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About HTML 5 Applications

Host Integrator HTML 5 Web applications are platform and technology independent. They are easily generated and deployed using Web Builder. The complexity and functionality of the Web application depends on the host application model that you create with the Design Tool.

Verastream Web applications are generated on Windows platforms, however you can copy and run them from any supported Verastream installation platform. Web Builder automatically deploys Web applications to your local Windows Host Integrator Web server, which makes it easy to test projects under development. See Hosting an HTML 5 Web Application on a Non-Windows Verastream Installation for information on deploying to non-Windows platforms.

Web application features

The web application you generate and deploy has a number of features which aid in its use.

  • Cursor-based navigation

    The Verastream HTML5 Web applications support cursor-based navigation on 3270 and 5250 terminal screens. You can set the cursor position using arrow keys, mouse clicks, or by tapping the screen.

  • Hotspot and Light Pen Support

    Verastream Host Integrator HTML 5 Web applications support two types of hotspots; aid key support, enabled by default, and light pen support. To use hotspots, select Enable Aid Keys on the Screen properties panel after you set the Display type to Terminal.

  • Zero footprint terminal sessions for 3270 and 5250 hosts

    You can install VHI and have immediate access to your host. From the Start menu, choose either 3270 Terminal Session or 5250 Terminal Session, depending on your host type. You can also enter a known address such as http://server:port/HostApp into your browser. The terminal session Web application displays an host connection dialog where you can enter the appropriate connection information, complete the host connection, and interact with your green screen host application. If you pre-configure these options in Web Builder, in the terminal model property pages, then the host connection page is no longer required and won't display. This feature gives you access to your host applications without having to open the Design Tool or Web Builder and without having to create and deploy a model.

  • Keyboard mapping

    You can map your keyboard so specific workstation keyboard keys will function as terminal keys for a host application. Keyboard mapping is available for Web applications.

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