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Adding a Management Server

A management server is installed when you install the Administrative Console. Before you can add additional management servers, directories, or configure authentication, you must connect to this management server using the password you supplied during installation.

To connect to a management server

  1. On the Administrative Console toolbar, click Connect Management Server to connect to the management server that was installed during setup.
  2. Type the user name and password for the management server. The password is the same password you entered during installation and the initial user name for the administrator account is 'admin'. You can change this password in the Management Server Explorer view, right-click on the Management Server, and choose Change Admin Password.

    The administrator, after connecting to the management server, using authorization, can provide additional user accounts. After being added to a profile, users will login using their own credentials.

You can add additional management servers to this initial management server cluster.

Determining the status of a management server

In the Management Server Explorer you can observe the online or offline status of a particular management server.

  • Denotes online status
  • Denotes offline status

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