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Configuring Colors

The Colors tab in the Display Setup dialog box lets you associate colors with screen attributes in the Terminal window.

Color settings can be saved to a settings file (.dtool) with other configuration information.

Setting Colors with a Mouse

While the Colors tab is displayed, move your cursor outside of it. The cursor now looks like a pointing hand.

  • Place the cursor over text in the Terminal window and click the left button. In the Colors tab, the Item box shows the attribute of the text you clicked.
  • Move the cursor back into the dialog box and click a color in the Foreground (text) box. All text with the attribute shown in the Item box now appears in the new color.

Alternatively, you can click a color first and then, holding down the left mouse button, drag the cursor off the Colors tab. In this case, the cursor becomes a paint brush.

  • As you move the paint brush cursor across the Terminal window, the value in the Item box changes to show the attribute of the text beneath the paint brush.
  • When the cursor is over an area whose color the Design Tool cannot change, the paint brush cursor looks like a paint brush with a slashed circle covering it.

When you release the mouse button on text with an appropriate attribute, the text--and any additional text that shares this attribute--are set to the specified color.

Click Defaults if you want to reset all colors to their default values. Click Save on the File menu to retain the new color settings after you exit the Design Tool.

Setting Colors for an Attribute

  1. From the Settings menu, select Display... to open the Display Setup dialog box.
  2. In the Item box, select a value. The Sample Text window shows the current colors for the selected item--whether or not any part of your current Terminal window actually has the same attribute.
  3. In the Foreground (text) box, select a color. Any text matching the selected attribute immediately changes color as you move from color to color.
  4. You can return to the Item box and set a color for a different attribute, or click OK to exit the Display Setup dialog box.

Click Defaults to reset all colors to their default values.