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Using Single Session Mode

You can use single session mode and provide URLs to particular sessions that are launched using the name parameter, (for example a direct link on a company portal page). To enable the launch of a single session use the query parameter singleSession. You can use this parameter on its own to just launch the web client in single session mode, for example, http://<sessionserver>:7443/?singleSession, or it can be used in conjunction with a named session parameter to launch a particular named session in single session mode: http://<sessionserver>:7443/?singleSession&name=HumanResources. The order of the parameters does not matter.

When your users access a single session, they cannot switch between open sessions and cannot open new sessions. A new session will not be launched if the specified session already exists when the user opens the link.

single session mode

If you want all sessions on the session server to run in single session mode:

  • Open <install-dir>/sessionserver/conf/

  • Add webclient.singlesession=true to the file.