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-d cob flag
        dynamically load symbol User's Guide11.1
/d option Fileshare User's Guide3.2
-d Rebuild option File Handling9.3.1
D RTS switch User's Guide15.3
d RTS switch User's Guide15.3
        attributes Multi-threaded Programming2.2
        class OO Programming11.4.1
        compression Fileshare User's Guide6.3
        contention Multi-threaded Programming2.2 , 2.3
        incompatible Language Reference10.1.5.7
        inheritance OO Programming11.3.2
        inheritance at run-time OO Programming11.3.2.2
        instance OO Programming11.5.1
        methods OO Programming11.6.1
        recovery Fileshare User's Guide4.2
        resolving contention Multi-threaded Programming2.2
Data block Dialog System CharacterCh4 , Ch11
Getting Started4.2.1 , 4.1.2
        copyfile Dialog System Character11.3.1
        example Dialog System Character11.3.1
        INDEXED BY clause Dialog System Character16.2
        level-88s Dialog System Character16.2
DATA BLOCK FLAGS EIGHTY-EIGHTS configuration parameter Dialog System Character16.2
DATA BLOCK INDEXED BY CLAUSE configuration parameter Dialog System Character16.2
Data block version number
        trap field Dialog System Character10.1.1.2
Data categories
        MOVE statement Language Reference14.1.2
Data compression User's Guide7.3
Data conversion Language Reference10.1.5.4
Data dditing screen Utilities Handbook4.4
Data declaration in forms Internet Applications3.4
Data definition Dialog System CharacterCh4 , 3.1.2
        new features Dialog System Character1.4.1
Data description entry Language Reference7.1.4.3 , 8.1.1
Data descriptions
        generate Dialog System Character11.3.1
Data Division LR - Additional Topics12.2 , 10.3 , 11.2 , 13.4 , 4.14 , 5.10 , 1.4
Language Reference3.5 , 3.8 , , 7.1
        Screen Section Creating UIs4.1.2
Data Division entries Language Reference3.10.3 , 3.10.3
Data entry
        fixed-format Creating UIs4.2.1.3
Data entry fields Getting Started4.1.5
Data field Dialog System Character4.1
        array Dialog System Character17.4
        scrolling Dialog System Character17.3
Data File Editor Utilities HandbookCh4 , 2.5.3
Getting Started1.8
        Alternate menu Utilities Handbook4.4
        backup file Utilities Handbook4.11
        Control menu Utilities Handbook4.4
        functions Utilities Handbook4.11
        invalid data Utilities Handbook4.4.2
        invoking Utilities Handbook4.2
        invoking from Server Express Utilities Handbook5.3
        messages Utilities Handbook4.12
        preparing for Utilities Handbook4.2
        read key Utilities Handbook5.3.7
        record keys Utilities Handbook5.3.9
Data files
        compatibility Migration Guide1.3
        creating Utilities Handbook4.11
        displaying Utilities Handbook4.1.1
        editing Utilities HandbookCh4
        loading Utilities Handbook4.11
        searching Utilities Handbook4.8
        searching for keys Utilities Handbook4.7
Data files Compiler directives User's Guide7.1.6
Data General Interactive COBOL
        See DG I COBOL
Data group menu Dialog System Character8.3
Data groups Dialog System Character8.1 , 8.3
DATA IS PRIVATE clause OO Programming11.3.2.1
DATA IS PROTECTED clause OO Programming11.3.2.1
Data item
        allocating storage slots for PG to Writing Programs7.3.2.5
        trap field Dialog System Character10.1.1.3
Data item maximum size PG to Writing Programs4.1.1
Data items LR - Additional Topics4.9 , 5.7
Getting StartedCh4
        counting number used Utilities Handbook3.4.4
        counting references Utilities Handbook3.4.3
        listing related Utilities Handbook3.4.3
        listing un-referenced Utilities Handbook3.4.4
        listing unused Utilities Handbook3.4.4
        locating where used Utilities Handbook3.4.3
        mixed LR - Additional Topics5.7.2
        NCHAR LR - Additional Topics5.7.1
        overflow Compatibility Guide5.2.7
        querying in CSI Utilities Handbook3.4.3
        usage Utilities Handbook3.4.3
Data keys Creating UIs4.9.3
        in Adis Creating UIs4.9.1.2
Data manipulation functions Dialog System Character9.1.1.17
Data picture
        displaying Utilities Handbook4.11
Data record area Language Reference8.1.1.5
DATA RECORDS clause Language Reference8.1.1.5
DATA SIZE clause LR - Additional Topics12.1.3
Data source configuration
        DB2 Database AccessC.2.3
        dBASE Database AccessC.3.3
        INFORMIX Database AccessC.4.2
        OpenIngres Database AccessC.5.2
        Oracle Database AccessC.6.2
        Sybase Database AccessC.7.2
        text Database AccessC.8.4
Data truncation Database Access2.3.2
Data types Database AccessCh3
        bigint Database Access3.2.4
        binary Database Access3.7
        char Database Access3.3.1
        character Database Access3.3
        COMP-5 PG to Writing Programs10.2.3
        COMP-X PG to Writing Programs10.2.3
        converting Database Access3.1
        date Database Access3.6
        DB2 Database Access8.1 , C.2.4
        dBASE Database AccessC.3.4
        decimal Database Access3.5
        double Database Access3.4
        efficiency PG to Writing Programs1.1.1
        float Database Access3.4
        INFORMIX Database AccessC.4.3
        int Database Access3.2.3
        integers Database Access3.2
        numeric Database Access3.5
        OpenESQL Database Access7.9
        OpenIngres Database AccessC.5.3
        Oracle Database AccessC.6.3
        real Database Access3.4
        smallint Database Access3.2.2
        storage representation PG to Writing Programs10.2.3
        Sybase Database AccessC.7.3
        text Database AccessC.8.5
        time Database Access3.6
        timestamp Database Access3.6
        tinyint Database Access3.2.1
        varbinary Database Access3.7
        varchar Database Access3.3.2
Data values
        trap field Dialog System Character10.1.1.3
Data-filter CSI toggle Utilities Handbook3.6.1
Data-Name clause LR - Additional Topics1.4.14
Language Reference8.1.1.6
Data-names Compatibility Guide3.2.9 , 5.1.7
Database Getting Started1.9.2 , 1.9.3
        connecting Database Access7.4
        integrity Fileshare User's GuideCh4
        reference file Fileshare User's Guide3.2 , 4.1 , 4.2.1 , 4.6.2 , 4.6
        sequence numbering Fileshare User's Guide4.4
Database Access Getting Started1.9.2 , 1.9.3
DATACOMPRESS Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
File Handling11.1.5 , 11.5.1 ,
Fileshare User's Guide6.3.1 ,
DataDirect OEM ANSI translator Database AccessC.1.4
DATAFILE Migration Guide8.4
DATE Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Language Reference5.9
Date conversion functions Language Reference11.7
date data type Database Access3.6
        COBSQL - Informix Database Access3.6.2.3
        COBSQL - Oracle Database Access3.6.2.1
        COBSQL - Sybase Database Access3.6.2.2
        DB2 Database Access3.6.1.1
        OpenESQL Database Access3.6.1
Date delimiter
        panel field Dialog System Character7.1.1
Date validation Dialog System Character4.1.7.4
        menu Dialog System Character4.1.7.4
DATE-COMPILED paragraph Language Reference5.9
DATE-OF-INTEGER function Language Reference11.9.10
DATE-WRITTEN Language Reference5.1
DATEFORM configuration parameter Dialog System Character16.5
DAY-OF-INTEGER function Language Reference11.9.12
DB Language Reference8.1.1.15 , ,
DB2 Database AccessCh8
        additional data types Database Access8.1.2
        binding to database Database Access8.8 , C.2.2
        Compiler directive Database Access8.5.1
        compiling Database Access8.5
        Compound SQL Database Access8.2
        concat operator Database Access8.3.7
        configuring data source Database AccessC.2.3
        connecting to data source Database AccessC.2.3
        connection string attributes Database AccessC.2.3
        connections supported Database AccessC.2.7
        data types Database Access8.1 , C.2.4
        DECIMAL data type Database Access8.1.1
        DECLARE TABLE statement Database Access8.3.2
        default values Database Access8.5.1.1
        DRDA Database Access8.5.1.1 ,
        error codes Database Access8.6
        INCLUDE statement Database Access8.3.1
        INIT directive Database Access8.4
        isolation levels Database AccessC.2.5
        linking Database Access8.7
        locking levels Database AccessC.2.5
        nested COBOL programs Database Access8.3.10
        NOT operator Database Access8.3.6
        object-oriented COBOL syntax Database Access8.3.9
        ODBC conformance Database AccessC.2.6
        running Database Access8.7
        SQLCA Database Access8.3.8
        statements supported Database AccessC.2.7
        system requirements Database AccessC.2.1
        WHENEVER statement Database Access8.3.9
DB2 Support Migration Guide2.4.17
        ALTER TABLE statement Database AccessC.3.7
        column names Database AccessC.3.5
        configuring data source Database AccessC.3.3
        connecting to data source Database AccessC.3.3
        connection string attributes Database AccessC.3.3
        connections supported Database AccessC.3.14
        CREATE INDEX statement Database AccessC.3.8
        data types Database AccessC.3.4
        defining index attributes Database AccessC.3.2
        DROP INDEX statement Database AccessC.3.9
        isolation levels Database AccessC.3.12
        locking Database AccessC.3.11
        locking levels Database AccessC.3.11.1 , C.3.12
        ODBC conformance Database AccessC.3.13
        PACK statement Database AccessC.3.10
        Rowid pseudo-column Database AccessC.3.6.1
        SELECT statement Database AccessC.3.6
        statements supported Database AccessC.3.14
        system requirements Database AccessC.3.1
DBCHECK Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
DBCS LR - Additional TopicsCh4 , Ch5
User's Guide7.3
        Compiler directive LR - Additional Topics4.1 , 4.8
User's Guide7.3
        enabling conversion of spaces to ASCII User's Guide15.3
        line drawing characters Creating UIsCh9
        literal LR - Additional Topics4.10.1
        spaces User's Guide7.3
        support PG to Writing Programs8.3
        transparency PG to Writing Programs8.3.1
DBCS Transparency Getting Started1.8
DBCSSOSI Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
.dbk file Utilities Handbook4.11
dblksize Communications2.5.1 , 2.5.2
DBP Dialog System Character9.1.1.14 , 19.2
DBSPACE Compiler directive LR - Additional Topics4.8 , 5.6
User's Guide7.3
dd_ filename mapping User's Guide14.2
dd_cobkeymp Creating UIs4.9.2.6 , 6.1.2
De-edit Language Reference14.1.2 , 14.1.2
DE-EDIT Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Dead data Utilities Handbook3.4.4
Debug LR - Additional TopicsCh2 , Ch2
        run-time switch LR - Additional Topics2.1.2
Debug module
        D RTS switch User's Guide15.3
Debug server Debugging Handbook2.8
DEBUG-ITEM special register LR - Additional Topics2.1
Debug-ITEM special register LR - Additional Topics2.1
DEBUG-ITEM special register LR - Additional Topics2.3.3 , 2.3.3
debugger_command run-time tunable User's Guide14.4
Debugging Communications2.9
OO ProgrammingCh14
Internet Applications4.2
Utilities Handbook3.1 , 2.4.4
Getting Started4.2.3 , 1.7.1
        Animator Debugging HandbookCh1
        applications containing protection violations PG to Writing Programs5.5
        CBL_DEBUGBREAK Debugging Handbook1.1
        compatibility Migration Guide1.2.2
        Compiler directives User's Guide7.1.5
        core file Debugging Handbook1.1
        examples Debugging HandbookCh5
        just-in-time Debugging Handbook1.1
        library routine Debugging Handbook7.2 , 7.2
        line LR - Additional Topics2.3.4
        mixed-language applications Debugging Handbook2.4 , 1.1
        multi-threaded programs Debugging Handbook2.5
        preprocessor Debugging Handbook2.3
        remotely from Net Express Debugging Handbook2.8 , 1.1.1
        section LR - Additional Topics2.3.3 , 2.3.3 , 2.3.3
        shared libraries on HP-UX Debugging Handbook2.9
        tutorials Debugging HandbookCh5
        unsolicited dynamic attachment Debugging Handbook1.1
        using Animator User's Guide1.1.3
Debugging Handbook Getting Started1.9.2
Debugging incompatibilities PG to Writing Programs7.3.2.6
Debugging line Language Reference1.2.3
DEBUGGING MODE clause LR - Additional Topics2.1.1
Language Reference6.1.2.1
Debugging programs Getting Started1.9.2
debug_on_error run-time tunable User's Guide14.4
decimal data type Database Access3.5
DECIMAL data type
        DB2 Database Access8.1.1
Decimal point PG to Writing Programs1.1.2.1
Decimal point alignment Language Reference10.1.5.4
DECIMAL-POINT configuration parameter Dialog System Character16.5
DECIMAL-POINT IS COMMA clause Language Reference6.1.2.3
Declarative procedure LR - Additional Topics1.5.1 , 1.5.8
Declaratives Language Reference3.10.4 , 10.1 ,
DECLARATIVES header LR - Additional Topics2.3.3
Declaratives Section LR - Additional Topics11.3.14
DECLARE CURSOR Database Access4.1 , ApD
        object oriented COBOL syntax Database Access4.1.1
Declare object references OO Programming10.3.1
        DB2 Database Access8.3.2
DECVAL Dialog System Character9.1.1.17 , 19.2
        Fileshare Server Fileshare User's Guide3.1
DEFAULT BACKGROUND CHARACTER configuration parameter Dialog System Character16.4
Default locking Language Reference10. ,
Default working mode User's Guide4.4
DEFAULTBYTE Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Language Reference7.1.6
DEFAULTCALLS Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
PG to Writing Programs1.1.2.7
        copyfile Dialog System Character16.2
        printing Dialog System Character16.4 , Ch14
        error messages Dialog System Character4.2.2
        group Dialog System Character4.1.5
        panel fields Dialog System Character7.1
        validation details Dialog System Character4.1.7
        virtual attributes Dialog System Character8.5.1
        virtual text Dialog System Character8.4.1
Defined condition Language Reference18.2.4
Defining Editor margins Utilities Handbook7.9.3
Defining tables Language Reference8.1.1.14
        locating Utilities Handbook3.5
Definition component Dialog System Character1.1
Defn CSI line marker Utilities Handbook3.3.3
        Adis configuration Creating UIs5.3.16
        client state information Internet Applications7.2
        directory File Handling10.3
        field Dialog System Character4.1.3
        file File Handling10.3
        panel Dialog System Character5.2.6
        validation Dialog System Character4.
DELETE (SEARCHED) Database AccessApD
Delete all validations Dialog System Character4.1.7.1
Delete client identifier Internet Applications7.2
Delete entry
        action bar Dialog System Character5.3.1.4
        pulldown Dialog System Character5.3.5.3
Delete field definition Dialog System Character6.4.6
Delete file Dialog System Character3.2.3.4
        generate Dialog System Character11.2.8
DELETE FILE statement Language Reference12.1.12
Delete group definition Dialog System Character6.4.7
Delete line
        dialog Dialog System Character9.2.3
        error message definition Dialog System Character4.2.2.2
        range/table validation Dialog System Character4.
        virtual group Dialog System Character8.2.3.2
Delete selection bar Dialog System Character8.2.1.1
DELETE statement Language Reference18.3.2 , 18.3.2 , 12.1.11 , 12.1.11
Delete validation Dialog System Character4. ,
Delete virtual text/attribute Dialog System Character8.2.3.5
Deleted component Migration Guide2.2.1
Deleting files Communications2.11.8
Utilities Handbook6.6.1 , 6.6.2
Deleting records Language Reference3.5.4.1 , 12.1.11
DELIMITED BY phrase Language Reference16.1.7 , 16.1.7
Demand loading OO Programming11.4.2.1
Demonstration applications Communications2.1
Database Access7.7
Demonstration programs Getting Started1.8
        transferring to working directory using Infomgr Utilities Handbook9.3
        GO TO Language Reference13.1.9
        OCCURS Language Reference8.1.1.14
        NetExpress-created programs Internet ApplicationsApB
Deployment Internet ApplicationsCh6
DESCENDING clause Language Reference8.1.1.14
DESCENDING phrase Language Reference14.1.1 , 14.1.1 , 16.1.4 , 16.1.4 , 16.1.4
DESCRIBE Database Access5.2.4.4 , ApD
Destroy virtual colormap Creating UIs11.7.1
Detaching threads Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        phrase LR - Additional Topics1.4.22
        report group LR - Additional Topics1.1.2.3 , 1.4.22 , 1.4.22 , 1.4.22 , 1.5.3 ,
DETECT-LOCK Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
detect_alt_ctrl run-time tunable User's Guide14.4
DEVASSHARE file AppTrack4.2
        OO Applications OO Programming1.2.1
Developing COBOL applications User's GuideCh1
Development cycle User's Guide1.1
Development Environment Getting Started3.1 , 1.8
        menu system Utilities HandbookCh2
Development system
        AS license AppTrackCh4
        problems using developer licenses LMF Admin Guide2.14
Device handling Getting Started1.8
Dfed Getting Started1.8
        See Data File Editor
DG Compiler directive LR - Additional TopicsCh12
Compatibility Guide2.1 , 2.2
User's Guide7.3
DG directive Compatibility Guide3.2.1
DG I COBOL LR - Additional TopicsCh12
        Compatibility Compatibility GuideCh3
        compatibility Compatibility Guide3.2
        system calls Compatibility Guide3.2.5
        UNDELETE clause Compatibility Guide3.2
Dialect Migration GuideCh6
DIALECT Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Dialects User's Guide7.1.1.2
Dialog Dialog System CharacterCh9 , 1.1
Getting Started4.3
        global Dialog System CharacterCh9
        global/local first Dialog System Character3.2.5.2
        local Dialog System CharacterCh9 , 6.3.1
Dialog definition alternate menu Dialog System Character9.3
Dialog definition menu Dialog System Character9.2
Dialog System Creating UIs2.8 , 1.1.3
Utilities Handbook2.4.9
Getting Started1.8
        Callout Communications2.11.4
Dialog System manual Getting Started1.9.2
Dictionaries OO Programming7.3
        "ofAssociations" OO Programming7.3
        "ofValues" OO Programming7.3
Dictionary error
        RTS message OO Programming14.2.2
DIR Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Direct TCP connection Configuring CCI5.2.2
Directing sentence Language Reference3.9.2.4
Directing statement Language Reference3.9.2.3
Directing verb Language Reference3.9.2.3
        AUTOLOCK Language Reference10.
        Compiler User's GuideCh7 , 6.5
        CONSTANT Language Reference18.5
        DATE Language Reference5.9
        OPTIONAL-FILE Language Reference14.1.7
        OSVS Language Reference10.1.4
        Profiler Utilities Handbook11.4
        REWRITE-LS Language Reference14.1.7
        ALIGN Language Reference2.6.4.2
        ALPHASTART Language Reference6.1.2.3
        Animator Debugging HandbookCh4
        APOST Language Reference2.2.4.3
        ASSIGN Language Reference6.1.3.1
        COMP-5 Language Reference2.6.4.5
        DEFAULTBYTE Language Reference7.1.6
        EHTML preprocessor Internet Applications3.5.1.2
        EVALUATE Language Reference18.2.5
        IBMCOMP Language Reference2.6.4.2 ,
        IF Language Reference18.2.6
        NATIVE Language Reference6.1.2.2 ,
        ODOSLIDE Language Reference8.1.1.14
        OSVS Language Reference2.6.5.5
        PERFORM-TYPE Language Reference15.1.1
        QUOTE Language Reference2.2.4.3
        REPOSITORY Language Reference18.2.7
        SEQCHK Language Reference3.10.1.1
        SEQUENTIAL Language Reference3.5.2
        specifying with COBANIMOPT Debugging Handbook4.2
        SYMBSTART Language Reference6.1.2.3
        TRUNC Language Reference2.6.4.2 ,
DIRECTIVES Compiler directive User's Guide7.3 ,
DIRECTIVES-IN-COMMENTS Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
        getting current File Handling10.3
Directory control menu Dialog System Character3.2.3.10
Directory Facility Utilities HandbookCh6 , , 2.5.5
Directory facility Getting Started1.8
Directory Facility
        browsing files Utilities Handbook6.6.2 , 6.6.1
        changing path Utilities Handbook6.3.2
        control menu Utilities Handbook6.3
        deleting files Utilities Handbook6.6.1 , 6.6.2
        directory function Utilities Handbook6.4
        displaying file lists Utilities Handbook6.5
        Editor Utilities Handbook7.5.1.2 , 7.6
        enter function Utilities Handbook6.4
        file prompt Utilities Handbook6.3.1
        file specification menu Utilities Handbook6.3
        functions Utilities Handbook6.6
        list files control menu Utilities Handbook6.5
        list files menu Utilities Handbook6.5
        listing files Utilities Handbook6.6.2 , 6.5
        moving files Utilities Handbook6.6.1
        overview Utilities Handbook6.1
        renaming files Utilities Handbook6.6.1
        selecting files Utilities Handbook6.5
Directory function Utilities Handbook4.11
Directory menu Dialog System Character3.2.3
        function keys Creating UIs2.3
        Adis indicators Creating UIs4.8..2
DISCONNECT Database AccessApD
Disk files Language Reference14.1.7
Disk space
        saving File Handling11.5.2
DISP option Language Reference12.1.7
DISPLAY Language Reference2.6.4 , ,
Internet Applications3.5
Getting Started1.8
        ANSI Creating UIs2.2.1 , 2.2
        appearance of characters Creating UIsCh11
        attribute byte Creating UIs10.2
        attributes Creating UIsCh11
        character Creating UIs3.2
        control sequences Creating UIs4.2.2.2
        enhanced Creating UIs2.2.2
        format of data Creating UIs4.2.2.1
        generic attributes Creating UIs11.5.2
        group item Creating UIs4.3
        highlight Creating UIs4.2.2.3
        setting generic attributes Creating UIs11.2.4
        single field Creating UIs4.2.2
        single field control sequences Creating UIs4.2.2.2
        substitution markers Internet Applications3.5.2
        undefined Creating UIs4.4
        Using Internet Applications3.5.2
        windowing Creating UIs7.3.2
Display attributes Creating UIsCh10
DISPLAY BOX Creating UIs7.3.2
DISPLAY LINE Creating UIs7.3.2
DISPLAY statement LR - Additional Topics12.3.3 , 10.4.3 , 11.3.6
DISPLAY Statement LR - Additional Topics13.5.6
DISPLAY statement Language Reference18.5.1 , 12.1.13
PG to Writing Programs8.11.1 , 8.11.2
DISPLAY statements
        control sequences Compatibility Guide5.2.3
Display trailing spaces User's Guide15.3
DISPLAY usage Compatibility GuideCh6
PG to Writing Programs1.1.1
        conversion Compatibility Guide6.4
DISPLAY-1 usage LR - Additional Topics4.14.8
Distributing Getting Started1.7.1.1 , 1.10.1
Distributing licenses LMF Admin Guide3.1 , 2.8
DIVIDE statement PG to Writing Programs1.1.2.1
DIVIDE statement Language Reference12.1.14
Dividend Language Reference12.1.14
Dividing by zero User's Guide15.3
Division by zero Language Reference10.1.5.2 ,
Division header Language Reference3.10.2.1
Divisor Language Reference12.1.14
        check digit validation Dialog System Character4.1.7.3
DLC over 802.2 Configuring CCIApI , ApJ
"do" method OO Programming7.4 , 17.6
Documentary comment Language Reference1.2.3
Documenting Dialog System Character22.4
"doesNotUnderstand" method OO Programming11.3.1
domain interfaces ORB User's Guide1.1.5.3
DOS Dialog System Character1.1.1
DOS screensets Dialog System Character15.1.1
        restrictions on UNIX Dialog System Character15.3.1
        transferring to UNIX Dialog System Character15.3
DOS/VS COBOL LR - Additional TopicsCh9
DOSVS Compiler directive LR - Additional TopicsCh9
User's Guide7.3
Double Byte Character Set LR - Additional TopicsCh4 , Ch5
double data type Database Access3.4
        line drawing characters Creating UIsCh9
Double-Byte Character Set support PG to Writing Programs8.3
Draw Dialog System Character6.4.4
Draw/erase/move Dialog System Character6.4.4.1
        DB2 Database Access8.5.1.1 ,
Drive Dialog System Character3.2.3.9
Drive id
        filenames File Handling3.1
DROP INDEX statement
        dBASE Database AccessC.3.9
ds-cntrl.ans Dialog System Character10. Dialog System Character10.
DS-CNTRL.MF Getting Started4.2.1
ds-key.cpy Dialog System Character12.6
ds.lis Dialog System CharacterCh14
Dsclink Dialog System Character13.2.1
Dscomp Dialog System Character13.1.1
Dsdakey Dialog System Character13.1.1
dsdef.cfg Dialog System CharacterCh16 , 16.1 , Ch14
DSDIR Dialog System Character16.1
Dsdlgini Dialog System Character13.1.2
Dserrhan Dialog System Character13.1.1 , 12.3.1 , 12.3.2
DSERRHAN Dialog System Character12.3.2
Dsfld Dialog System Character13.1.1
Dsgetss Dialog System Character13.1.2
Dslconv Dialog System Character13.1.1
Dspanels Dialog System Character13.1.1
Dsrtnc Dialog System Character13.1.1
Dsrun Dialog System Character13.1.1 , 12.1
Dsterm Dialog System Character13.1.1
Dstracer Dialog System Character13.1.2
Dsusrcal Dialog System Character13.1.1
Dsusrfmt Dialog System Character13.1.1 , 13.2 , 7.1.1 , 12.5 , 12.6
        control block Dialog System Character12.5.1
        parameters Dialog System Character12.5.1
Dsusrtrn Dialog System Character13.2 , 12.6
        parameters Dialog System Character12.6
Dsusrval Dialog System Character13.1.1
Dsuxpath Dialog System Character13.1.1
Dsuxsysp Dialog System Character13.1.1
Dsvalrun Dialog System Character13.1.1
Dual FCD support PG to Writing Programs6.8.1
Dual-mode programs User's Guide4.6
Dump file Utilities Handbook3.6.3
Duplicate alternate keys LR - Additional Topics12.1.5
Duplicate keys File Handling11.4.2 ,
        adding Utilities Handbook4.11
        compression File Handling6.2.1.4 ,
Duplicate line
        error message definition Dialog System Character4.2.2.3
        virtual group Dialog System Character8.2.3.4
Duplicate paragraph-names Compatibility Guide5.1.8
Duplicate record key Language Reference3.5.4.2 ,
Duplicated codes from keys Creating UIs4.9.2.6
DUPLICATES clause Language Reference15.1.5
DUPLICATES phrase Language Reference3.5.4.1 , , 16.1.4 , 16.1.14
DYNAM Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Dynamic access Language Reference3.5.4.2 , 15.1.5 , 16.1.14 , 16.1.14
Dynamic access mode Language Reference15.1.2 , 15.1.5 , 16.1.14 , 16.1.14
Dynamic filename assignment File Handling3.2.2
Dynamic linking User's Guide9.1.2
Dynamic loader
        search sequence User's Guide3.3.3.1
Dynamic loading User's Guide9.2.5 , 3.3.3
Dynamic SQL Database AccessCh6
        CALL statements Database Access6.4.1
        cursors Database Access6.4
        EXECUTE IMMEDIATE Database Access6.3.1
        executing Database Access6.3
        FREE Database Access6.3.2
        preparing statements Database Access6.2
Dynamically linked programs
        creating with cob User's Guide9.2.2
Dynamically loadable program
        creating with cob User's Guide9.2.5.1
        running User's Guide13.2.2
dynamic_dictionary_limit run-time tunable User's Guide14.4
dynamic_memory_limit run-time tunable User's Guide14.4

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