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-u cob flag
        create dynamically loadable file User's Guide11.1
-U cob flag
        dynamically load unresolved calls User's Guide10.2.5
        handle unresolved reference User's Guide11.1
ublksize Communications2.5.1
ULIMIT environment variable File Handling11.2.4
Undecl Utilities Handbook3.4.4
Undeclared procedures
        listing Utilities Handbook3.4.4
Undefine group Dialog System Character4.1.6
Undefined results Migration Guide1.4
        portability PG to Writing Programs7.4.8
Underline attribute Creating UIs11.5.1
UNDERLINE clause Language Reference9.1.1.30
UNDERLINE option LR - Additional Topics10.4.2 , 10.4.3
        Adis function Creating UIs6.5
Unexec Utilities Handbook3.4.4
Unformatted data display Utilities Handbook4.4.1
Uninstalling AS Licenses AppTrack2.3
Uninstalling licenses LMF Admin Guide2.10
Uniqueness of reference Language Reference2.6.5
Unit Language Reference12.1.7 , 12.1.7 , 12.1.7
        removal Language Reference12.1.7
UNIT phrase Language Reference12.1.7
UNIX Dialog System Character1.1.1
        cci.ini file Configuring CCICh9
        CCINAMPU configuration Configuring CCICh6
        configuring applications Configuring CCICh7
        error messages Configuring CCICh10
        Fileshare Fileshare User's GuideCh7
        supported character set Dialog System Character15.3.2
        supported platforms for ODBC connection Database AccessC.1
        TCP/IP Configuring CCICh5
        tracing Configuring CCICh8
UNIX environment
        double-byte character sets Database AccessC.1.3
        environment variables Database AccessC.1.2
        ivtestlib tool Database AccessC.1.3.1
        system information file Database AccessC.1.1
        system requirements Database AccessC.1
        translators Database AccessC.1.4
UNIX key usage chart LMF Admin GuideApA
User's GuideApC
Utilities HandbookApA
Getting StartedApA
UNIX Screens Compare utility Utilities Handbook13.4
        changing the current screen file Utilities Handbook13.4.4.1
        compare mode Utilities Handbook13.4
        extending screen size Utilities Handbook13.4.5
        final messages Utilities Handbook13.4.7
        invoking Utilities Handbook13.4.1
        menus Utilities Handbook13.4.4
        playback mode Utilities Handbook13.4
        playing back a single file Utilities Handbook13.4.6
        speeding up screen display Utilities Handbook13.4.4.1
        viewing screen file differences Utilities Handbook13.4.4.1
UNIX screensets Dialog System Character15.1.2
UNIX Session Recorder Utilities HandbookCh13
        and Animator Utilities Handbook2.4.10.4
        comparing screen recordings Utilities Handbook13.1.1
        filenames Utilities Handbook13.2.1.1
        keystroke recorder Utilities Handbook13.3.1
        limitations Utilities Handbook13.1.3
        screen recorder Utilities Handbook13.3.2
        terminal independence Utilities Handbook13.1.2
        using Utilities Handbook13.3
        using with Animator Utilities Handbook13.3.4
UNIX terminal handling Creating UIs6.1.2
Unlinked object User's Guide9.1.1
UNLOCK statement Language Reference16.1.10
Unlocking thread Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
Unpacking byte PG to Writing Programs17.2.2 , 17.4
Unref Utilities Handbook3.4.4
Unselect all entries
        export Dialog System Character3.2.10.3
Unselect all panels
        export Dialog System Character3.2.10.7
Unshow panel Dialog System Character5.2.3
Unsolicited dynamic attachment debugging Debugging Handbook1.1
        invoking Debugging Handbook2.2.4
        tutorial Debugging Handbook5.4
Unsort Dialog System Character3.2.3.7
Unsort list
        panel field Dialog System Character7.1.2.6
UNSTRING statement LR - Additional Topics4.15.12 , 5.11.8
Language Reference16.1.11
UPDATE (SEARCHED) Database AccessApD
UPDATE behavior
        Adis Creating UIs5.4.2.1
Update field Language Reference9.1.1 ,
        force update in Adis Creating UIs5.4.2.1
Update named values PG to Writing Programs17.4
UPDATE option LR - Additional Topics10.4.2 , 10.4.2
Updating records Language Reference3.5.4.1
UPON phrase LR - Additional Topics1.4.21
Upper case
        convert a string to PG to Writing Programs17.4
        field property Dialog System Character7.1.1
UPPER-CASE function Language Reference11.9.53
URL Internet Applications2.3 , 6.4
        panel field Dialog System Character7.1.1
USAGE clause LR - Additional Topics10.3.1 , 11.2.4 , 13.4.8 , 4.14.8 , 5.10.7 , 1.4.23
Language Reference8.1.1.25
USAGE COMP Language Reference2.6.4.2
        portability PG to Writing Programs7.4.9
USAGE DISPLAY Creating UIs4.2.1.3 ,
USAGE POINTER comparison Language Reference10.
USE AFTER STANDARD EXCEPTION declarative Language Reference16.1.14
USE BEFORE REPORTING statement LR - Additional Topics1.5.8
USE Compiler directive User's Guide7.3 ,
Use CSI line marker Utilities Handbook3.3.3
Use default directory
        generate Dialog System Character11.2.2
USE FOR DEBUGGING statement LR - Additional Topics2.3.3 , 2.3.3 , 2.3.3 , 2.3.3
        maximum number in program PG to Writing Programs4.1.1
USE procedure Language Reference16.1.12 , 16.1.12
Use stacked field Dialog System Character7.1.2.4
USE Statement LR - Additional Topics13.5.22
USE statement Language Reference16.1.12 , 16.1.12 , 16.1.12
use-combined-cfg Communications2.11.6
use-rdt Communications2.11.7
User attribute Creating UIs11.5.3 , 10.2
        encoding Creating UIs10.2.2
        turn on/off Creating UIs10.4.1
User attribute byte portability PG to Writing Programs7.4.2
User defined functions
        vocabulary OO Programming13.
User function keys Creating UIs6.1.1
        Adis Creating UIs5.4.2.1
        compatibility key list Creating UIs4.9.2.3
        detecting Creating UIs4.9.2.3
        enabling/disabling Creating UIs4.9.2.3
        validation clause Creating UIs4.9.2.3
User interface Creating UIs2.8
User Interface Getting Started1.9.2
        enhanced ACCEPT and DISPLAY Creating UIs4.1.1
User-defined field format Dialog System Character12.5
User-defined format
        panel field Dialog System Character7.1.1
User-defined word LR - Additional Topics4.6 , 5.5
Language Reference2.2.2.1 , , , ,
User-defined words Language Reference2.2.2.1 ,
useraudit Communications2.5.1
usercall.c library routine Migration Guide5.1.8
        callable shared objects in an application User's Guide3.3.1
        .gnt files in an application User's Guide3.3.1
        .int files in an application User's Guide3.3.1
USING clause Language Reference9.1.1.22
USING phrase Language Reference7.1.2.1 , 13.1.2 , 16.1.4
PG to Writing Programs2.1
        maximum number of parameters PG to Writing Programs4.1.1
USRCMD Infomgr configuration option Utilities Handbook9.4.2
Utilities Handbook Getting Started1.9.2
        Codecomp PG to Writing Programs8.11.5
        fsclose Fileshare User's Guide7.1
        Mkrts Migration Guide5.2
        rollforward recovery Fileshare User's Guide4.3
        Scan64 PG to Writing Programs6.4
        starting in required mode User's Guide4.5
utils.lbr Migration Guide2.4.27

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