compiler directive Compatibility Guide1.3.3.1
NOECHO-CHARACTER configuration parameter Dialog System Char16.5
        field property Dialog System Char7.1.1
nolicense script AS Licensing3.3
NOMINAL KEY clause Compatibility Guide1.3.2.2
Non-COBOL programs
        canceling PG to Writing Programs1.7.2
Non-scrolling forms Language Reference9.1.1
Non-serial search Language Reference16.1.1
Non-unique names Language Reference7.1.4
Non Text Characters Object COBOL UGApC
Noncontiguous items Language Reference7.1.6.1
Noncontiguous linkage storage Language Reference7.1.6.1
None/single/double border Dialog System Char6.2.9.3
Nonnumeric literal Language Reference2.2.4.1
        length of LR - Additional Topics12.2.2
Nonnumeric operands
        comparison Language Reference10.1.4.2
NOPRINT Analyzer directive Object COBOL Char Tools3.2.3
noretry_on_decl run-time tunable Object COBOL UG12.3
Normal/Micro Focus Panels Dialog System Char3.2.5.1
NOSMALLDD Compiler directive PG to Writing Programs1.1.1.2
NOT logic operator PG to Writing Programs2.5.1 ,
NOT ON SIZE ERROR clause Language Reference10.1.5.2
NOT ON SIZE ERROR phrase Language Reference10.
Notation GS with Object COBOL1.5.6
NOTE statement Language Reference14.1.5
note.cbl PG to Creating UIs13.3.6
NOWARN Htmlpp option Object COBOL UGB.2.1
NSWE representation
        line draw characters PG to Creating UIs24.2.2
NTFS PG to File Handling2.1.1
NTT support LR - Additional Topics5.3
Nucleus Compatibility Guide2.3.3
Null-terminated literals OO Programming29.2.1
$NULL Dialog System Char9.1.2
NULL Language Reference8.1.1.24 ,
        in line sequential files Object COBOL UG13.2
Null parameter Dialog System Char9.1.1
Null validation Dialog System Char4.1.7.5
Null validation menu Dialog System Char4.1.7.5
        disable insertion PG to File Handling11.2
        enable insertion PG to File Handling11.2
Nulls in line sequential files PG to File Handling12.2.3
Number of occurrences Language Reference8.1.1.14
        maximum size PG to Writing Programs3.2.11
        field format Dialog System Char7.1.1
Numeric data formats Language Reference2.6.4
Numeric data rules Language Reference8.1.1.15
Numeric edited data Compatibility Guide2.3.7.3
        rules Language Reference8.1.1.15
Numeric edited fields
        in ACCEPT PG to Creating UIs4.
        in screen section PG to Creating UIs4.2.3
Numeric field check
        F RTS switch Object COBOL UG13.2
Numeric fields Dialog System Char4.1.7
Numeric functions Language Reference2.6.5.4 , 11.6
Numeric items and National Language Support PG to Writing Programs7.5
Numeric literal Language Reference2.2.4.2 , ,
Numeric operands
        comparison Language Reference10.1.4.2
Numeric overflow checking PG to Writing Programs1.1.3.1
NUMERIC SIGN clause Language Reference6.1.2.3
Numeric signed field Dialog System Char4.1
NUMERIC test Language Reference10.
Numeric value parameters Dialog System Char9.1.1
NUMVAL-C function Language Reference11.9.35
NUMVAL function Language Reference11.9.34

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