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Inserting a Recordset

Use the Insert Recordset dialog box to insert a recordset into the current procedure. Before inserting a recordset, the entity containing the recordset must be in the procedure.

To insert a recordset into a procedure

  1. In the Procedure Diagram Pane of the Procedure Editor, click the entity that contains the recordset you want to insert into this procedure.

  2. Click the Insert Recordset button on the Icon Button Bar to open the Insert Recordset dialog box. Select the recordset you want to insert from the Entity box.

  3. Click OK to confirm your changes or Cancel. When the recordset is added to the procedure, notice that a looping operation is automatically added as well. Looping operations move into and out of a recordset until the operation acts upon the all the recordset fields.

  4. Click the Recordset tab to define the properties of this recordset within the procedure.

Using the Insert Recordset Dialog Box

The Insert Recordset dialog box consists of the following fields:

  • Entity - The Entity box lists all the recordsets available in the entity currently selected in the Procedure Editor. Click a recordset to add it to the current procedure.

  • Preview - The Preview pane displays a preview of the new recordset's place in the procedure.