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Creating Host Sessions

Host Access for the Cloud supports IBM 3270, 5250 and VT hosts as well as UTS, T27 and ALC host types.

Your users gain access to the host through sessions that you create and configure. Sessions are created by an administrator in the MSS Administrative Console. When you launch a session from the Administrative Console, the web client Connection panel opens in a separate browser window. You configure connection options from this panel. Options vary depending on your host type.

To create a session:

  1. Create sessions in the MSS Administrative Console. See Add a Session in the MSS documentation.

  2. In the HACloud web client, on the Create New Session dialog box, select the type of host you are connecting to from the drop down list.

  3. On the Connection panel, identify the name of the host to which you want to connect. You can use a full host name or its IP address.

  4. Type the number of the port you want to use.

  5. Complete the information needed for the host connection.

  6. Save your connection settings.

  7. After you complete configuring and testing your session, click Exit to return to the MSS Administrative Console.

  8. Using the Assign Access view in the MSS Administrative Console, assign the session you created to your users.

  9. Once sessions have been assigned to your users, you can let them know how to access their sessions.

Check the settings for your session type.