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T27 connection settings

Along with the Common connection settings, you can configure these additional T27 connection options:

T27 Connection Settings

T27 options Description
Terminal type Select the type of terminal to emulate during the session. T27 emulation supports Unisys TD830, TD830 ASCII, TD830 INTL, and TD830 NDL terminal types.
Request binary You must enable the Request binary option when you require pass through printing. The default is No.
TCPA defines a 7-bit data path between the host and the terminal emulator. This type of data path is not compatible with certain national character sets. However, many hosts allow for 8-bit data without zeroing the 8th bit, which resolves this problem. However, it may be necessary to force the host to use an 8-bit data path; you can do so by selecting this option.
Line width Select the number of characters the host will send to the client. The default is 80 characters.
TLS security See TLS Descriptions (in 3270 and 5250 connection settings) for a description of the various options.
Station ID Choose an option to specify a station ID or use the Terminal ID Manager. To specify a station ID, choose Specify Station ID and type the name in the Station ID field.
Each station id should be unique to the host and typically consists of up to eight alphanumeric characters.
  • Prompt the user if ID not specified
    The end user will be prompted the first time a connection is attempted after which the value is saved. The saved value will continue to be used without additional prompting.
  • Always prompt the user for ID
    When you select this option the end user will be prompted for the station ID each time a connection is attempted.
  • Use Terminal ID Manager
    If you select Use Terminal ID Manager, you will see a number of Terminal ID criteria to configure. See Terminal ID Manager Criteria for descriptions of the various options.
If you do not specify a station id for the session, the host dynamically assigns one to the session.

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