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-e cob flag
        set initial entry point User's Guide11.1
/e option Fileshare User's Guide4.6.1.3 , ,
-e Rebuild option File Handling9.3.1
E RTS switch User's Guide15.3
EARLY-RELEASE Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
EBCDIC Getting Started1.8
        collating example PG to Writing Programs8.11.3
        collating sequences PG to Writing Programs8.11.3
        converting to ASCII PG to Writing Programs8.11
        converting to ASCII using _CODESET PG to Writing Programs8.11.4
EBCDIC files Utilities Handbook4.3
EBCDIC/ASCII translation tables User's GuideApB
eblksize Communications2.5.1
        ACCEPT LR - Additional Topics11.3.5
ECHO clause Compatibility Guide5.2.14
ECHO Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
ECHOALL Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
ECM Database AccessCh8
        ASCII files Utilities Handbook4.1
        EBCDIC files Utilities Handbook4.1
        sample session Getting Started3.1.3
Edit action bar entry Dialog System Character5.3.1.9
        data files Utilities HandbookCh4
Editing NLS programs PG to Writing Programs8.7.7
Editing programs User's Guide1.1.1
Editing rules LR - Additional Topics4.14.5 , 5.10.5
Language Reference8.1.1.15
Editor Utilities HandbookCh7 , 2.4.2
Getting Started1.8
        active window Utilities Handbook7.5.9.2
        additional features Utilities Handbook7.5.12
        Alternate menu Utilities Handbook7.4.3
        Animator Utilities Handbook7.7.1.4
        backup files Utilities Handbook7.5.8
        block edit Utilities Handbook7.5.7.3
        block functions Utilities Handbook7.5.7
        bookmarks Utilities Handbook7.5.5
        breakpoint Do statements Utilities Handbook7.7.1.4 , 7.7.2
        calculate functions Utilities Handbook7.5.12.2
        character buffer Utilities Handbook7.5.3.1 ,
        character insert and delete Utilities Handbook7.5.3.1
        check program Utilities Handbook7.7.1.1
        clear file Utilities Handbook7.5.10
        COBOL Source Information Utilities Handbook7.7.3
        COBOL support Utilities Handbook7.7
        combining blocks Utilities Handbook7.5.7.4
        command file processing Utilities Handbook7.7.2
        Compiler Utilities Handbook7.7.1
        Compiler errors Utilities Handbook7.7.1.1
        Compiler options Utilities Handbook7.7.1.2
        concurrent edit and check Utilities Handbook7.8
        configuration Utilities Handbook7.9
        configuring margins Utilities Handbook7.9.3
        Control menu Utilities Handbook7.4.3
        copyfiles Utilities Handbook7.5.12.3
        CSI Utilities Handbook7.7.3
        cut and paste text Utilities Handbook7.5.7
        default configuration Utilities Handbook7.9.5
        defining margins Utilities Handbook7.9.3
        delete Utilities Handbook7.5.3.1 , ,
        Directory Facility Utilities Handbook7.5.1.2 , 7.6
        end key Utilities Handbook7.5.4.1
        end of file Utilities Handbook7.5.4.3
        escape key Utilities Handbook7.4.3
        exiting from Utilities Handbook7.3
        features Utilities Handbook7.1.1
        file access Utilities Handbook7.5.8.2 ,
        file locking Utilities Handbook7.5.1.3
        file prompt Utilities Handbook7.5.1.1
        find and replace Utilities Handbook7.5.6.6
        find text Utilities Handbook7.5.6
        functions Utilities Handbook7.5
        global replace Utilities Handbook7.5.6.6
        go to line Utilities Handbook7.5.6.5
        help Utilities Handbook7.4.3
        home key Utilities Handbook7.5.4.1
        INCLUDE files Utilities Handbook7.5.12.3
        information line Utilities Handbook7.4.2
        insert word Utilities Handbook7.5.3.2
        invoking Utilities Handbook7.2
        line functions Utilities Handbook7.5.3.2
        list of features Utilities Handbook7.1.2
        load file Utilities Handbook7.5.1
        Main menu Utilities Handbook7.4.3
        margins Utilities Handbook7.5.2.6 , 7.9.3
        message line Utilities Handbook7.4.4
        move and copy text Utilities Handbook7.5.7
        N RTS switch Utilities Handbook7.1
        next word Utilities Handbook7.5.4.1
        page up/down Utilities Handbook7.5.4.4
        paste.txt Utilities Handbook7.7.2
        previous word Utilities Handbook7.5.4.1
        printing Utilities Handbook7.5.11
        restore Utilities Handbook7.5.3.1 , ,
        save blocks Utilities Handbook7.5.7.3
        save-file list box Utilities Handbook7.5.8.1
        saving files Utilities Handbook7.5.8
        screen description Utilities Handbook7.4
        scrolling text Utilities Handbook7.5.4.4
        search and replace Utilities Handbook7.5.6.6
        SEQCHK Compiler directive Utilities Handbook7.4.1
        sequence numbers Utilities Handbook7.4.1
        start of file Utilities Handbook7.5.4.3
        syntax checking User's Guide1.1.2
Utilities Handbook7.7
        tab Utilities Handbook7.5.4.1
        tag functions Utilities Handbook7.5.5 , 7.5.5
        text editing Utilities Handbook7.1
        text entry Utilities Handbook7.5.2
        toggle settings Utilities Handbook7.9.1
        window functions Utilities Handbook7.5.9.1 , , , ,
        Window Navigation list box Utilities Handbook7.5.9.6
        word delete Utilities Handbook7.5.3.2
        word restore Utilities Handbook7.5.3.2
        word wrap Utilities Handbook7.5.2.3
EDITOR Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
.edo file Debugging Handbook3.3.2 , 3.3.2
Utilities Handbook7.7.1.4
Efficiency PG to Writing Programs1.1
Efrom CSI line marker Utilities Handbook3.3.3
EHTML Internet Applications3.5
        directives Internet Applications3.5.1.2
        preprocessor Internet Applications3.5.1
        running preprocessor Internet Applications3.5.1.2
        substitution markers Internet Applications3.5.1.1
        Using Internet Applications3.5.1
EJECT statement Language Reference18.6.1
Elementary data item Language Reference8.1.1.15
Elementary item symbols Language Reference8.1.1.15
Elementary items Language Reference2.5 , 2.5.1
Elements Language Reference2.3.4
ELSE statement Language Reference18.5.2
Embedded control sequences in DISPLAY statements Compatibility Guide5.2.3
Embedded directives and portability PG to Writing Programs7.4.10
Embedded HTML
        See also EHTML
Embedded SQL Database AccessCh8
EMPTY-CHECK clause Language Reference9.1.1.24
EMPTY-CHECK option LR - Additional Topics10.4.2
EMPTY-DATE-BLANK configuration parameter Dialog System Character16.5
        COBOL windowing support Creating UIs7.2
        function keys Creating UIs2.3
        conversion of DBCS spaces to ASCII User's Guide15.3
        insertion of nulls in line sequential files User's Guide15.3
        keyboard interrupts User's Guide15.3
        long filenames User's Guide14.4
        run-time error on divide-by-zero User's Guide15.3
        tabs in line sequential files User's Guide15.3
Encoding of the attribute byte Creating UIs10.2.2
        Adis function Creating UIs6.5
        of field Creating UIs5.4.2.1
End marker Language Reference4.2.2
End of field
        Adis option Creating UIs5.4.2.1
End of file Compatibility Guide5.2.12
End point Language Reference13.1.7
END PROGRAM header LR - Additional Topics4.11.1
END statement Language Reference18.5.3
END-EXEC Internet Applications3.5.1
end-inline-cfg Communications2.11.6
End-of-file status Language Reference15.1.2
END-OF-PAGE phrase Language Reference16.1.14 , 16.1.14 , 16.1.14 , 16.1.14 , 16.1.14
Endcopy CSI line marker Utilities Handbook3.3.3
ENDP Compiler directive PG to Writing Programs16.2
Enhanced ACCEPT
        configuring messages Creating UIs5.5
Enhanced ACCEPT/DISPLAY Creating UIs1.1.6
        See Adis
Enhancing converted DG I COBOL programs Compatibility Guide3.1.2
ENSUITE Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Enter key Dialog System Character9.2.8
ENTER statement Language Reference13.1.1
Entry fields Getting Started4.1.5
Entry point PG to Writing Programs2.3 , 4.2.3
        name User's Guide10.2.3 , 9.2 ,
        setting initial User's Guide11.1
Entry point name Utilities Handbook11.1
Entry points Language Reference2.2.3.1
ENTRY Statement LR - Additional Topics13.5.7
ENTRY statement Language Reference13.1.2
PG to Writing Programs4.2.3
        NSAPI Internet Applications5.1.1 , 5.2
        attribute information Creating UIs11.2.2
        codes for line drawing Creating UIs9.2
Environment Division LR - Additional Topics12.1 , 10.2 , 11.1 , 13.3 , 4.13 , 5.9 , 1.3
Language Reference6.1.3.1 , , , , , 6.1
        COBOL debug LR - Additional Topics2.2
Environment variable
        ASLMFRETRY AppTrack3.3.1
        CCITCP Configuring CCI5.2.2.2
        CCITCP2 Fileshare User's Guide8.2
        CCITRACE Configuring CCI8.2.1
        COBAIF Debugging Handbook2.2
        COBANIMOPT Debugging Handbook4.2
        COBANIMSRV Debugging Handbook2.7
        COBCPY Debugging Handbook2.2 , 2.11
        COBCTRLCHAR Migration Guide7.4
        COBDIR Fileshare User's Guide2.2
        COBIDY Debugging Handbook2.2 , 2.11
        COBMODE User's Guide4.3.1
        COBPATH Debugging Handbook2.2
        DSDIR Dialog System Character16.1
        FS Fileshare User's Guide2.2
        FSCOMMS Fileshare User's Guide6.1
        LMFCOMM LMF Admin Guide2.13.1
        LMFTEMP LMF Admin Guide2.13.2
        LMFWAIT LMF Admin Guide2.12
        TERM Debugging Handbook2.2
Creating UIs4.9.2.6
        working mode User's Guide4.3.1
Environment variables User's GuideApA
Database AccessC.1.2
        assigning filenames File Handling3.2
        CCITCP2 User's GuideApA
        CCITRACE User's GuideApA
        COBAIF User's GuideApA
        COBANIMOPT User's GuideApA
Utilities Handbook2.4.4.4
        COBANIMSRV User's GuideApA
        COBATTR User's GuideApA
        COBCONFIG User's GuideApA
        COBCPY User's GuideApA , 6.6.2
        COBDATA User's GuideApA
        COBDIR User's GuideApA , 10.2.4
        COBEXTFHBUF User's GuideApA
File Handling6.4
        COBIDY User's GuideApA
        COBKEYTIMEOUT User's GuideApA
        COBLANG PG to Writing Programs8.7
        COBOPT User's GuideApA ,
Utilities Handbook2.4.3 , , 2.4.6
        COBPATH User's GuideApA
        COBPRINTER User's GuideApA
        COBSES User's GuideApA
Utilities Handbook13.2
        COBSW User's GuideApA , , Ch15
Utilities Handbook2.4.4.2 ,
        COBTERMINFO User's GuideApA , 16.1.2
        COLUMNS User's GuideApA
        configuring Infomgr Utilities Handbook9.4.1
        dd_cobkeymp Creating UIs6.1.2
        EXTFH User's GuideApA
        FHREDIR User's GuideApA
        FS User's GuideApA
        FSCOMMS User's GuideApA
        GNTANLZ User's GuideApA
        LANG User's GuideApA
PG to Writing Programs8.7
        LD_LIBRARY_PATH User's GuideApA , 9.1.2 , 13.2
        LIBLIST User's GuideApA
        LIBPATH User's GuideApA , 9.1.2 , 13.2
        LINES User's GuideApA
        MFCODESET User's GuideApA
        MFCSCFG Communications2.5.3
        MFLOGDIR Communications2.5 , 2.11.1
        OOSW OO ProgrammingApA , 14.2.2
        PATH User's GuideApA
        Rebuild command line File Handling9.2
        setting User's Guide14.3
PG to Writing Programs3.4
        SHLIB_PATH User's GuideApA , 9.1.2 , 13.2
        TERM User's GuideApA
        TERMINFO User's GuideApA , 16.3
        TMP File Handling8.2
        TMPDIR User's GuideApA , 10.2.4 , 13.2.4
        ulimit File Handling11.2.4
ENVIRONMENT-NAME function-name PG to Writing Programs3.4 , 15.5
ENVIRONMENT-NAME mnemonic-name Language Reference12.1.13
ENVIRONMENT-VALUE Language Reference12.1.1 , 12.1.13
ENVIRONMENT-VALUE function-name PG to Writing Programs3.4 , 15.5
        ERASE Language Reference12.1.13
EOP Language Reference16.1.14
        ERASE Language Reference12.1.13
EQ logic operator PG to Writing Programs3.5.1 , 17.4
ERASE clause Language Reference9.1.1.10
ERASE EOL Language Reference12.1.13
ERASE EOS Language Reference12.1.13
ERASE option LR - Additional Topics10.4.3
ERASE phrase Creating UIs7.3.2
ERR Dialog System Character18.5
ERRLIST Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Error code
        trap field Dialog System Character10.1.1.2
Error codes
        DB2 Database Access8.6
ERROR declarative Language Reference16.1.12 , 16.1.12
Error field attributes Dialog System Character6.3.2
Error handling OO ProgrammingCh20
Error key Dialog System Character18.5
Error message
        CCI Configuring CCICh10
Error messages LMF Admin GuideCh4
Communications2.6 , 2.11.1
Dialog System Character4.2 , Ch21 , Ch23
Debugging Handbook2.10
        Application Configuration System PG to Writing Programs13.4.2
Error Messages
        check digit validation Dialog System Character4.
Error messages
        cob command User's GuideCh12
        COBOL run-time Fileshare User's Guide9.1
        COBSQL Database AccessApB
        communications Fileshare User's Guide9.2
        Compiler User's Guide6.3 , 6.3.2
        CP preprocessor Database AccessE.5
        date validation Dialog System Character4.
        definition time Dialog System Character21.2
        dialog definition Dialog System Character21.2.6
        display with Adis Creating UIs5.3.13
        error message definition Dialog System Character21.2.3
        field Dialog System CharacterCh4 , 17.1
        file Dialog System Character12.3 , 12.3.1
        Fileshare Server Fileshare User's GuideCh10
        import Dialog System Character21.4
        Integrated Preprocessor PG to Writing Programs16.3.2.2
        mfsort File Handling8.5
        null validation Dialog System Character4.
        panel Dialog System Character17.2
        panel field definition Dialog System Character21.2.4
        panel group definition Dialog System Character21.2.5
        position of Adis Creating UIs4.8..2
        range/table validation Dialog System Character4.
        Rebuild File Handling9.9.1
        related to Fileshare Fileshare User's GuideCh9
        run-time User's Guide13.2.6
Dialog System Character21.1
        screen painting Dialog System Character21.3
        transaction processing Fileshare User's Guide9.3
        validation definition Dialog System Character21.2.2
Error Messages book Getting Started1.9.3
Error procedure registration PG to Writing Programs17.4
Error procedure routines PG to Writing Programs17.2.4
ERRORLEVEL PG to Writing Programs10.2.5
        controlling User's Guide7.1.4.3
        E RTS switch User's Guide15.3
        execute code containing User's Guide15.3
        Rebuild File Handling9.9.1.2
ERRQ Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Utilities Handbook2.4.3.2
Escape key Dialog System Character18.2
Creating UIs4.9.2.6
Escape sequence
        Adis Creating UIs4.9.2.6
        terminal User's Guide16.5.1
Essential entries in terminfo User's Guide16.4.2
EVALUATE directive Language Reference18.2.5
EVALUATE Statement LR - Additional Topics13.5.8
EVALUATE statement Language Reference13.1.3
Evaluation rules Language Reference10.1.2.2 ,
Event Dialog System Character9.3.1
Multi-threaded Programming2.3.4
Event handler Internet Applications1.4
Event key define/undefine Dialog System Character9.3.1
Event routine
        clear event Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        close event Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        create intra-process event Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        post event Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        wait for event Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
Events Getting Started4.3
EXAMINE statement Language Reference13.1.4
        application state Internet Applications3.7.2
        configuration file PG to Writing Programs13.3.4
        cookies Internet Applications3.7.2
        mapping data to input controls Internet Applications3.4.2
        mapping output data to HTML Internet Applications3.5.1.1
Examples Debugging HandbookCh5
        connecting your client Communications2.6
        connecting your server Communications2.7
        demonstration programs Communications2.1
        Grid ORB User's GuideCh3
        Order ORB User's GuideCh4
        running an application Communications2.8
Exceeded limit LMF Admin Guide4.1 , 4.1
EXCEEDS Language Reference10.1.4.2
        handler, register OO Programming8.2
        handler, write OO Programming8.3
        raising OO Programming8.1
Exception condition Language Reference16.1.14
Exception handling OO ProgrammingCh8 , Ch20
        canceling a registration OO Programming20.2.4
        methods OO Programming20.2.5
        register an object OO Programming20.2.3
        system method OO Programming20.2.6
Exception values Compatibility Guide3.2.4
Exclusive file lock Language Reference14.1.7
eXclusive-OR logic operator PG to Writing Programs17.4
Exec CSI line marker Utilities Handbook3.3.3
EXEC HTML Internet Applications3.5.1
EXEC statement Language Reference13.1.5
EXECSP Database AccessApD
        application User's Guide9.2.5.3
Executable code
        compatibility Migration Guide1.2.3
        creating from RM/COBOL source Compatibility Guide5.1
        problems running Compatibility Guide5.2
Executable file User's Guide3.2.2 , 3.2.3 , 3.2.5
        linked User's Guide3.3.2
        types User's Guide3.2
Executable RTS User's Guide9.2.5.3 , 9.2.4 , 3.3.2
        creating User's Guide9.2.4
EXECUTE Database Access5.2.4.3 , ApD
EXECUTE IMMEDIATE Database Access6.3.1 , ApD
EXECUTE statement Language Reference13.1.5
Executed from CSI function Utilities Handbook3.4.1
Executed-from CSI toggle Utilities Handbook3.6.1
Executes CSI function Utilities Handbook3.4.1
Executes CSI toggle Utilities Handbook3.6.1
Execution flow Internet Applications1.3
EXHIBIT statement LR - Additional Topics10.4.4
Language Reference13.1.6
EXIT PG to Writing Programs2.1
        field usage Dialog System Character7.1.1
        PARAGRAPH Language Reference13.1.3
        PERFORM Language Reference13.1.3
        SECTION Language Reference13.1.3
        using cursor keys in Adis Creating UIs5.4.2.1
Exit Animator functions Debugging Handbook3.3.2
Exit field
        trap field Dialog System Character10.1.1.2
EXIT FUNCTION statement Language Reference13.1.7
EXIT METHOD statement Language Reference13.1.7
Exit modified
        field usage Dialog System Character7.1.1
Exit on entry
        field usage Dialog System Character7.1.1
EXIT PERFORM Language Reference13.1.7 , 15.1.1
Exit procedure registration PG to Writing Programs17.4
Exit procedure routines PG to Writing Programs17.2.4
EXIT PROGRAM statement LR - Additional Topics11.3.2
Language Reference13.1.7
Exit regardless
        field usage Dialog System Character7.1.1
EXIT Statement LR - Additional Topics13.5.9
EXIT statement Language Reference13.1.7
Expand path File Handling10.3
        group size Dialog System Character8.2.4.1
        cookies Internet Applications3.7.2.1 , 7.2
        get date Internet Applications7.2
Explicit Procedure Division references Language Reference2.6.6.1
Explicit scope terminators Language Reference2.6.6.4
Explicit specifications Language Reference2.6.6
Exponentiation PG to Writing Programs1.1.2.1
Export Dialog System Character3.2.10
Export files
        syntax Dialog System CharacterCh20
EXTEND phrase Language Reference14.1.7 , 14.1.7 , 14.1.7
Extended file status codes File Handling4.4
Extended I-O status codes Compatibility Guide5.1.4
Extending classes OO ProgrammingCh12
        of screenset file Getting Started4.1.3
External Checker Module Database AccessCh8
External class OO Programming13.2.1.1
EXTERNAL clause Language Reference3.8.5 , 7.1.5 , 7.1.6 , ,
External data Language Reference3.8.5
External data efficiency PG to Writing Programs1.1.2.8
External file connector Language Reference3.8.5
External File Handler Migration Guide2.4.18
External File Mapper
        environment variables PG to Writing Programs3.4
External file mapping Getting Started1.8
External filename assignment File Handling3.2.3
External floating-point data items Language Reference8.1.1.15
EXTERNAL INPUT-FORM Internet Applications3.4
External item Language Reference3.8.5
EXTERNAL programs LR - Additional Topics6.1.1 , 6.1
Language Reference8.1.1.24 , 12.1.4 , 5.2
External repository Language Reference18.2.7 , 3.3
External switches Language Reference6.1.2.3 , , , 16.1.3
ExtFH Dialog System Character13.2
File HandlingCh7
EXTFH environment variable User's GuideApA
extfh.cfg Migration Guide6.5
EXTFHBUF environment variable File Handling6.4.1
Extsm Getting Started1.8
        call interface File Handling13.1
        FCD File Handling13.1.2
        file definition block File Handling13.1.2.2
        function code parameters File Handling13.1.1
        key definition block File Handling13.1.2.1

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