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+L cob flag
        change linker search order User's Guide11.1
+l cob flag
        pass option to linker last User's Guide11.1
-L cob flag
        change linker search order User's Guide11.1
-l cob flag
        pass option to linker User's Guide11.1
/l option Fileshare User's Guide4.6.1
l RTS switch User's Guide15.3
L2 RTS switch User's Guide15.3
LABEL declarative Language Reference16.1.12
LABEL RECORDS clause Language Reference8.1.1.10 , 14.1.7 , 14.1.7
LANG environment variable User's GuideApA
PG to Writing Programs8.7
        obsolete elements LR - Additional Topics7.1
Language and National Language Support PG to Writing Programs8.5 , 8.7.9
Language extensions LR - Additional Topics5.3
Language Reference1.1
Language features
        Compiler directives User's Guide7.1.1
Language levels and integrated preprocessor PG to Writing Programs16.3.4
Language processor Getting Started1.8
Language Reference Getting Started1.9.3
Language Reference - Additional Topics Getting Started1.9.3
Language structure Language Reference2.2
Language-name Language Reference2.2.2.1
Large files File Handling6.2.1.1 ,
Large programs
        handling PG to Writing Programs1.4
Large screen
        with Adis Creating UIs4.6
LAST DETAIL phrase LR - Additional Topics1.4.9
Last logical record Language Reference14.1.7 , 14.1.7 , 16.1.5 , 16.1.5
Last-queries Utilities Handbook3.6.3
.lbt file Utilities Handbook10.2 , 10.3
/lc option Fileshare User's Guide4.2.1 ,
Lck indicator Utilities Handbook7.5.1.3
        system linker User's Guide9.2
LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable User's GuideApA , 9.1.2 , 13.2
Leading character compression File Handling11.5.2.3
LEFTLINE clause Language Reference9.1.1.17
        nonnumeric literals Compatibility Guide5.1.1
LENGTH function Language Reference11.9.24
LENGTH OF special register Language Reference12.1.4
LENGTH-CHECK clause Language Reference9.1.1.13
LENGTH-CHECK option LR - Additional Topics10.4.2
LEVEL II COBOL files File Handling9.3.1
LEVEL II format files File Handling9.3.1
Level-number LR - Additional Topics1.4.16
Level-number 01 Language Reference2.5.1 ,
Level-number 66 Language Reference2.5.1 , , , ,
Level-number 77 Language Reference2.5.1 , ,
Level-number 78 Language Reference2.5.1 ,
Level-number 88 Language Reference2.5.1 , , ,
Level-numbers Language Reference2.5.1 , 2.5.1 ,
Levels Language Reference2.5
LIBLIST environment variable User's GuideApA
LIBPATH environment variable User's GuideApA , 9.1.2 , 13.2
LIBRARIAN Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Library Migration Guide2.4.21
Utilities HandbookCh10
Getting Started1.8
        advantages of Utilities Handbook10.1
        archive User's Guide9.1.2
        batch files Utilities Handbook10.3
        closing Utilities Handbook10.4
        cob link preferences User's Guide9.2.2
        command line Utilities Handbook10.2
        creating batch files Utilities Handbook10.3
        invoking Utilities Handbook10.2
        listing contents Utilities Handbook6.5
        opening Utilities Handbook10.4
        selecting files from Utilities Handbook6.3.2
Library file User's Guide9.1.2
        creating User's Guide11.1
Library files and entry points PG to Writing Programs2.3
Library members
        deleting Utilities Handbook6.6.1
        renaming Utilities Handbook6.6.1
Library routine Migration GuideCh5 , 2.4.9
Multi-threaded Programming3.3
        See character interface
        CBL_ALLOC_THREAD_MEM Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_COPY_FILE Migration Guide5.1.1
        CBL_DEBUGBREAK Debugging Handbook7.2
        CBL_EVENT_CLEAR Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_EVENT_CLOSE Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_EVENT_OPEN_INTRA Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_EVENT_POST Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_EVENT_WAIT Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_FFND_REPORT Debugging Handbook7.2
        CBL_FREE_THREAD_MEM Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_GET_KBD_STATUS Migration Guide5.1.2
        CBL_MONITOR_BROWSE Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_MONITOR_BROWSE_TO_READ Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_MONITOR_BROWSE_TO_WRITE Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_MONITOR_CLOSE Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_MONITOR_OPEN_INTRA Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_MONITOR_READ Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_MONITOR_RELEASE Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_MONITOR_UNBROWSE Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_MONITOR_UNREAD Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_MONITOR_UNWRITE Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_MONITOR_WRITE Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_MONITOR_WRITE_TO_BROWSE Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_MUTEX_ACQUIRE Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_MUTEX_CLOSE Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_MUTEX_OPEN_INTRA Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_MUTEX_RELEASE Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_READ_KBD_CHAR Migration Guide5.1.2
        CBL_SEMAPHORE_ACQUIRE Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_SEMAPHORE_CLOSE Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_SEMAPHORE_OPEN_INTRA Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_SEMAPHORE_RELEASE Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_THREAD_CREATE Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2 , 5.2.2
        CBL_THREAD_DETACH Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_THREAD_EXIT Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_THREAD_IDDATA_ALLOC Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_THREAD_IDDATA_GET Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_THREAD_IDDATA_KILL Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_THREAD_LIST_END Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_THREAD_LIST_LOCK Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_THREAD_LIST_NEXT Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_THREAD_LIST_PROG_LOCK Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_THREAD_LIST_START Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_THREAD_LIST_UNPROG_LOCK Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_THREAD_RESUME Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_THREAD_SELF Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_THREAD_SLEEP Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_THREAD_SUSPEND Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_THREAD_UNLOCK Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_THREAD_WAIT Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_THREAD_YIELD Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_TSTORE_CLOSE Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_TSTORE_CREATE Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_TSTORE_GET Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        CBL_YIELD_RUN_UNIT Migration Guide5.1.3
        cobprt() Migration Guide5.1.4
        cobprtscrn() Migration Guide5.1.5
        cobprtstring() Migration Guide5.1.6
        cobsavenv() Migration Guide5.1.7
        keyboard Creating UIs3.1.2
        MF_CLIENT_STATE_ALLOCATE Internet Applications7.2
        MF_CLIENT_STATE_DELETE Internet Applications7.2
        MF_CLIENT_STATE_EXPIRY Internet Applications7.2
        MF_CLIENT_STATE_FILE Internet Applications7.2
        MF_CLIENT_STATE_PURGE Internet Applications7.2
        MF_CLIENT_STATE_RESTORE Internet Applications7.2
        MF_CLIENT_STATE_SAVE Internet Applications7.2
        prototypes Migration Guide4.4
        screen Creating UIs3.1.1
        state maintenance Internet ApplicationsCh7 , 7.2
        thread control Multi-threaded Programming3.3.1
        thread synchronization Multi-threaded Programming3.3.2
        thread-specific data Multi-threaded Programming3.3.3
        usercall.c Migration Guide5.1.8
Library routines PG to Writing ProgramsCh17
Getting Started1.8
        application subsystem PG to Writing Programs17.2.1
        attribute table Creating UIs11.2.4
        CALL prototype PG to Writing Programs6.6
        CALL prototypes PG to Writing Programs17.1
        CBL_ALLOC_DYN_MEM PG to Writing Programs17.4
        CBL_ALLOC_MEM PG to Writing Programs17.4
        CBL_CLOSE_VFILE PG to Writing Programs17.4
        CBL_CULL_RUN_UNITS PG to Writing Programs17.4
        CBL_ERROR_PROC PG to Writing Programs17.4
        CBL_EXEC_RUN_UNIT PG to Writing Programs17.4
        CBL_EXIT_PROC PG to Writing Programs17.4
        CBL_FREE_DYN_MEM PG to Writing Programs17.4
        CBL_FREE_MEM PG to Writing Programs17.4
        CBL_GET_CURRENT_DIR File Handling10.3
        CBL_GET_OS_INFO PG to Writing Programs17.4
        CBL_GET_PROGRAM_INFO PG to Writing Programs17.4
        CBL_GET_SCR_GRAPHICS Creating UIs9.3.1
        CBL_GET_SCR_LINE_DRAW Creating UIs9.3.1
        CBL_GET_SHMEM_PTR PG to Writing Programs17.4 , 17.4
        CBL_JOIN_FILENAME File Handling10.3
        CBL_OPEN_VFILE PG to Writing Programs17.4
        CBL_READ_VFILE PG to Writing Programs17.4
        CBL_SCR_ALLOCATE_COLOR Creating UIs11.7.1
        CBL_SCR_ALLOCATE_VC_COLOR Creating UIs11.7.1
        CBL_SCR_CREATE_VC Creating UIs11.7.1
        CBL_SCR_DESTROY_VC Creating UIs11.7.1
        CBL_SCR_GET_ATTRIBUTES Creating UIs11.7.1
        CBL_SCR_GET_ATTR_INFO Creating UIs11.7.1
        CBL_SCR_NAME_TO_RGB Creating UIs11.7.1
        CBL_SCR_QUERY_COLORMAP Creating UIs11.7.1
        CBL_SCR_RESTORE Creating UIs11.7.1
        CBL_SCR_RESTORE_ATTRIBUTES Creating UIs11.7.1
        CBL_SCR_SAVE Creating UIs11.7.1
        CBL_SCR_SAVE_ATTRIBUTES Creating UIs11.7.1
        CBL_SCR_SET_ATTRIBUTES Creating UIs11.7.1
        CBL_SCR_SET_PC_ATTRIBUTES PG to Writing Programs17.4
        CBL_SPLIT_FILENAME File Handling10.3
        CBL_SUBSYSTEM PG to Writing Programs17.4
        CBL_TOLOWER PG to Writing Programs17.4
        CBL_TOUPPER PG to Writing Programs17.4
        CBL_WRITE_VFILE PG to Writing Programs17.4
        CBL_YIELD_RUN_UNIT PG to Writing Programs17.4
        change directory File Handling10.3
        character graphics Creating UIs9.3
        check file File Handling10.3
        colormap Creating UIs11.2.3
        create directory File Handling10.3
        current directory, get File Handling10.3
        delete directory File Handling10.3
        delete file File Handling10.3
        display attributes Creating UIsCh11
        error procedure PG to Writing Programs17.2.4
        exit procedure PG to Writing Programs17.2.4
        file handling File HandlingCh10 , 10.3
        generic attributes Creating UIs11.7
        line-drawing routines Creating UIs9.2
        locate file File Handling10.3
        logic operators PG to Writing Programs3.5
        memory handling PG to Writing Programs17.2.3 , 14.3
        multiple run-units PG to Writing Programs14.2 , 14.2.1
        National Language Support PG to Writing Programs17.2.6 , 8.7.1 , 8.7.4 , 8.8 , 8.10
        operating system information PG to Writing Programs17.2.7 , 17.2.9
        portability PG to Writing Programs7.2.2 , 7.3.1 , 17.2.8
        rename file File Handling10.3
        run-units PG to Writing Programs17.2.3 , 14.3
        text PG to Writing Programs17.2.10 , 8.7.5
        TYPEDEF PG to Writing Programs17.1
        virtual heap PG to Writing Programs17.2.11
        X"91"function 47 File Handling10.3
        X"91"function 48 File Handling10.3
        X"91"function 49 File Handling10.3
        X"91"function 52 File Handling10.3
        X"91"function 53 File Handling10.3
libscreen module Creating UIs4.9.2.6
License LMF Admin Guide1.2 , 1.2
        64-bit LMF Admin Guide1.2 , 2.5 , 2.7
AppTrack2.1 , 2.3 , 1.1
        action on new Application Server AppTrack4.2
        administering AppTrackCh3
        auto-installed AppTrack4.1
        database LMF Admin Guide1.4
        installed by Micro Focus Development System AppTrack3.1
        installing AppTrackCh2 , 2.1
        key LMF Admin Guide1.2 , 1.2
        keys AppTrack2.1
        manager LMF Admin Guide1.4
        monitoring use AppTrack3.1
        overdraft AppTrack3.4
        problems installing AppTrack2.2
        statistics collecting AppTrack3.2
        too many users AppTrack3.3
        troubleshooting AppTrack3.5
        uninstalling AppTrack2.3
License Administration Services LMF Admin Guide1.4
License Administration utility AppTrack2.1
        passwords AppTrack2.4
License agreement Getting StartedCh1 ,
License Key AppTrack2.1
License Management
        tasks LMF Admin Guide2.1
License Management Facility LMF Admin GuideCh1
        components LMF Admin Guide1.4
License Manager
        client LMF Admin Guide1.4
Limit exceeded LMF Admin Guide4.1 , 4.1
Limitations Communications2.1 , 2.12
LIMITED-SEARCH (LS) Database AccessE.4
        COBOL compiler for files File Handling16.2
        COBOL system PG to Writing ProgramsCh4
        file handle File Handling16.1
        file handling File HandlingCh16
        file sizes File Handling16.4
        indexed file sizes File Handling16.4.1
        operating system for files File Handling16.5
        relative file sizes File Handling16.4.2
        run-time for files File Handling16.3
        sequential file sizes File Handling16.4.2
LIN special register LR - Additional Topics10.1
LINAGE clause Language Reference7.1.3 , , , 16.1.14 , 16.1.14 , 16.1.14
LINAGE-COUNTER Language Reference7.1.3 , , ,
        delete, range/table validation Dialog System Character4.
        insert, range/table validation Dialog System Character4.
LINE clause Language Reference9.1.1.18
Creating UIs7.3.2
Line drawing
        CBL_routines Creating UIs9.2.1
        character mapping Creating UIs9.2.5
        checking for substitutions Creating UIs9.2.5.2
        environment codes Creating UIs9.1
        finding the generic code Creating UIs9.2.2
        full character set Creating UIs9.2.1
        generic Creating UIsCh9
        generic codes Creating UIs9.1
        getting environment codes Creating UIs9.2
        library routines Creating UIs9.2.5.2
        NSWE representation Creating UIs9.2.2
        portability Creating UIsCh9
        requesting individual codes Creating UIs9.2.4
        requesting table of codes Creating UIs9.2.3
        rules for character substitution Creating UIs9.2.5.1
        single- and double-byte characters Creating UIsCh9
        subscripted table Creating UIs9.2.2
        substitutes for unavailable characters Creating UIs9.2.1 , 9.2.5
        terminfo entries User's Guide16.4.3.4
LINE NUMBER clause LR - Additional Topics1.4.12.3 , , 1.4.17
Creating UIs7.3.2 , 7.3.2
Line sequential files LR - Additional Topics11.3.11
File Handling2.1.1.2
Language Reference3.5.2.2 ,
        enabling tabs in User's Guide15.3
        nulls User's Guide15.3
        REWRITE operations Compatibility Guide5.2.1
        setting record terminator User's Guide15.3
        trailing spaces Compatibility Guide5.2.1
LINE-COUNT Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
LINE-COUNTER special register LR - Additional Topics1.2.5 , 1.4.6 , 1.2.3
Linein Getting Started1.8
LINES clause Creating UIs7.3.2
LINES environment variable User's GuideApA
Linkage Section Compatibility Guide5.1.3
Language Reference7.1.7
        DG I COBOL Compatibility Guide3.2.6
        efficiency PG to Writing Programs1.1.2.8
        locating Utilities Handbook3.5
LINKCHECK Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
LINKCOUNT Compiler directive PG to Writing Programs7.3.2.5
Linked program
        creating User's Guide11.1
        running User's Guide13.2.1
Linker Utilities Handbook2.4.7 , 2.4.8
        specifying directives Utilities Handbook2.4.7.5 ,
Linking Communications2.8 , 2.12
User's GuideCh9 , 3.3.2
Dialog System CharacterCh13
        as source of protection violations PG to Writing Programs5.4.7
        DB2 Database Access8.7
        dsclink Dialog System Character13.2.1
        dynamic User's Guide9.1.2
        programs User's Guide1.2 ,
        response files Dialog System Character13.2
.LIS Dialog System CharacterCh14
        dialog Dialog System Character9.2.1
List ascending Dialog System Character3.2.3.8
LIST Compiler directive User's Guide7.3 , 6.7.2
List descending Dialog System Character3.2.3.8
List directories Dialog System Character3.2.3.3
List files as source files Language Reference3.10.1.1
List files/list library catalogue Dialog System Character3.2.3.2
List of components Getting Started1.8
LIST Profiler directive Utilities Handbook11.4
        portable terminfo User's Guide16.6.2
        screenset Dialog System CharacterCh14
Listing control statements Language Reference18.6
Listing Generator Debugging Handbook6.4
        Data Division listing Debugging Handbook6.4.2.2
        data item map listing Debugging Handbook6.4.2.3
        listing header Debugging Handbook6.4.2.1
        map listing Debugging Handbook6.4.2.3
        output Debugging Handbook6.4.2
        procedural item map listing Debugging Handbook6.4.2.3
        Procedure Division listing Debugging Handbook6.4.2.2
        source listing Debugging Handbook6.4.2.2
        xref listing Debugging Handbook6.4.2.4
Listing threads
        requesting next item Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        start thread list Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        terminating request Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
LISTPATH Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
LISTWIDTH Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Literal Language Reference2.2.4
Literal field Language Reference9.1.1 ,
Literals LR - Additional Topics4.10 , 5.8
        mixed LR - Additional Topics5.8.3
        NCHAR LR - Additional Topics5.8.1
        nonnumeric Compatibility Guide5.1.1
LITLINK Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
LITVAL-SIZE Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
PG to Writing Programs10.2.2
        relocating LMF Admin Guide2.13.1
LMFCOMM environment variable LMF Admin Guide2.13.1
lmfgetpv LMF Admin Guide2.10 , 2.11
LMFTEMP environment variable LMF Admin Guide2.13.2
LMFWAIT environment variable LMF Admin Guide2.12
lnk-data-length Communications2.11.7
lnk-error-msg Communications2.11.6
LNK-PARAM-BLOCK Communications2.6 , 2.7 , 2.4
LNK-TAGNAME Communications2.5
lnk-usr-fcode Communications2.11.7
lnk-usr-retcode Communications2.11.7
LNKALIGN Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Load screenset Dialog System Character3.2.3
load-inline-cfg Communications2.11.6
        dynamic User's Guide9.2.5 , 3.3.3
        license database LMF Admin Guide3.1
Loading a screenset Getting Started4.1.4
Local configuration file
        and CSI Utilities Handbook3.6
Local dialog Dialog System CharacterCh9 , 6.3.1
Getting Started4.3
Local name Language Reference3.8.4 , 3.8.4
Local override Communications2.11.3
Local-Storage Section Language Reference7.1.6 , 7.1.6
PG to Writing Programs3.1.1 , 4.2.5
LOCALCOUNT Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Locale and National Language Support PG to Writing Programs8.5
Locate file File Handling10.3
Locate/return stack Utilities Handbook3.5
Location parameters Communications2.10
Lock keys Dialog System Character19.2 , 18.3
        codes in Adis Creating UIs4.9.5.1
        detecting states Creating UIs4.9.5.2
        determining available keys Creating UIs4.9.5.1
        enabling/disabling using Adis Creating UIs4.9.5.3
        in Adis Creating UIs4.9.1.4
        support in Adis Creating UIs4.9.5
LOCK MODE clause Compatibility Guide4.2 , 4.2 , 4.2
Language Reference6.1.3.1
LOCK MODE IS AUTOMATIC Language Reference14.1.7 , 15.1.2
LOCK MODE IS EXCLUSIVE Language Reference14.1.7
LOCK MODE IS MANUAL Language Reference14.1.7 , 15.1.2 , 15.1.2
Locked records LR - Additional Topics11.3.14
        skip User's Guide15.3
Locking User's Guide7.3
File HandlingCh5
        example application File Handling5.4
        file Compatibility Guide5.2.9
        file status codes File Handling5.3
        record Compatibility Guide5.2.9
        records File Handling5.2
LOCKING clause LR - Additional Topics10.5.1
LOCKING IS AUTOMATIC clause LR - Additional Topics10.5.1
LOCKING IS EXCLUSIVE clause LR - Additional Topics10.5.1
LOCKING IS MANUAL clause LR - Additional Topics10.5.1
Locking levels
        DB2 Database AccessC.2.5
        dBASE Database AccessC.3.12
        INFORMIX Database AccessC.4.4
        OpenIngres Database AccessC.5.4
        Oracle Database AccessC.6.5
        Sybase Database AccessC.7.4
Locking threads Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
LOCKTYPE Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
lock_mode run-time tunable User's Guide14.4
Log file Communications2.11.1
Fileshare User's Guide4.2
LOG function Language Reference11.9.26
LOG10 function Language Reference11.9.27
Logic error Language Reference10. , ,
Logic operators
        AND PG to Writing Programs17.4
        calling PG to Writing Programs3.5.1
        efficiency PG to Writing Programs1.1.2.5
        EQuivalence PG to Writing Programs17.4
        eXclusive-OR PG to Writing Programs17.4
        IMPlies PG to Writing Programs17.4
        library routines PG to Writing Programs3.5
        NOT PG to Writing Programs17.4
        OR PG to Writing Programs17.4
Logical connectors Language Reference10.1.4.3
Logical operators Language Reference8.1.1.26 , ,
Logon validation Fileshare User's Guide5.2
Long filenames User's Guide10.2.3 ,
        enabling User's Guide14.4
Long-lived named pipe
        relocating LMF Admin Guide2.13.1
long_filenames run-time tunable User's Guide14.4
LOW-VALUE Language Reference6.1.2.3 ,
Lower case
        field property Dialog System Character7.1.1
LOWER-CASE function Language Reference11.9.28
        CBL_TOLOWER PG to Writing Programs17.4
LOWLIGHT clause Language Reference9.1.1.19
.lst file User's Guide11.1
LW Compiler directive User's Guide7.3

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