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Rumba+ Desktop

To add and configure a Rumba+ Desktop session:

Complete the prerequisites

These tasks must be completed in your Rumba+ application before the session can be managed by Management and Security Server.

  • Configure a session in your Rumba+ application
  • Save the session profile
  • Enable Centralized Management in Rumba+ Options

Next, you must upload and attach your Rumba+ session profile to the session you are configuring in MSS.

Upload the Rumba+ Session Profile

  1. In the MSS Administrative Console, open Manage Sessions, and click +ADD.

  2. Under Product, select Rumba+ Desktop.

  3. Add a session, enter a Session name, and click BROWSE.

  4. Navigate to and select the Rumba+ session profile (saved by your Rumba+ application).

    The profile name displays below the BROWSE button.

  5. Overwrite settings files is not checked by default, which means that users can set local preferences in their launched sessions and open sessions using their local settings file. These sessions are not updated from the MSS settings file.

    However, if you want MSS to compare the local and web server versions of the settings file and overwrite the user's file, then check Overwrite settings files.


    This setting allows you to easily distribute updates to existing settings files, but changes that users made to their settings will be lost.

  6. If entitled to the Security Proxy Add-On, you can configure the Rumba+ session to connect through a Security Proxy server that has client authorization enabled.

    The Security Proxy Settings require one setting in the Rumba+ session (configured separately using the Rumba+ client), and one setting on this Configure Session panel.

    a. In the Rumba+ session, set the host name and port to the address of the Security Proxy server.

    b. On this Configure Session panel, check the Use security proxy server box.

    Enter the host name and port to which the Security Proxy will forward the connection.

  7. Click SAVE. The profile is then uploaded and attached to the session.

    After the Rumba+ session profile is uploaded, users can open their assigned Rumba+ sessions from the Windows Start menu, as usual. The first time the session is launched, the settings file is downloaded from Management and Security Server to the client computer.

Next step: Use Assign Access to make the session available to end users.


Rumba+ sessions are not available as direct URLs. Instead, Rumba+ sessions are launched from the Windows Start menu, and the session profiles are obtained from MSS when Centralized Management is configured in Rumba+.

Edit a configured Rumba+ session

  1. Using your Rumba+ application, open the appropriate session profile, and make the changes. Save the profile.

  2. In the MSS Administrative Console, open Manage Sessions, and click the session name.

  3. Click BROWSE and select the Rumba+ session profile that you just edited and saved.

  4. Click SAVE to upload and attach the updated profile.