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Add More MSS Servers to My Installation

During installation both the MSS and HACloud servers have exchanged and trusted their certificates. When you add additional MSS servers, their certificates also need to be trusted.

mss Configuration is required in the MSS Administrative Console > Configure Settings > Trusted Certificates > Trusted Sub-System.

To setup trust between MSS and the session servers

  • Trust the new MSS server by importing the MSS certificate into the session server’s truststore. See Import a certificate into the session server’s truststore.

  • The new MSS needs to trust each of the session servers.

    1. As the administrator, log into MSS.
    2. From the left panel, click Configure Settings > Trusted Certificates.
    3. Select Trusted Sub-System. The list contains the certificates that are trusted by MSS.
    4. Click Import to add the session server certificate to the list.
    5. Repeat this process for each session server.