Micro Focus Consulting Best Practices Guide

  Micro Focus Consulting Best Practices Guide
    Solution Overview
    Using AutoYaST to Install SLES or OES
      AutoYaST Work Flow Overview
        Boot Process
        Installation Process
        Configuration Process
      Requirements for Unattended Installations via AutoYaST
        Installation Repositories
        Network Repository Server
        AutoYaST Control File
        Installation Boot Medium
      Installing and Configuring an AutoYaST Server
        Hardware Requirements
        Disk Partition Layout and Directory Structure
        Software Requirements
        Installation Repositories
        Control File and Class File Repository
        Apache Web Server Configuration
      AutoYaST Extended – The Configuration File Approach
        Advanced Installation
        Troubleshooting and Monitoring
    Using ZENworks to Manage SLES or OES
      ZENworks Configuration Management Introduction
      Managing the ZENworks Management Zone
        Guiding Principles
        Top Level Folder Structure in the ZENworks Management Zone
        Servers and Server Groups
        Linux Bundles and Bundle Groups
        Agent Commands
        General Commands
        Diagnostics and Debugging
    How To Build Your Own Installation Framework
      Building Your Own AutoYaST Server
      Configuring Your Own ZENworks Management Zone
      Building Your Own Preboot Execution Environment
    Legal Notice