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Customizing Host Sessions

You can use these features to customize sessions for your end users:

  • Plus - Enable custom controls to provide a more efficient work flow and a more modern and friendly interface. See Use Plus to customize screens.

    Using this option, you can add tool tips to fields, replace old-style numbered lists with more modern drop-down lists, add buttons to the host interface and program them to start macros or perform other actions, and replace manual date entry with a graphical calendar date-picker.

  • Server-side Events - Supply procedural Java code that extends and improves the presentation of host data.

    Using server side events, you can define specific events and suspend the host application, replacing or interrupting it with code that you have supplied to the session, as well as extend error handling options. For example, you can add an event that recognizes when an error occurs and then implements the code to intercept the error, take control, and correct the error. See Server-side events.

  • Advanced - Only use as directed by Micro Focus Technical Support.

These options are configured on the Customization panel.

  1. Click Settings on the toolbar to open the left navigation panel.

  2. Click Customization.

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