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Removing a Management Server From a Cluster

You can see in the Management Server Explorer tree which management servers are online.

  • Denotes online status
  • Denotes offline status
To remove an Do this...
Online management server from a cluster
  1. In the Management Server Explorer tree, select the server you want to remove.
  2. Click delete to remove the management server from the cluster.
Offline management server from a cluster If an offline management server is removed from a cluster, the server must be manually reset back to its initial state before you can return it to the cluster. To reset the management server:

  1. Open the ManagementServer\bin directory.
  2. Depending on your operating system, run either resetserver.bat or against the offline management server. This script file resets the server to its initial state. If you run the resetserver.bat script on a system with UAC enabled, then you must run the script with administrator privileges.
  3. The administrative password for the management server is reset to the default value - ‘secretpassword’ after you reset the management server configuration.


If a management server is uninstalled before it is removed from a cluster, you will be prompted to reset the server when you attempt to remove it from the cluster. This message can be ignored.

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