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Using Authorization and Authentication

When you set up authorization and authentication, you are establishing access control to the system. Access is controlled by assigning users and groups to particular profiles, each of which has different access requirements and restrictions.

When the Administrative Console is installed, the password is set for the "admin" user. The "admin" user is automatically a member of all authorization profiles, but does not display in the list of profile members and cannot be removed.

About Profiles

Each profile provides a different level of access or permission to use parts of the console. To authenticate users and authorize groups you must assign them to one of these profiles:

Profile Description
Administrator An administrator can interact, monitor, and configure the different activities available through the Administrative Console.
Developer Developers can log into the Administrative Console and view all current configurations, but cannot make changes. Developers of client applications are typically assigned to this profile.
User Users cannot log into the Administrative Console.

Other Micro Focus products that use the Verastream Management Server can assign additional rights to these authorization profiles. Descriptions of those roles are available in each individual product's online help.

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