Welcome to Silk Performance Manager 20.0
Configuring Silk Performance Manager
Analyzing Results
Creating Scripts for Silk Performance Manager
Calculating Health
Silk Performance Manager Architecture
Performance Monitoring with Silk Performance Manager
Configuring the System
Configuring the Application
User Roles and Permissions
User Accounts and Groups
Working with Projects
Managing Locations
Setting Up Execution Servers
Managing Report Templates
Audit Log
Server Log Files
System Health
Managing the File Pool
Time Zones
Script-Execution Blackout Periods
GUI-Level Testing Support
Configuring Advanced Settings
Login Options
Using the Performance Manager Service Manager
Date and Time Formats
HTML Response Compression
User Interface Settings
Restricting Access to Database Tables
Storage Reduction and Performance Stabilization
Normalization Settings
Maximum Threads on Execution Server
Persistent Result Data
Execution Server Host Name Resolution
Security Settings
Memory Settings for Performance Manager Servers
Configuring Result Writer Alerts
Caching Measure Results
Configuring Automatic Monitor Deployment
Contacting Micro Focus