User Guide

Table of Contents


Part 1: Introduction

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The Euro as an IT Challenge
Chapter 3: Assessing Strategies for Enabling Applications
Chapter 4: Analyzing Applications and Preparing for Conversion
Chapter 5: Verifying a Euro Conversion

Part 2: EuroSmart

Chapter 6: Working with EuroSmart
Chapter 7: Metering Lines of Code
Chapter 8: Finding Points of Interest
Chapter 9: The Worksheet and Group Working
Chapter 10: Reporting on the Worksheet

Part 3: Revolve

Chapter 11: Using Revolve
Chapter 12: Setting Up Projects
Chapter 13: Tools
Chapter 14: Information Browsers
Chapter 15: Utilities
Chapter 16: Complete Project
Chapter 17: Shareable Projects
Chapter 18: Language Extension Support

Part 4: Appendices

Appendix A: Languages
Appendix B: Buttons
Appendix C: Command Line Parameters
Appendix D: Extension Support Matrix


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