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/f option Fileshare User's Guide3.1 , 4.6.2
-f Rebuild option File Handling9.3.1
F RTS switch User's Guide15.3
FACTORIAL function Language Reference11.9.18
FACTORY paragraph Language Reference5.4
        EVALUATE Language Reference13.1.3
FASTSORT Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
FaultFinder Debugging HandbookCh6
        cobfflst Debugging Handbook6.4.1
        Listing Generator Migration Guide3.2
        operation Debugging Handbook6.2
        report Debugging Handbook6.3
        run-time tunables Debugging Handbook6.2
        running from command line Debugging Handbook6.2.2
        starting Listing Debugging Handbook6.4.1
        trace back Debugging Handbook6.3.6
FaultFinder Listing Generator Debugging Handbook6.4
        output Debugging Handbook6.4.2
        starting Debugging Handbook6.4.1
faultfind_level run-time tunable User's Guide14.4
Debugging Handbook6.2
faultfind_outfile run-time tunable User's Guide14.4
faultfind_recsize run-time tunable User's Guide14.4
FCD File Handling7.2.1
PG to Writing Programs6.8
        accessing File Handling7.3
        Callable Sort Module File Handling13.1.2
        dual FCD support PG to Writing Programs6.8.1
        FCD 1 PG to Writing Programs6.8
        FCD 2 PG to Writing Programs6.8
        FCD 3 PG to Writing Programs6.8
        format PG to Writing Programs6.8
        single sourcing PG to Writing Programs6.8.1
FCD3 Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
FCD3 format Migration Guide8.11
FCDREG Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
File Handling7.3
FD clause Language Reference7.1.2
FDCLEAR Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
        Analyzer Migration Guide2.4.1
        Animator Migration Guide2.4.1 , 2.4.2
        Application Server Migration Guide2.4.3
        Btr2xfh Migration Guide2.4.4
        C-ISAM support Migration Guide2.4.5 , 2.4.6
        CCI Migration Guide2.4.12
        Class Library Migration Guide2.4.7
        COBSQL Migration Guide2.4.11
        Communications Module Migration Guide2.4.13
        Compiler Migration Guide2.4.14
        Conversion Series Utilities Migration Guide2.4.15
        DB2 Support Migration Guide2.4.17
        External File Handler Migration Guide2.4.18
        Fhutils Migration Guide2.4.19
        Forms-2 Migration Guide2.4.20
        Library Migration Guide2.4.21
        Mkrts Migration Guide2.4.22
        Panels Version 2 Migration Guide2.4.24
        Screens Migration Guide6.5 , 2.4.25
        $SET Migration Guide6.5
        Structure Animator Migration Guide2.4.26
        system library routines Migration Guide2.4.9
        Co-Writer Migration Guide2.4.16
        Cob utility Migration Guide2.4.8
        cobrun.c Migration Guide2.4.10
        cobrun.h Migration Guide2.4.10
        Object-oriented COBOL Migration Guide2.4.23
FETCH Database Access4.3 , , ApD
FHRdrPwd module Fileshare User's Guide5.1 , 5.1.3
FHREDIR environment variable User's GuideApA
FHRedir module Fileshare User's Guide1.2 , 2.1.2
fhredir.cfg file Fileshare User's Guide2.1.2
Fhutils Migration Guide2.4.19
Field change
        trap field Dialog System Character10.1.1.2
Field count
        trap field Dialog System Character10.1.1.2
Field entry attributes Dialog System Character6.3.2
Field format Dialog System Character4.1
        user-defined Dialog System Character12.5
Field name Dialog System Character4.1
Field name parameter Dialog System Character9.1.2.2
Field naming menu Dialog System Character7.1
Field number
        trap field Dialog System Character10.1.1.2
Field numbers
        copyfile Dialog System Character11.3.1
Field overflow
        Adis option Creating UIs5.4.2.1
Field size Getting Started4.1.2
Fields Getting StartedCh4
        alphabetic Dialog System Character4.1 , 4.1.7
        alphanumeric Dialog System Character4.1
        data Dialog System Character4.1
        delete Dialog System Character4.1.3
        format Dialog System Character7.1.1
        group occurrence Dialog System Character8.3.4.1
        insert Dialog System Character4.1.2
        length Dialog System Character4.1
        number of bytes used Creating UIs4.2.1.4
        numeric Dialog System Character4.1.7
        numeric signed Dialog System Character4.1
        numeric unsigned Dialog System Character4.1
        order Dialog System Character6.4.1
        over-length Creating UIs4.2.1.6
        panel Dialog System CharacterCh7
        properties Dialog System Character7.1.1
        repeats Dialog System Character4.1
        required Dialog System Character4.1.7
        usage Dialog System Character7.1.1
        validation Dialog System Character4.1
Fields instruction
        mfsort File Handling8.3.1
Figurative constants LR - Additional Topics4.10.3 , 5.8.4
Language Reference2.2.2.1 , ,
        access validation Fileshare User's Guide5.3
        animator information User's Guide1.1.2
        buffers File Handling6.4
        byte-stream I/O File HandlingCh12
        callable shared object User's Guide3.2.1
        cblproto.cpy PG to Writing Programs17.1
        cbltypes.cpy PG to Writing Programs17.1
        check.vnn User's Guide6.2
        COBOL compiler limits File Handling16.2
        Compiler directives User's Guide7.1.6
        core User's Guide14.4
        csi.dat Utilities Handbook3.5
        DEVASSHARE AppTrack4.2
        executable User's Guide3.2.2 , 3.2.3 , 3.2.5
        executable types User's Guide3.2
        generated code User's Guide3.2.3
        .gnt User's Guide3.2.3
        handle File Handling11.2
        header File Handling14.3
        .idy User's Guide1.1.2
        indexed File Handling2.1.3
        indexed file size limits File Handling16.4.1
        .int User's Guide3.2.2
        intermediate code User's Guide3.2.2
        introduction File HandlingCh1
        keylist.dmp Creating UIs6.3.1
        limit to number of index keys at run-time File Handling16.3
        limit to number of records at run-time File Handling16.3
        limit to record size at run-time File Handling16.3
        limit to simultaneously open at run-time File Handling16.3
        limits File HandlingCh16
        line sequential File Handling2.1.1.2
        linkable User's Guide3.2.4
        location Fileshare User's Guide3.1
        merging File HandlingCh8
        naming File HandlingCh3
        operating system limits File Handling16.5
        organization File Handling2.1
        printer sequential File Handling2.1.1.3
        record sequential File Handling2.1.1.1
        relative File Handling2.1.2
        relative file size limits File Handling16.4.2
        run-time limits File Handling16.3
        sequence-checking indexed keys Migration Guide8.10
        sequential File Handling2.1.1
        sequential file size limits File Handling16.4.2
        shared library User's Guide3.2.4
        sharing open Migration Guide8.9
        size File Handling6.2.1.1
        size limits File Handling16.4
        .so User's Guide3.2.1
        sorting File HandlingCh8
        storing client state information Internet Applications7.2
        storing temporary User's Guide13.2.4
        striping File Handling6.2.1.2
        structures File HandlingCh14 , 14.1 , 2.3
        system executable User's Guide3.2.5
        system information Database AccessC.1.1
        temporary User's Guide13.2.4
File connector Language Reference3.5.1
File connector sharing Language Reference3.7.3
File Control Definition
        FCD3 migration Migration Guide8.11
File Control Description File Handling7.2.1
File Control Descriptor Migration Guide4.3
        See FCD
File creation screen Utilities Handbook4.10
File description entry LR - Additional Topics1.4.1
Language Reference7.1.2
File extensions
        .str Utilities Handbook5.3.3
File formats Utilities Handbook4.10
File handle
        limits File Handling16.1
File Handler File HandlingCh7
File handler Getting Started1.8
File Handler Getting Started1.8 , 1.8
        calling File HandlingCh7
        COBOL compiler limits File Handling16.2
        component definition area File Handling7.2.4.3
File handler
        configuration Migration Guide8.8 , 8.9 , 8.10
File Handler
        configuration file Migration Guide6.5
        creating a new index file File Handling7.7
        creating file-type specific File Handling7.6.2
File handler
        creating your own File Handling7.6
File Handler
        data structures File Handling7.2
        FCD File Handling7.2.1
        FCD access File Handling7.3
        filename area File Handling7.2.3
        global information area File Handling7.2.4.1
        indexed file size limits File Handling16.4.1
File handler
        isam_open_key_check Migration Guide8.7
File Handler
        key definition area File Handling7.2.4.2
        key definition block File Handling7.2.4
File handler
        KEYCHECK option Migration Guide8.7
File Handler
        large files File Handling6.2.1.1
        large indexed files File Handling6.2.1.1
        limits File HandlingCh16
        operating system limits File Handling16.5
        operation codes File Handling7.4
        record area File Handling7.2.2
        relative file size limits File Handling16.4.2
        relative byte addressing File Handling7.5
        run-time limits File Handling16.3
        sequential file size limits File Handling16.4.2
        size limits File Handling16.4
        special operation codes File Handling7.4
        standard operation codes File Handling7.4
        striping File Handling6.2.1.2
File handling Migration GuideCh8
File Handling Getting Started1.9.2
File handling Getting Started1.9.2
        COBOL compiler limits File Handling16.2
        error messages Migration Guide8.1
        file size limits File Handling16.4
        indexed file size limits File Handling16.4.1
        library routines File HandlingCh10
        limits File HandlingCh16
        multiple reel files Migration Guide8.2
        operating system limits File Handling16.5
        relative file size limits File Handling16.4.2
        run-time limits File Handling16.3
        sequential file size limits File Handling16.4.2
File handling directives
        ANS85 File Handling11.1.1
        ASSIGN File Handling11.1.2
        CALLFH File Handling11.1.3
        COBFSTATCONV File Handling11.1.4
        DATACOMPRESS File Handling11.1.5
        IDXFORMAT File Handling11.1.6
        KEYCOMPRESS File Handling11.1.5
        OPTIONAL-FILE File Handling11.1.7
        RECMODE File Handling11.1.8
        RM File Handling11.1.9
        SEQUENTIAL File Handling11.1.10
File Handling Redirector module Fileshare User's Guide6.6.2 , 1.2 , 5.1
        fhredir.cfg Fileshare User's Guide2.1.2
File header record
        multiple-reel File Handling11.3.1
File I-O status codes LR - Additional Topics11.3.13
File I/O Language Reference1.1
File Information function Utilities Handbook4.11
File labels Language Reference8.1.1.10 , 12.1.7 , 14.1.7
File listings Getting Started1.8
File lock Language Reference10. , 12.1.7 , 12.1.7 , 12.1.7 , 14.1.7 , 14.1.7 , 15.1.2
File locks Language Reference12.1.7
File management facility Communications2.11.8
File organizations Language Reference3.5.2.3
File position indicator Language Reference10.1.6.1 , 14.1.7 , 15.1.2 , 15.1.2 , 15.1.2 , 15.1.2 , 15.1.2 , 16.1.5 , 16.1.5 , 16.1.5
File routines
        copy file File Handling10.3
File Section Language Reference7.1.2
File Section statement
        locating Utilities Handbook3.5
File sharing LR - Additional Topics12.3.4
Language Reference10.1.6.5
File specification facility
        See Directory Facility
File Specification menu
        Directory Facility Utilities Handbook6.3
File status Compatibility Guide5.2.12
File HandlingCh4 , Ch15
Language ReferenceApC
        alternate Migration Guide8.8
        ANSI'74 File Handling4.3.2
        ANSI'85 File Handling4.3.1 , 11.1.1
        code tables File HandlingCh15
        conventions File Handling4.3
        defining File Handling4.2
        DG Compatibility Guide3.2.4
        extended File Handling4.4
        locking files File Handling5.3
        Microsoft COBOL V2 File Handling4.3.3
        RM/COBOL File Handling11.1.9 , 15.1.1
FILE STATUS clause Language Reference6.1.3.1 , ,
File status codes Language ReferenceC.1.1
FILE STATUS data item Language Reference10. , , , 12.1.11 , 14.1.7 , 15.1.2 , 16.1.5 , 16.1.14 , 16.1.14
File striping File Handling6.2.1.2
        examples File Handling6.2.1.2
        Fileshare Fileshare User's Guide6.11
        headers File Handling6.2.1.2
        options File Handling6.2.1.2
File types
        optional File Handling11.1.7
        recognized by cob User's Guide10.2 , 10.2.3
File-Control entry LR - Additional Topics13.3.2
Language Reference6.1.3.1
File-Control paragraph LR - Additional Topics4.13.4 , 5.9.3
Language Reference6.1.3 ,
FILE-CONTROL statement
        locating Utilities Handbook3.5
Filename Fileshare User's Guide3.1
        leading hyphens Migration Guide8.5
        long User's Guide10.2.3 , 14.4 ,
        mapping User's Guide14.2
Fileshare User's Guide6.2
Migration Guide8.6
Filename mapping
        pipes File Handling3.4.1
Filenames File HandlingCh3
        assigning File Handling3.2
        conventions File Handling3.1
        drive id File Handling3.1
        format File Handling3.1
        joining File Handling10.3
        mapping File Handling3.3
        pathnames File Handling3.1
        splitting File Handling10.3
filename_escape_char run-time tunable User's Guide14.4
filename_quote_char run-time tunable User's Guide14.4
Files Language Reference3.5.2.3
        ADISCTRL Creating UIs5.1
        .cls OO Programming11.3.2.1
        counting number used Utilities Handbook3.4.4
        deleting Utilities Handbook6.6.1 , 6.6.2
        End of Compatibility Guide5.2.12
        grouping into libraries Utilities HandbookCh10
        .if OO Programming13.1
        .ins OO Programming11.3.2.1
        locking by Editor Utilities Handbook7.5.1.3 ,
        moving between directories Utilities Handbook6.6.1
        portability PG to Writing Programs7.5
        renaming Utilities Handbook6.6.1
        RM/COBOL conversion Compatibility GuideCh6
        saving Utilities Handbook4.11 , 4.11
        sorting names Utilities Handbook6.6.2
        trace.log OO Programming14.2.4
        byte-stream I/O call Fileshare User's Guide6.7
        CCI configuration Configuring CCI7.2
        communications Fileshare User's GuideCh8
        file striping Fileshare User's Guide6.11
        monitoring Fileshare User's Guide6.5
        overview Fileshare User's GuideCh1
        performance Fileshare User's Guide6.10
        related error messages Fileshare User's GuideCh9
        Security Fileshare User's GuideCh5
        single user mode Fileshare User's Guide6.1
        UNIX Fileshare User's GuideCh7
        using a fixed port server Configuring CCI7.
        Windows NT service Fileshare User's Guide6.8
Fileshare Client Fileshare User's Guide1.2 , 2.1
        CCI protocol Fileshare User's Guide2.1.2.2
        configuration Fileshare User's Guide3.1
        database integrity Fileshare User's Guide4.1.2
        security Fileshare User's Guide5.1.1
FILESHARE Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Fileshare Manager Fileshare User's Guide6.6
        call interface Fileshare User's Guide6.6.1
        configuration Fileshare User's Guide6.6.2
        linking applications Fileshare User's Guide6.6.3
        UNIX Fileshare User's Guide7.1
Fileshare Server Fileshare User's Guide1.2
        CCI protocol Fileshare User's Guide2.2.1.2
        configuration Fileshare User's Guide6.8 , 3.2 , 2.2.1
        database integrity Fileshare User's Guide4.1.3
        database sequence number Fileshare User's Guide4.4.1
        default Fileshare User's Guide3.1
        error messages Fileshare User's GuideCh10
        linking on Windows Fileshare User's Guide6.9
        name Fileshare User's Guide3.2 ,
        security Fileshare User's Guide5.1.2
        starting Fileshare User's Guide2.2.2
        stopping Fileshare User's Guide2.2.3
Fileshare V2 Getting Started1.8
filestat.c Migration Guide8.8
FILETYPE Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
        in Adis operations Creating UIs4.1.1 , 4.3
FILLER clause Language Reference8.1.1.6
FINAL phrase LR - Additional Topics1.4.8
"finalize" method OO Programming10.6.1
Finding data items in source code
        Animator Debugging Handbook3.2.5
FIRST DETAIL phrase LR - Additional Topics1.4.9
First logical record Language Reference16.1.5 , 16.1.5
Fixed file attributes Language Reference14.1.7
Fixed format Language Reference1.2.1 , , 9.1.1
        data entry Creating UIs4.2.1.3
        numeric ACCEPT Creating UIs4.2.1.3
Fixed insertion editing LR - Additional Topics4.14.5.1 , 5.10.6
Language Reference8.1.1.15
Fixed length records Language Reference8.1.1.17 , 14.1.1
Fixed permanent segment LR - Additional Topics3.1.1.2
Fixed portion LR - Additional Topics3.1.1.2
Fixed TCP port server Configuring CCI7.1.2 , , 5.2.2
Fixed-format numeric ACCEPT Creating UIs4.2.1.3
FLAG Language Reference10.1.5.5
FLAG Compiler directive LR - Additional TopicsCh8
User's Guide7.3
Flag functions Dialog System Character9.1.1.18
FLAGAS Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
FLAGCD Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
FLAGMIG Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
FLAGQ Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
        cob command line User's GuideCh11
        controlling User's Guide7.1.4.3
FLAGSINEDIT Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
FLAGSTD Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
        with Animator User's Guide16.5.3
PG to Writing Programs11.3.7
float data type Database Access3.4
FLOAT-LONG Language Reference2.6.4.3
FLOAT-SHORT Language Reference2.6.4.3
Floating insertion editing Language Reference8.1.1.15
        external data item PG to Writing Programs1.3.3
        implementation (32-bit and 64-bit) PG to Writing Programs1.3
        inaccuracies PG to Writing Programs1.3.4
        literal PG to Writing Programs1.3.3
Floating-point literal Language Reference2.
FOLD-CALL-NAME Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
FOLD-COPY-NAME Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Footing area LR - Additional Topics1.1.2.1
FOOTING phrase LR - Additional Topics1.4.9
Language Reference8.1.1.13
FOR clause Database Access2.2.1
FOR REMOVAL phrase Language Reference12.1.7
Foreground color Creating UIs11.1.3
FOREGROUND-COLOR clause Language Reference9.1.1.11
FOREGROUND-COLOR option LR - Additional Topics10.4.2 , 10.4.3 , 10.4.3
Form Internet ApplicationsCh2
        events Internet Applications1.4
        overview Internet Applications1.2
        scripting Internet Applications1.4
        submit Internet Applications2.3
FORM Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
FORM Profiler directive Utilities Handbook11.4
        field Dialog System Character4.1
        fixed Language Reference9.1.1
        free Language Reference9.1.1
        of fields Getting Started4.1.2
        of numeric ACCEPT Creating UIs4.2.1.2
        panel field Dialog System Character7.1.1
Formats for text files Database AccessC.8.1
Formatted data display Utilities Handbook4.4.2
Formatted mode Creating UIs4.2.1.3
FORMFEED function-name PG to Writing Programs15.5
Forms-2 Migration Guide2.4.20
FP-ROUNDING Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Fraction Language Reference10.1.5.1
Frameworks OO Programming16.3 , Ch17
        Callbacks OO ProgrammingCh19
        collections OO ProgrammingCh17
        components OO ProgrammingCh21
        intrinsic data OO ProgrammingCh18
FREE Database Access6.3.2
Free dynamically allocated memory PG to Writing Programs17.4 , 17.4
Free format Language Reference9.1.1
Free-format data entry Creating UIs4.2.1.4
        thread resources Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
        thread-specific heap memory Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
FROM clause Language Reference9.1.1.22
FROM phrase Language Reference15.1.5 , 16.1.14
FS environment variable User's GuideApA
Fileshare User's Guide2.2
/fs option Fileshare User's Guide4.6.3
        filename mapping Fileshare User's Guide6.2
fs.cfg file Fileshare User's Guide2.2.1
fsclose utility Fileshare User's Guide7.1
FSCOMMS environment variable User's GuideApA
Fileshare User's Guide6.1
fsmgr module Fileshare User's Guide6.6
fsmgr.ctl file Fileshare User's Guide6.6.1
fsscreen.lst file Fileshare User's Guide6.1
FSSecLog module Fileshare User's Guide5.2
FSSecOpn module Fileshare User's Guide5.3
        user-ID Fileshare User's Guide5.5
FS_JOIN_FILENAME Fileshare User's Guide6.7.2
FS_LOCATE_FILE Fileshare User's Guide6.7.1
FS_SPLIT_FILENAME Fileshare User's Guide6.7.2
fs_status Fileshare User's Guide4.1.2
        field property Dialog System Character7.1.1
FULL clause Language Reference9.1.1.13
        dialog Dialog System Character9.2
Function code list Dialog System CharacterCh19
Function definition Getting Started4.3.1
Function detail menu Dialog System Character9.2.5
Function key
        pulldown Dialog System Character5.3.5.7
Function keys Dialog System Character18.2
Creating UIs4.9.1.1
        Adis Creating UIs6.1.1
        Adis keys Creating UIs4.9.2
        Animator Creating UIs6.1.1
        changing definitions Creating UIs6.3.2
        compatibility list Creating UIs6.1.1
        configuring Creating UIs6.1.1
        detecting Creating UIs4.9.2.1
        disabling Creating UIs2.3
        enabling Creating UIs2.3
        misinterpretation over network Creating UIs4.9.2.6
        not working with Animator Creating UIs4.9.2.6
        reviewing definitions Creating UIs6.3.1
        select Adis list Creating UIs5.4.2.1
        user Creating UIs6.1.1
        user keys Creating UIs4.9.1.1 ,
FUNCTION-ID paragraph Language Reference5.8
Function-identifier Language Reference2.6.5.4 , 11.3
Function-name Language Reference11.1
Functions Dialog System Character9.1.1
        Adis Configuration utility Creating UIs5.4
        attribute Dialog System Character9.1.1.1
        calling program Dialog System Character9.1.1.6
        callout Dialog System Character9.1.1.7
        clear field Dialog System Character9.1.1.21
        conditional Dialog System Character9.1.1.16
        cursor Dialog System Character9.1.1.2
        data manipulation Dialog System Character9.1.1.17
        flag Dialog System Character9.1.1.18
        keyboard scan Dialog System Character9.1.1.9
        move panel Dialog System Character9.1.1.20
        panel view Dialog System Character9.1.1.19
        path control Dialog System Character9.1.1.3
        procedure Dialog System Character9.1.1.4
        refresh Dialog System Character9.1.1.8
        screen group array size Dialog System Character9.1.1.13
        screen group data positioning Dialog System Character9.1.1.12
        screen group insertion and deletion Dialog System Character9.1.1.14
        selection bar Dialog System Character9.1.1.11
        sound Dialog System Character9.1.1.24
        stack Dialog System Character9.1.1.5
        terminate Dialog System Character9.1.1.23
        timeout Dialog System Character9.1.1.25
        validate Dialog System Character9.1.1.22

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