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Allowing Session Server Access via HTTP

By default HACloud uses TLS (HTTPS) to communicate between the web client and the session server. You can change this option during the installation process. However, it may be necessary to make this change after installation.

To change the protocol (HTTPS or HTTP) post-install:

  1. Open and edit <session-server>/microservices/sessionserver/service.yml.

  2. Modify the SPRING_PROFILES_ACTIVE environment variable.

    • To use HTTP - set the variable to no-tls.

    • To use HTTPS - set the variable to tls.

  3. Restart the session server.

For example:

      value: no-tls


Changing the protocol from HTTPS to HTTP does not change the server port. HACloud uses 7443 as the default port. To change the port being used see Changing Ports.