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Using a Load Balancer

Once the servers are clustered, you can configure a load balancer in front of your MSS instances for high availability. Use these values:

  • Load balancing algorithm: Least Connections (or something similar)

  • Session persistence: To enable session persistence, configure the MSS load balancer to stick on existing cookies and URL parameters in this order:

    • Stick on cookie SESSIONID

    • Stick on URL parameter sessid (only necessary when Single sign-on through IIS is configured as the authentication method)

    • Stick on cookie JSESSIONID

    • Stick on URL parameter jsessionid

  • Health check endpoint: https://<mss-server>/mss/actuator/health

  • TLS: Configure TLS and install certificates as needed.

If you are using Host Access for the Cloud, see the Host Access for the Cloud Documentation for additional information about deploying MSS for high availability.