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IDRARestServerSubmitVarSet Method

Defines the REST endpoint for using a VARSET to perform any DRA operation. The varset keys and values are loaded from the submitted payload. Format for varset entries is "varsetKey":"varsetValue"
UriTemplate: /dra/operations/varset/post

Namespace:  NetIQ.DRA.RestServiceLibrary
Assembly:  NetIQ.DRA.RestServiceLibrary (in NetIQ.DRA.RestServiceLibrary.dll) Version:
[WebInvokeAttribute(Method = "POST", ResponseFormat = WebMessageFormat.Json, 
	RequestFormat = WebMessageFormat.Json, BodyStyle = WebMessageBodyStyle.Wrapped, 
	UriTemplate = "/dra/operations/varset/post")]
Stream SubmitVarSet(
	JsonVarSet varsetData,
	ConnectionParameters connectionParameters


Type: NetIQ.DRA.Common.Rest.DataModelsJsonVarSet
JSON representation of a DRA VarSet.
Type: NetIQ.DRA.Common.Rest.DataModelsConnectionParameters
Optional ConnectionParameters to specify a DRA server and Assistant Admin credentials

Return Value

Type: Stream
A JsonVarSetResponse containing the DRA server response.
The following payload will return the Name attribute for the Administrator account using the UserGetInfo operation:
    "varsetData": {
        "OperationName": "UserGetInfo",
        "User": "OnePoint://CN=Administrator,CN=Users,DC=myDomain,DC=corp",
        "LocaleID": 1033,
        "Properties.Name": ""

The following response is returned to the client:

    "returnedVarset": {
        "ClientName": "CN=Administrator",
        "ClientPath": "OnePoint://CN=Administrator,CN=Users,DC=myDomain,DC=corp",
        "Errors": null,
        "Errors.LastError": 0,
        "Errors.NumErrors": 0,
        "Properties": null,
        "Properties.Name": "Administrator",
        "Result": "All Done",
        "Warnings": null,
        "Warnings.LastWarning": 0,
        "Warnings.NumWarnings": 0
    "draServerAndPort": "draRestServer01:11192",
    "errors": []
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