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Installing MSS

Use the automated installer to install the Management and Security Server components on Linux, UNIX, or Windows.

In addition to installing all of the Management and Security Server components, the automated installer can install the activation files for your entitled add-on products.

The automated installer for 64-bit systems:

  • can be run on Linux or Windows.
  • can be run on UNIX (or z Linux) using the “no JRE” version of the automated installer.
  • can install all components on the same machine (a workstation) for initial testing. However, for production, we recommend installing on a server operating system.

If you are not able to use an automated installer, contact Customer Support for guidance.


For security purposes, it is advantageous to run services as a dedicated user with a minimal set of privileges. To perform this task, see the Technical Reference: Run services as a dedicated user.

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