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-p cob flag
        pass flag to C compiler User's Guide11.1
-P cob flag
        produce COBOL listing User's Guide10.2.5 , 6.3.1 , 11.1
/p option Fileshare User's Guide4.6.1.1
P64 Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Migration Guide4.3
PG to Writing Programs6.2
PACK statement
        dBASE Database AccessC.3.10
Packaging User's GuideCh3
OO Programming15.3
        Callable shared object User's GuideCh8
Packaging applications User's Guide1.2
        callable shared objects User's Guide1.2
        generated code User's Guide1.2
        intermediate code User's Guide1.2
        linking programs User's Guide1.2
        using callable file formats User's Guide3.3.1
PACKED-DECIMAL Language Reference2.6.4 , ,
Packing byte PG to Writing Programs17.2.2 , 17.4
PADDING CHARACTER clause Language Reference6.1.3.1
        footing LR - Additional Topics1.4.12.9
        format LR - Additional Topics1.4.3.1
        heading LR - Additional Topics1.4.12.7
        regions LR - Additional Topics1.4.10
PAGE clause LR - Additional Topics1.4.9
Page data fields Dialog System Character10.2.4
PAGE FOOTING phrase LR - Additional Topics1.4.22
PAGE HEADING phrase LR - Additional Topics1.4.22
Page overflow condition Language Reference8.1.1.13
Page size
        listing file Utilities Handbook11.4
PAGE-COUNTER special register LR - Additional Topics1.2.5 , 1.4.5 , 1.2.2
        d RTS switch User's Guide15.3
Paint attributes
        panel painting Dialog System Character6.2.4
        selection bar Dialog System Character8.2.1.2
Painting a panel Getting Started4.1.5
Painting panels Dialog System CharacterCh6
Painting the screen Getting Started1.7.3
PALETTE Dialog System Character16.3
        screenset Dialog System Character16.3
PALETTE configuration parameter Dialog System Character16.3
        chaining Dialog System Character17.9
        copy Dialog System Character5.2.5
        delete Dialog System Character5.2.6
        fields Dialog System CharacterCh7
        relocate Dialog System Character5.2.7
        select first Dialog System Character5.2.4
        show Dialog System Character5.2.2
        trap screen Dialog System Character10.2.1
        unshow Dialog System Character5.2.3
Panel components
        export Dialog System Character3.2.10.1
Panel fields Dialog System CharacterCh7 , 6.2.2
        amend Dialog System Character7.1.2.3
        defining Dialog System Character7.1
        format Dialog System Character7.1.1
        properties Dialog System Character7.1.1
        scrolling Dialog System Character7.1.1
        usage Dialog System Character7.1.1
        user-defined format Dialog System Character7.1.1
Panel functions menu Dialog System Character7.1.2.2
Panel groups Dialog System CharacterCh8 , 6.2.3
Panel length Dialog System Character7.1.1
Getting Started4.1.5
Panel list Dialog System Character5.2
        export Dialog System Character3.2.10.5
Panel maintenance Dialog System Character6.2.9
Panel maintenance menu Dialog System Character6.2.9
Panel name Dialog System Character6.3.3
        trap field Dialog System Character10.1.1.2
Panel name parameter Dialog System Character9.1.2.1
Panel painting Dialog System CharacterCh6
        new features Dialog System Character1.4.2
Panel painting alternate menu Dialog System Character6.3
Panel painting control menu Dialog System Character6.4
Panel painting menu Dialog System CharacterCh6 , 6.2
Panel view function Dialog System Character9.1.1.19
Panels Dialog System CharacterCh5 , 3.1.3
        menu Dialog System CharacterCh5
        Micro Focus Dialog System Character22.17 ,
Panels Version 2 Migration Guide2.4.24
PANVALET Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Paragraph Language Reference3.10.2.3
        EXIT Language Reference13.1.3
Paragraph header Language Reference3.10.2.3
Paragraph names Language Reference2.2.2.1
        displaying Utilities Handbook3.5
Paragraph-name Language Reference3.10.2.3
        duplicate Compatibility Guide5.1.8
        counting Utilities Handbook3.4.4
Paragraphs CSI toggle Utilities Handbook3.6.1
PARAMCOUNTCHECK Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Parameters Dialog System Character9.1.2
PG to Writing Programs10.2.1
        alignment PG to Writing Programs10.2.4
        alphanumeric value Dialog System Character9.1.2.6
        attribute Dialog System Character9.1.2.7
        efficiency PG to Writing Programs1.1.2.8
        field anem Dialog System Character9.1.2.2
        format PG to Writing Programs10.1.1.2
        group name Dialog System Character9.1.2.3
        methods OO Programming11.6.1
        methods of passing PG to Writing Programs10.1.1.2
        mismatch as source of protection violations PG to Writing Programs5.4.2
        null Dialog System Character9.1.2.9
        numeric value Dialog System Character9.1.2.5
        ordering PG to Writing Programs10.1.1.1
        panel name Dialog System Character9.1.2.1
        passed by value PG to Writing Programs10.2.2
        passing by reference PG to Writing Programs10.1.1.2
        passing by value PG to Writing Programs10.1.1.2
        procedure name Dialog System Character9.1.2.4
        received by value PG to Writing Programs10.2.2
        register Dialog System Character9.1.2.8
Parent run-unit PG to Writing Programs14.2
Parentheses Language Reference2.1 , 2.2.1 , , 10.1.4 ,
Passing the command line
        command_line_linkage User's Guide14.4
Password Creating UIs2.2.2
        concealing in Adis Creating UIs4.8..2
        file Fileshare User's Guide3.2 , 5.4
        Fileshare system Fileshare User's Guide5.1
        supervisor Fileshare User's Guide5.5
PASSWORD clause Language Reference6.1.3.1 ,
Passwords Communications2.10.2
Paste block Dialog System Character6.1.2
paste.txt Utilities Handbook7.7.2
Pasting Dialog System Character22.1
        expand File Handling10.3
Path control functions Dialog System Character9.1.1.3
PATH environment variable User's GuideApA
Path name support Dialog System Character12.8
Pathnames File Handling3.1
PBDN Dialog System Character9.1.1.11 , 19.2
PBUP Dialog System Character9.1.1.11 , 19.2
        display attributes Creating UIsCh10
PC1 Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
pc_mono_palette run-time tunable User's Guide14.4
PDDN Dialog System Character9.1.1.12 , 19.2
PDUP Dialog System Character9.1.1.12 , 19.2
        efficiency PG to Writing Programs1.1.2.6
        EXIT Language Reference13.1.3
        EXIT CYCLE Language Reference13.1.3
        nesting PG to Writing Programs4.2.6
PERFORM statement LR - Additional Topics11.3.9 , 3.3.2
Language Reference15.1.1
Perform-level CSI option Utilities Handbook3.6.1
Perform-thru CSI option Utilities Handbook3.6.1
PERFORM-TYPE Compiler directive LR - Additional Topics11.3.9
Compatibility Guide4.3
User's Guide7.3
Language Reference15.1.1
Performance Communications2.1 , 2.12
PG to Writing Programs1.1
        and library files Utilities Handbook10.1
        CALL User's Guide3.3.3.4
        Fileshare Fileshare User's Guide6.10
        profile Utilities Handbook11.4
        screen display User's Guide16.4.3.2
        statistics Utilities Handbook11.4
Performance considerations Migration Guide1.5
PERFORMOPT Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Performs CSI option Utilities Handbook3.6.1
Permanent error Language Reference10. ,
/pf option Fileshare User's Guide5.1.2 , 5.1 , 5.4
PIC clause Language Reference8.1.1.15
PIC S9(4) Compatibility Guide5.2.8
PICTURE character precedence Language Reference8.1.1.15
PICTURE character-string Language Reference2.2.4.8
PICTURE Clause LR - Additional Topics13.4.5
PICTURE clause LR - Additional Topics4.14.2 , 5.10.2
Language Reference8.1.1.1 , ,
        filenames File Handling3.4.1
Place holders
        COBSQL - Oracle Database Access6.2.1.1
POINTER Language Reference2.6.4
        as source of protection violations PG to Writing Programs5.4.5
        illegal PG to Writing Programs5.4.5
Pointer comparisons Language Reference10.
Pointer item Language Reference8.1.1.25 ,
POINTER option Language Reference16.1.11
POINTER phrase Language Reference16.1.7 , 16.1.7 , 16.1.11
Pointers Migration Guide4.3
Polymorphism OO Programming2.1.5
POP Dialog System Character9.1.1.5 , 19.2
        screenset Dialog System Character12.2
POP-UP AREA phrase Creating UIs7.3.2
POP-UP phrase Creating UIs7.3.2
POPGOP Dialog System Character9.1.1.5
        Adis programs Creating UIs11.1.2
        alt and ctrl keys PG to Writing Programs7.4.7
        case sensitivity PG to Writing Programs7.4.4
        character attributes Creating UIs11.1 , 11.3 , Ch11
        COBOL syntax PG to Writing Programs7.3
        Compiler directives PG to Writing Programs7.3.2.7
        embedding directives PG to Writing Programs7.4.10
        extended character sets PG to Writing Programs7.4.6
        file PG to Writing Programs7.5
        guidelines PG to Writing Programs7.4
        issues PG to Writing ProgramsCh7
        library routines PG to Writing Programs7.3.1
        of character graphics Creating UIsCh9
        of line drawing Creating UIsCh9
        operating system features PG to Writing Programs7.4.1
        path specification PG to Writing Programs7.4.5
        requirements PG to Writing Programs7.2.1
        restrictions PG to Writing Programs7.3.1
        RM COBOL PG to Writing Programs7.3.1
        RM file status PG to Writing Programs7.3.1
        ROLLBACK statement PG to Writing Programs7.4.11
        routines PG to Writing Programs17.2.8
        screen I/O PG to Writing Programs7.4.3
        $SET statement PG to Writing Programs7.4.10
        undefined results PG to Writing Programs7.4.8
        USAGE COMP-5 PG to Writing Programs7.4.9
        user attribute byte PG to Writing Programs7.4.2
Portable terminfo User's Guide16.1.2
        compiling User's Guide16.6.1
        listing User's Guide16.6.2
        mfinfocmp utility User's Guide16.6 , 16.6.2
        mftic utility User's Guide16.6 , 16.6.1
Position bar Dialog System Character5.3.1.6
Position-specification phrase LR - Additional Topics10.4.1
        DELETE Database Access4.6
        UPDATE Database Access4.6
POSITIVE value Language Reference10.
posix_lock_prob run-time tunable Migration Guide7.3
Post event Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        Adis option Creating UIs5.4.2.1
        enabling/disabling in Adis Creating UIs4.8..2
Pre-initialized synchronization object for thread Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2 , 5.2.2
Precedence Language Reference10.
Precedence rules Language Reference8.1.1.15
Precompilers PG to Writing ProgramsCh16
Predecessor record Language Reference3.5.2.3
        fields in Adis Creating UIs4.8..2
Prefix on/off Dialog System Character11.3.2
PREPARE Database Access5.2.4.1 , 6.2 , ApD
        Oracle Database Access6.2.1.2
PREPLIST Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
PREPROCESS (P) Database AccessE.4
PREPROCESS Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
PG to Writing Programs16.2
        See Integrated Preprocessor Interface
        directives Internet Applications3.5.1.2
        EHTML Internet Applications3.5.1
Preprocessor debugging Debugging Handbook2.3
prerequisites ORB User's Guide2.2
PRESENT-VALUE function Language Reference11.9.42
Presentation rules LR - Additional Topics1.4.12.3
Previous logical record Language Reference15.1.2
PREVIOUS option Language Reference15.1.2 , 15.1.2
Previous panel Dialog System Character6.4.2
PREVIOUS phrase Language Reference15.1.2
.prf file Utilities Handbook11.2
Primary key File Handling2.1.3.1
Prime record key Language Reference3.5.4.1 , , 15.1.2 , 15.1.5
Print Dialog System CharacterCh14 , 22.4 , 3.1.7
        screenset Dialog System CharacterCh14
PRINT Compiler directive User's Guide7.3 , 7.3
Print menu Dialog System Character14.1
PRINT-SWITCH special register LR - Additional Topics1.5.6 , 1.2.4
PRINTCMD Infomgr configuration option Utilities Handbook9.4.2
Printer channels PG to Writing Programs15.5
PRINTER function-name PG to Writing Programs15.5
Printer output Compatibility Guide5.2.4
Printer sequential files File Handling2.1.1.3
        defaults Dialog System CharacterCh14
        from the Editor Utilities Handbook7.5.11
Printing defaults Dialog System Character16.4
Prior values LR - Additional Topics1.4.22
        data OO Programming11.3.2.1
        interface OO Programming16.1.2
Problem solving LMF Admin GuideCh3
Problems running executable code Compatibility Guide5.2
        functions Dialog System Character9.1.1.4
        listing un-referenced Utilities Handbook3.4.4
        numbering Dialog System Character9.1.3
        querying in CSI Utilities Handbook3.4.1
        trap field Dialog System Character10.1.1.1
Procedure data CSI function Utilities Handbook3.4.1
Procedure division LR - Additional Topics12.3 , 10.4
Procedure Division LR - Additional Topics11.3 , 13.5 , 4.15
Procedure division LR - Additional Topics5.11
Procedure Division LR - Additional Topics1.5
Language Reference3.9 , 10.1
        COBOL debug LR - Additional Topics2.3
        explicit references Language Reference2.6.6.1
        implicit references Language Reference2.6.6.1
PROCEDURE DIVISION header Language Reference10.1.1
        locating Utilities Handbook3.5
Procedure lines
        counting Utilities Handbook3.4.4
Procedure name parameters Dialog System Character9.1.2.4
Procedure-data CSI option Utilities Handbook3.6.1
PROCEDURE-POINTER Language Reference8.1.1.25 , 16.1.3
Procedures Dialog System Character9.1.3 , 22.9
Processing a report LR - Additional Topics1.5.4 , 1.5.7
Processing sequence Internet Applications1.3
Producer-Consumer Problem
        event Multi-threaded Programming2.3.4
        semaphore Multi-threaded Programming2.3.3
Producing a report LR - Additional Topics1.5.3
Product shape Migration Guide2.3
PROFILE Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Utilities Handbook11.1
Profiler Migration Guide2.4.1
Utilities Handbook2.5.4 , Ch11
Getting Started1.8
        invoking Utilities Handbook11.2
        output Utilities Handbook11.3
Profiler directives Utilities Handbook11.4
        ALL Utilities Handbook11.4
        ALPHA Utilities Handbook11.4
        FORM Utilities Handbook11.4
        LIST Utilities Handbook11.4
        specifying Utilities Handbook11.2
        VERBOSE Utilities Handbook11.4
        WIDE Utilities Handbook11.4
Profiler utility User's GuideCh13
PROGID-COMMENT Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
        attributes Multi-threaded Programming2.1
        binding User's Guide9.1.1.1
        calling conventions PG to Writing Programs2.5
        canceling non-COBOL programs PG to Writing Programs11.1.2
        cancelling Multi-threaded Programming3.5
        codecomp PG to Writing Programs8.11.5
        compiling User's GuideCh5 , 1.1.4
        developing User's GuideCh1
        editing User's Guide1.1.1
        example Dialog System Character22.12
        information PG to Writing Programs17.4
        linking User's GuideCh9 ,
        maximum animated PG to Writing Programs4.1.2
        maximum loaded PG to Writing Programs4.1.2
        maximum size PG to Writing Programs4.1.1 , 4.1.1
        mixed-language PG to Writing ProgramsCh11
        not multi-threading Multi-threaded Programming2.1.1
        reentrant Multi-threaded Programming2.1.3
        running User's GuideCh13
        serial Multi-threaded Programming2.1.2
        syntax checking User's Guide1.1.2
        that uses generic attributes Creating UIs11.6
        writing Getting Started4.2
PROGRAM COLLATING SEQUENCE clause LR - Additional Topics4.15.1.1
Language Reference6.1.2.2 , 16.1.5
Program development
        Editor Utilities Handbook7.7
Program development stages Dialog System Character1.2.1
Program flow
        control LR - Additional Topics3.3
Program language Language Reference13.1.1
Program management
        in run-time system PG to Writing Programs2.6
Program names
        in the run-time system PG to Writing Programs2.5.1
        resolving PG to Writing Programs2.5.1
Program segments LR - Additional Topics3.1.1.1
        structure LR - Additional Topics3.2
Program statistics
        displaying Utilities Handbook3.4.4
Program volume Utilities Handbook3.4.4
        Animator Debugging Handbook3.3.2
PROGRAM-ID paragraph LR - Additional Topics4.12.1
Compatibility Guide3.2.9 , 5.1.7
Language Reference5.2
PG to Writing Programs2.7.1
Program-name Language Reference5.2
Programmable switch User's Guide13. , 15.3 , 15.2
Programmer's Guide to Creating User Interfaces Getting Started1.9.2
Programmer's Guide to Writing Programs Getting Started1.9.2
Programming Dialog System CharacterCh12
        32-bit and 64-bit Getting Started1.4
        mixed-language PG to Writing ProgramsCh11
        object-oriented Getting Started1.2
        optimizations Multi-threaded Programming3.6
        restrictions PG to Writing Programs4.2.2 , 1.4
        tips Multi-threaded Programming3.6
        web Getting Started1.3
        restrictions Internet Applications3.3
program_search_order run-time tunable User's Guide14.4 ,
Prompt character Creating UIs5.4.2.1
        in PIC G Creating UIs5.4.2.1
PROMPT clause Language Reference9.1.1.23
PROMPT option LR - Additional Topics10.4.2
        panel field Dialog System Character7.1.1
        action Internet Applications2.3
PROPERTY clause Language Reference8.1.1.16
Protect definition Dialog System Character6.3.5
PROTECT-LINKAGE Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Protection violation PG to Writing ProgramsCh5
        behavior PG to Writing Programs5.3
        COBOL PG to Writing Programs5.2.2
        correcting PG to Writing Programs5.4
        correcting illegal pointer values PG to Writing Programs5.4.5
        correcting illegal reference modification PG to Writing Programs5.4.4
        correcting in non-COBOL code PG to Writing Programs5.4.1
        correcting linker errors PG to Writing Programs5.4.7
        correcting out-of-range subscripts PG to Writing Programs5.4.6
        correcting parameter mismatches in CALLs PG to Writing Programs5.4.2
        correcting stack overflow PG to Writing Programs5.4.3
        debugging techniques PG to Writing Programs5.5
        described PG to Writing Programs5.2
        effects PG to Writing Programs5.3
        error handling PG to Writing Programs5.3
        general PG to Writing Programs5.2.1
Protection violations OO Programming14.3.2
protocol Communications2.5.1
Protocol Fileshare User's Guide8.1
Protocols Internet Applications1.1
PROTOTYPE Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Prototypes Migration Guide4.4
        See CALL protoypes
Prototyping Getting Started4.1.7
Pseudo-text Language Reference18.1.1 , 18.1.2 ,
Public interface OO Programming16.1.1
Public symbols
        PROGRAM-ID PG to Writing Programs2.1.1.1
Pulldown Dialog System Character5.3.5
        edit entry Dialog System Character5.3.5.7
        entry text Dialog System Character5.3.5.7
        function key Dialog System Character5.3.5.7
        mnemonic Dialog System Character5.3.5.7
        name Dialog System Character5.3.5.4
        next menu Dialog System Character5.3.5.6
        previous menu Dialog System Character5.3.5.5
        return value Dialog System Character5.3.5.7
Purging client state information Internet Applications7.2
PUSH Dialog System Character9.1.1.5 , 19.2
        screenset Dialog System Character12.2

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