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Upgrade Replicated Servers

Replication, in earlier versions of MSS, has been replaced with Clustering. To upgrade the servers that are replicated, you must first disable Replication and then configure Clustering.


Before you upgrade and begin to configure Clustering, all servers previously configured for Replication must be set to Standalone — no Master or Slaves.

To disable Replication on every server configured for replication, begin with the Slave servers. Then, disable Replication on the Master.

  1. In the MSS Administrative Console, click Configure Settings - Replication.

  2. Select the Standalone Server Role. Click Apply.

  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for all of the Slave servers and then for the Master server.

  4. When all of the servers are set to Standalone, upgrade each server.

  5. When all of the servers are upgraded, configure a cluster of at least three MSS servers.

    Follow the Clustering steps in the MSS Administrator Guide.