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Setting Connection Preferences

To set connection preferences for the Administrative Console, from the Console menu, select Preferences, and then open Connections.

  • Auto Login: Select Auto Login to have the Administrative Console re-establish on start up the connection to the management server you were previously connected to when the console shut down.
  • Clear list of management servers: Click Clear Now to erase the list of management servers that had been previously connected to.
  • Clear list of cached user names and passwords: Click Clear Now to erase the list of cached user names and passwords.
  • Connection port: This is the default secure port that the management server is running on. If you want to change the port, you must update this setting with the correct port number.
  • Connection heartbeat: In seconds. The heartbeat verifies that the management server was active, at least 30 seconds ago, and the connection is reliable. You can raise the value to minimize network traffic, or lower the value for a quicker response. This value must be a positive number and cannot be set to 0. When the management server goes offline, a notification is sent informing you that the management server is offline.

    You can use a heartbeat to keep the connection alive. This not only prevents the connection from timing out, but prevents the necessity for a new connection before communication can continue.