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Troubleshooting Web Builder

This section provides tips for troubleshooting problems you may encounter with Web Builder.

Host cannot connect when you attempt to run a browser-based Web application

Host Integrator Servers in the Development Kit can run only five concurrent host sessions. If you don't use the Disconnect button to close a Web application connected to a host session and just close the browser, the session will persist its connection to the host from the Host Integrator Server and you can run out of available sessions. To close a session that is persisting its connection to the host, follow these steps:

  1. From the Administrative Console, go to the Session Server Explorer and in the list of session servers, select the session server that the Web application used for its host session.

  2. From the toolbar, click Remove or Shut Down the Session Server.

  3. Repeat step 2 for each session you want to close.

Partial screens are received from the host

If the Web application displays incomplete screens, use these settings that define how long Web Builder waits before displaying a new host screen:

  • Timeout—If the host is slow to respond, increase the timeout setting.

  • Duration—If the host sends the screen in chunks and pauses between each transmission, increase the duration setting.

Changing the default Host Integrator Web Server port number

By default, the Web Builder assumes that the Host Integrator Web Server is listening on port 8081. This port is known to be used by Network Associates' McAfee software (ePolicy Orchestrator "Agent Wake-Up Call" service). You must change either VHI or the McAfee product's configuration to avoid a port conflict.

To change this value, follow these steps:

  1. Open the file in the %LOCALAPPDATA%\Attachmate\Verastream\HostIntegrator\webbuilder\common folder, and change this line to match the port number used by your Host Integrator Web Server:


  2. Open the server configuration file,, found in the <VHI install folder>\servletengine\conf folder, and change these lines to the port you want to use:



  3. Restart the VHI Web Server and Web Builder.

Data missing in the Web Builder log file

A log file is generated whenever Web Builder generates a project. When building Java projects, the Java compiler sends information to the log file on the first build, but not on any subsequent builds. Therefore, to generate output from the Java compiler, close and restart Web Builder, then rebuild the Java project.

Interpreting HTML Markup Characters in Web applications

Displaying data containing HTML markup characters may have varying results depending on the type of Web application you build and the browser used to display the application. Generally, Web applications convert HTML markup characters correctly, but terminal screen layout Web applications display the characters directly to the screen.

Here are two examples where HTML markup character issues may occur when building terminal screen layout Web applications:

  • Event handlers that embed HTML in returned data. For example, a script displays all invalid data as red text by using <font color=red>.

  • Host data containing characters that could be interpreted as an HTML markup character. For example, the host data "commissions `<40" could be truncated to "commissions" because the browser tries to render < as an HTML character.

Rebuilding Web Application Fails When Renaming or Deleting Procedures

When you rebuild a .NET or Java Web application, you may encounter an error if you have renamed or deleted procedures in the model. To correct this:

  1. Delete the previously generated source files that reference the old procedure name.

    • In Java Web applications the source files are located in <VHI install dir>\projects\<projectname>\webapp.
    • In .NET Web applications the source files are located in <Inetpub>\<project name>.
  2. Rebuild the Web application.