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Specify Edit Options

Edit options to use for different copy, paste and cut operations.

Copy options

Select text by left-clicking and dragging over it with the mouse or by pressing and holding the shift key while modifying the selection with the arrow keys. By default, different terminal types use different selection modes when copying text. VT terminals use a linear selection mode while all others use block mode selection. To toggle between block and linear selection modes on any terminal type, press and hold down the Alt key, then select the text.

  • Copy input fields only -. Select this option to only copy data from input fields. Data from protected fields is replaced with spaces when placed on the clipboard.

  • Use entire display when there is no selection - This option applies the Copy command to the entire terminal display when nothing is selected.

Paste options

Choose Paste to write the contents of the clipboard at the cursor location.

  • Mask protected fields - Specifies how pasted text is mapped onto the screen:

  • If unselected (the default), the text is interpreted as a linear stream that can contain new lines and delimiters and is pasted accordingly.

  • If selected, the text is interpreted as a host screen data and overlaid onto the current screen starting at the current cursor position. Where the current screen contains an unprotected field, the source text is pasted; where the current screen contains a protected field, the source text is skipped.

  • Wrap to next line - If selected, the Paste command fills the first field with as much Clipboard data as the field will hold. Any remaining text is pasted to the line immediately below, assuming it is writable (for example, an input field). Otherwise, the remaining text is truncated. Subsequent lines of data are pasted to align vertically with the starting cursor position.

    By default, this option is not selected and text that overflows the field is truncated.

  • Restore starting cursor position after paste - By default, the host cursor is positioned at the end of the data following a paste operation. Select this option to restore the host cursor to its starting position after the paste operation is complete.

Cut options

The Cut operation is available for all supported terminals except for VT host types. Select the area you want to cut, then click the Cut button on the toolbar. You can use either the context menu or key combination to cut the data from the screen and save it to the clipboard. Data in protected fields is copied to the clipboard but is not removed from the screen.

Key combinations

Commonly used key combinations for editing functions are supported in HACloud. These keys pass through to the browser, which generates the appropriate editing functions.

Key combination Host type Action
Ctrl + C 3270, 5250, UTS, T27, and ALC Copy
Ctrl + V 3270, 5250, UTS, T27, and ALC Paste
Ctrl + X 3270, 5250, UTS, T27, and ALC Cut

These key combinations are mapped in HACloud to various screen edit actions:

Key combination Host type Action
Ctrl + A 3270, 5250, UTS, T27, ALC Select all text on the screen
Shift + Arrow key All Change the extent of the current selection
Ctrl + Shift + A VT Select all
Ctrl + Shift + C VT Copy
Ctrl + Shift + V VT Paste


In HACloud you can use the key mapper to map editing actions to key combinations. You can access Edit actions using a context menu on the terminal by right-clicking on the screen. Editing actions may be restricted by browser permissions. When an action is unavailable to the user, the associated toolbar buttons and context menu items will not appear.

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