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Upgrading Add-On Products

The procedure for upgrading Add-On Products is similar to the initial installation. Your entitled add-on product activation files are available from the same download location as the Management and Security Server product files.

We recommend installing the latest activation files to ensure that all product features are correctly enabled.

To upgrade your add-on products, either:

Use the MSS automated installer

To upgrade using the automated installer:

  1. If you are upgrading Add-On Products, place the downloaded activation files in the same directory as the automated installer.

    In this example, the Automated Sign-on for Mainframe and the Security Proxy Add-on products will be installed.

    activation files

  2. Run the automated installer to upgrade the Administrative Server.

    The automated installer retains your current settings and removes files from the previous installation. You do not need to run the Configuration Upgrade Utility or re-create your sessions.

Use the MSS Administrative Console to install activation files

You can install upgraded activation files using the same procedure as installing the initial files.

See MSS Administrative Console to install activation files.