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Welcome to Host Integrator

Verastream integration encapsulates host functionality into services for rapid re-use in new applications. Verastream Host Integrator (VHI) contains these components:

  • Design Tool

    You use the Design Tool to build host application models quickly and easily by navigating through legacy host applications and selecting the appropriate fields.

  • Web Builder

    After you create a model, you use Web Builder to generate and deploy a variety of Web projects; including HTML 5 Web applications and objects for both Java and .NET environments. Web Builder generates all the necessary project files so that the source code can be quickly viewed, modified, and rebuilt using industry standard tools such as the latest versions of Visual Studio, Eclipse, and Visual Basic.

  • Host Integrator Server

    The Host Integrator server provides an enterprise production environment in which to deploy your models. The Host Integrator servers support failover and load balancing using the Administrative Console as a central management hub.

  • Administrative Console

    You use the Administrative Console to deploy, configure, monitor, and optimize your Host Integrator models and servers in a production environment

tutorial button Spend 30 minutes and use Design Tool and Web Builder to build and deploy a simple Host Integrator application.

Terminal Sessions from the Start Menu

You can install VHI and have immediate access to your host. From the Start menu, choose either 3270 Terminal Session or 5250 Terminal Session, depending on your host type. You can also enter a known address such as http://<server-name>:8081/Terminal3270 into your browser. An HTML 5 Web application screen displays an host connection dialog where you can enter the appropriate connection information, complete the host connection, and interact with your green screen host application. This feature gives you access to your host applications without having to open the Design Tool or Web Builder and without having to create and deploy a model.

Using Web Builder project properties for HTML 5 Web applications you can preconfigure a terminal session with a host name and port number. This means you will not be prompted for this information every time you launch the application. This configuration applies to the specific project you are creating and not to the Start menu terminal session links.

Referencing Web Service Files

Web services are available after deployment in both SOAP and REST formats. Developers can use these documents to identify inputs, outputs, and methods needed to consume the Web service.

You can access your Web service documents here:

  • List of WSDL documents for deployed models: http://<session server>:9680/vhi-ws
  • List of REST documents for deployed models: http://<session server>:9680/vhi-rs
  • Connect to model (non-pooled): Depending on whether you are accessing a SOAP or REST service - http://<session server>:9680/vhi-ws/model/<model name>?wsdl or http://<session server>:9680/vhi-rs/model/<model name>?json
  • Connect to session pool: Depending on whether you are accessing a SOAP or REST service - http://<session server>:9680/vhi-ws/session/<pool name>?wsdl or http://<session server>:9680/vhi-rs/session/<pool name>?json.

Referencing API Documentation

API documentation is provided for the Java, JDBC, C, and .NET connectors as well as two additional Host Integrator APIs. See Connectors and APIs for information.