Master Index for Object COBOL for UNIX

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-u cob flag
        create dynamically loadable file Object COBOL UG9.1
-U cob flag
        dynamically load unresolved calls Object COBOL UG8.2.5
        handle unresolved reference Object COBOL UG9.1
ublksize Communications7.5.1
ULIMIT environment variable PG to File Handling12.4.5
ulimit operating system parameter Object COBOL UG7.2.4
Un command in Forms-2 Object COBOL Char Tools8.2.4.2
Undecl Object COBOL Char Tools5.3.4
Undeclared procedures
        listing Object COBOL Char Tools5.3.4
Undefine group Dialog System Char4.1.6
Undefined results
        migrating applications PG to Writing Programs6.9
        portability PG to Writing Programs5.1.6.8
UNDELETE clause Compatibility GuideCh13
Underline attribute PG to Creating UIs26.2.4.3
UNDERLINE clause Language Reference9.1.1.30
UNDERLINE option LR - Additional Topics11.4.2 , 11.4.3
Underscore command in Forms-2 Object COBOL Char Tools8.2.4.1
Underscores PG to Creating UIs14.3.2 , 15.3.2 ,
        Adis function PG to Creating UIs7.2.3
        Adis key PG to Creating UIs5.2.3.3
Unexec Object COBOL Char Tools5.3.4
Unfixing data from memory PG to Writing Programs18.2.2
Uninstalling AS Licenses AS Licensing2.5
Uninstalling licenses LMF Admin Guide2.10
Uniqueness of reference Language Reference2.6.5
Unit Language Reference12.1.7 , 12.1.7 , 12.1.7
        removal Language Reference12.1.7
UNIT phrase Language Reference12.1.7
UNIX Dialog System Char1.1.1
        supported character set Dialog System Char15.3.2
UNIX key usage chart LMF Admin GuideApA
Object COBOL Char ToolsApB
UNIX Screens Compare utility Object COBOL Char Tools12.4
        changing the current screen file Object COBOL Char Tools12.5.1.6
        compare mode Object COBOL Char Tools12.4
        extending screen size Object COBOL Char Tools12.5.1.9
        final messages Object COBOL Char Tools12.6
        invoking Object COBOL Char Tools12.4.1
        menus Object COBOL Char Tools12.5
        playback mode Object COBOL Char Tools12.4
        playing back a single file Object COBOL Char Tools12.5.1.10
        speeding up screen display Object COBOL Char Tools12.5.1.5
        viewing screen file differences Object COBOL Char Tools12.5.1.7
UNIX screensets Dialog System Char15.1.2
UNIX Session Recorder Object COBOL Char Tools2.5.2 , Ch12
        and Animator Object COBOL Char Tools2.5.2.4
        file-names Object COBOL Char Tools12.
        keystroke recorder Object COBOL Char Tools12.3.1
        limitations Object COBOL Char Tools12.2.3
        screen recorder Object COBOL Char Tools12.3.2
        terminal independence Object COBOL Char Tools12.2.2
        using Object COBOL Char Tools12.3
        using with Animator Object COBOL Char Tools12.3.4
UNIX terminal handling PG to Creating UIs7.1.2
Unlinked object Object COBOL UG7.1.1
        Callable File Handler PG to File Handling13.5.1
UNLOCK statement PG to File Handling6.7.1 , 6.7.1 , 6.8
Language Reference16.1.10
Unmark Key function in Screens PG to Creating UIs9.2.4.2
Unpack byte PG to Writing Programs2.5.3.2
Unref Object COBOL Char Tools5.3.4
Unselect all entries
        export Dialog System Char3.2.10.3
Unselect all panels
        export Dialog System Char3.2.10.7
Unshow panel Dialog System Char5.2.3
Unsort Dialog System Char3.2.3.7
Unsort list
        panel field Dialog System Char7.1.2.6
UNSTRING statement LR - Additional Topics5.15.12 , 6.11.8
Language Reference16.1.11
UPCASE extension subroutine Compatibility Guide2.3.7.8
UPDATE behavior
        Adis PG to Creating UIs5.2.3.3
Update field Language Reference9.1.1 ,
        force update in Adis PG to Creating UIs5.2.3.3
Update mask
        panel PG to Creating UIs11.2.3
Update named values PG to Writing Programs14.3.2
UPDATE option LR - Additional Topics11.4.2 , 11.4.2
Updating records Language Reference4.2.10.1
UPON phrase LR - Additional Topics1.4.21
UPPER-CASE function Language Reference11.9.51
Upper case
        convert string to PG to Writing Programs18.2.2
        field property Dialog System Char7.1.1
        panel field Dialog System Char7.1.1
USAGE clause LR - Additional Topics11.3.1 , 12.2.4 , 5.14.8 , 6.10.7 , 1.4.23
Compatibility Guide15.3
Language Reference8.1.1.23
        group items Compatibility Guide8.3.3
        INDEX items Compatibility Guide8.3.2
        portability PG to Writing Programs5.1.6.9
USAGE COMP Language Reference2.6.4.2
USAGE DISPLAY PG to Creating UIs4. ,
USAGE POINTER comparison Language Reference10.
use-combined-cfg Communications7.11.4
use-rdt Communications7.11.5
USE AFTER STANDARD EXCEPTION declarative Language Reference16.1.13
USE BEFORE REPORTING statement LR - Additional Topics1.5.8
USE Compiler directive Object COBOL UG6.3 ,
Use CSI line marker Object COBOL Char Tools5.2.2.4
Use default directory
        generate Dialog System Char11.2.2
USE FOR DEBUGGING statement LR - Additional Topics3.3.3 , 3.3.3 , 3.3.3 , 3.3.3 , 3.3.3
        maximum number in program PG to Writing Programs3.1.2
USE procedure Language Reference16.1.12 , 16.1.12
Use stacked field Dialog System Char7.1.2.4
USE statement Language Reference16.1.12 , 16.1.12 , 16.1.12
User-defined field format Dialog System Char12.5
User-defined format
        panel field Dialog System Char7.1.1
User-defined word LR - Additional Topics5.6 , 6.5
Language Reference2.2.2.1 , , , ,
User-defined words Language Reference2.2.2.1
USER-MACHINE Animator directive Object COBOL Char ToolsA.2.1
USER-SESSION Animator directive Object COBOL Char ToolsA.2.1
User attribute PG to Creating UIs26.2.4.5 , 25.2
        encoding PG to Creating UIs25.2.4
        turn on/off PG to Creating UIs25.4.1
User attribute byte portability PG to Writing Programs5.1.6.2
User Defined Functions
        Embedded SQL using DB2 PG to File Handling24.4.4.1
User defined functions
        vocabulary OO Programming22.
User function keys PG to Creating UIs7.1.1
        Adis PG to Creating UIs5.2.3.3
        compatibility key list PG to Creating UIs4.
        detecting PG to Creating UIs4.
        enabling/disabling PG to Creating UIs4.
        validation clause PG to Creating UIs4.
User input PG to Creating UIs20.2.5.1
User interface PG to Creating UIs2.9
User Interface GS with Object COBOL1.5.3
        Adis accept and display PG to Creating UIs4.1.1
User interface
        for your application PG to Creating UIsCh19
        ACCEPT Language Reference12.1.1
User screen
        Animator Object COBOL Char Tools4.2.3 , 4.2.4 , 4.5.2
        FLASH Animator directive Object COBOL Char ToolsA.2.1
        making visible PG to Writing Programs11.6
User session
        cross-session animation Object COBOL Char Tools4.2.5.1 ,
User status indicator PG to File Handling13.4.1
useraudit Communications7.5.1
        maximum number of parameters PG to Writing Programs3.1.2
Using .int files and .gnt files in an application Object COBOL UG3.2.1.1
USING clause Language Reference9.1.1.22
Using Hyhelp without a mouse Object COBOL Char Tools10.1.5.2
USING phrase Language Reference7.1.2.1 , 13.1.2 , 16.1.4
PG to Writing Programs1.5.3
        in Screens PG to Creating UIs9.2.5
usrdef.asm PG to Writing Programs11.3 , 11.4
usrdef{B}.asm{D} PG to Writing Programs11.1 , 11.2
_USRSCRN PG to Writing Programs11.6
        Cbllink PG to Writing Programs6.6
        Cblnames PG to Writing Programs6.7
utils.lbr Object COBOL Char Tools9.2.1
UUIDGEN OO Programming35.3.3

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