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Stopping and Starting Management Servers

Starting and stopping management servers is uncomplicated and the procedure varies depending on whether you are running on a Windows or UNIX system.

For this operating system Do this...
Windows Click Administrative Tools > Services > Verastream Management Server in Control Panel. Select an action; Start, Stop, or Restart.
UNIX Using a command prompt, go to the ManagementServer/bin directory in the location you installed the product.

./server start— Starts the management server
./server stop— Stops the management server
./server console— Starts the management server in console mode
./server status— Displays if the management server is running or not

To run the management server on a Windows platform, in console mode, stop the installed service and run the Management Server/bin/server.bat script.

For instructions on running the management server as a system daemon, see Configuring the Management Server to Run as a System Daemon.

Restarting Management Servers

You can restart and stop management servers using the Administrative Console Management Server Explorer toolbar buttons.

  • Restart: Click to restart the management server. Restarting the management server first stops and then restarts the server, rather like rebooting your computer.
  • Shut Down: Click to stop the management server. You cannot start a management server once it has been shut down from the Administrative Console, but can use the commands described above.

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