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Setting Up Metering

Use the Metering Server to monitor session activity and to control concurrent access to specific hosts. Metering Reports are available as clients use the metered sessions.

The Metering Server is included with Management and Security Server (no separate license is required). When using the automated installer, the Metering Server is installed on the same machine as the Management and Security Server.

At a glance

Once installed, the Metering Server requires some additional setup. You must:

  1. Configure the Metering Server in the MSS Administrative Console: Configure Settings - Metering.

    Open Help for assistance.

  2. On the Configure Settings - Metering panel, click the link to a Metering Server to open the separate Metering Console (after you log in as a Metering administrator).

    Use the Metering Console to configure license pools and server settings and to run reports. Open Help for assistance.

  3. Enable the clients that are to be metered.

    Refer to your emulator’s product documentation to enable metering for that client.

Prerequisites and System Requirements

The Metering server, which is installed with Management and Security Server, is compatible with the MSS Minimum System Requirements.

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