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Refer to this chart to identify the default ports and how to change them, if necessary.

Port used for... Default port number Comments
HTTPS - Administrative Console, Terminal ID Management, Metering, Metering Management 443 To change the port number:
  1. Start the MSS server. This action creates the default PropertyDS.xml file in the MSSData directory
  2. Open PropertyDS.xml.
  3. In the string shown below, change the value from 443 to the preferred port number. 443
  4. Restart Management and Security Server.
Security Proxy listening 3000
Security Proxy monitoring 8080
Cassandra TLS inter-node communication 7001
Cassandra JMX monitoring 7199
X.509 authentication to MSS via Centralized Management 8000 Used by Desktop products when Centralized Management is enabled and by Reflection for the Web/MSS applets for X.509 authentication by end users.
Tomcat AJP ports used for IIS integration 8001, 8002
X.509 Trusted subsystem (multiple servers) 8003 Used by MSS and HACloud to perform privileged administrative operations. NOTE: The X.509 port 8000 and the trusted subsystem port 8003 behave similarly. Both require X.509 client authentication. However, they use different trust stores and the operations that can be executed via those ports differ.
Metering server 8089
Service registry 8761
Cassandra client port 9042
Cassandra sidecar 9043
Service wrapper monitoring 32000-32001 If 32000 is not available, then 32001 is attempted
MSS JMX monitoring 44000
Random port required by MSS JMX/RMI Random
Random port required by Cassandra JMX/RMI Random