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Host Connectivity

It’s more than just terminal emulation.

Solving real-world problems for host access

Host applications continue to be the backbone of many organizations. Now with digital transformation they need to play a larger role through security, automation and integration. Within a hybrid IT landscape that includes cloud, mobility, and new digital platforms for digital commerce and engagement. These applications must remain protected and satisfy regulatory requirements with enterprise-level security.

Access the Host
Access the Host

Modernize application access across desktop, web, and mobile devices. Learn more.

Integrate Mainframe/Host Systems
Integrate Mainframe/Host Systems

Bring the value of host applications to new digital platforms with no-code/low-code modernization. Learn more.

Secure Mainframe Access
Secure Mainframe Access

Respond to new regulatory requirements for host application access and data protection. Learn more.

Manage Mainframe Host Access
Manage Mainframe/Host Access

Improve governance for host access software and infrastructure. Learn more.

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