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Connecting to MSS using HTTP

An HACloud installation requires that all components trust each other through the exchanging of certificates. However there may be use cases where some connections need to be in the clear for packet inspection. See Your default secure installation.


Using HTTP does not eliminate the requirement that trust be established. Other components will still use TLS behind the scenes to register and discover services.

To enable session server interaction with MSS using HTTP instead of HTTPS for the majority of the communications:

Connecting to Do this
An existing remote MSS Administrative Server
  1. During the installation, after you accept the license agreement and choose a destination directory, select Use remotely hosted MSS. Click Next.
  2. Enter either the host name, DNS name, or IP address.
  3. Change the port to the HTTP port of the MSS server (for example, 80).
  4. Select HTTP and complete the installation process.
The MSS Administrative Server that is installed with Host Access for the Cloud
  1. After the installation, open \sessionserver\conf\ in a text editor and update the management.server.url property. For example, management.server.url=http://yourmachine:80/mss
  2. Restart the session server service.