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Installing and Running MSS on a Locked-down System

During operation, MSS uses an internal temp directory that should be suitable in all cases.

However, the installation of MSS requires a writable system temp directory, and if one is not available, the installer may fail to run.

The MSS product is delivered as a single zip file that includes all installers for all platforms. The MSS zip file contains install4j installers for Windows, Linux, and UNIX.

Setting a TEMP directory for install4j

The installer (Windows or Linux/UNIX) requires a writable temp folder. If the default temp directory is not suitable, the installer can be run with an alternate temp directory.


The installer must be run with administrative permissions.

  • Windows

    If the default temp directory is not writable, set the environment variables TMP or TEMP to an alternate location temporarily while running the installer.

    Restore the variables when the installation is complete.

  • Linux/UNIX

    The environment variable INSTALL4J_TEMP determines the base directory that the MSS installer uses for self-extraction. As the installer extracts files and launches Java to perform other tasks, the Java temp location ( /tmp) is used.

    To run the Linux installers with an alternate temp directory:

    1. Define the variable INSTALL4J_TEMP, specifying the value as the desired temp location.

    2. Create the temp directory specified for the installer. The installer requires a directory that already exists.

    3. Add the command line switch –{tempdir} when launching the installer. For example:

      abcd@linux:~$ INSTALL4J_TEMP=/home/abcd/i4jtemp    
      abcd@linux:~$ export INSTALL4J_TEMP
      abcd@linux:~$ sudo ./

When installing both MSS and Host Access for the Cloud

If you use HACloud, note the installation requirements, based on your environment.

For a chained installation of MSS and HACloud

  • On Windows. If you temporarily set the TMP or TEMP environment variables as described above (Setting a TEMP directory for install4j), a chained installation of HACloud and MSS needs no other adjustments.

  • On Linux/UNIX. You cannot run a chained installation.

    Run the INSTALL4J_TEMP var set and the switch separately, each with administrative permissions.

If you plan to install MSS and HACloud separately, install MSS first.

Troubleshooting: Setting an alternate temp directory

MSS uses an internal temp directory that should be suitable in all cases. However, if necessary, this directory location can be changed by editing the container.conf file and the Cassandra jvm.options file.

Changing the internal temp location

  1. Open <installation folder>/mss/server/conf/container.conf in a text editor.

  2. Edit the property to specify the new location. If the path contains spaces:

    • On Windows, enclose it in quotes.

    • On Linux/UNIX, use the appropriate syntax. For example,

  3. If needed, you can set an additional property to delete the temp directory when the server shuts down.

  4. Edit the Cassandra jvm.options file, and modify the two properties that control the location of temp files: and –Djna.tmpdir.

  5. Restart the server