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Log in to the Administrative Server

You can log in to the Administrative Server (which opens the MSS Administrative Console) from the Windows Start menu or from a URL on any computer with a web browser.

  1. First, be sure the servlet runner is started. (The servlet runner is automatically started by the MSS installer.)

  2. Open the Administrative Server login page either from the Windows Start menu or from the URL:

    • Start > All Programs > Host Access Management and Security Server > Administrative Server

    • https://<hostname>[:port]/adminconsole/


      If the port number is 443 (the default for HTTPS), it is not needed in the URL. For example,

    This login directly opens the MSS Administrative Console.

  3. In the User field, enter either admin (the default) or your site-specific user name.

  4. Enter the administrator password specified during installation and configuration.

  5. Click Login. The MSS Administrative Console opens to the Manage Sessions panel.


    The default password is admin. We recommend that you change this password as soon as possible. In the MSS Administrative Console, go to the Configure Settings - General Settings panel.

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