PTM 2019.5 User Guide

  PTM 2019.5 User Guide
    Getting Started
      Planning for PlateSpin Transformation Manager
        Supported Migration Types
        Supported Configurations
        Requirements for Discovery
        Requirements for Automated Migration
        Requirements for Tracking External Migrations
        Network Connectivity and Access Requirements
        Antivirus Setup for Discovery
      Using the Web Interface
        Prerequisites for Using the Web Interface
        Accessing the Web Interface
        Changing a User Password
        Web Interface Toolbar
        Global Project Selector
        Bulk Actions
        Show Links for Navigation URLs
        Object IDs
        Custom Display for Lists
        Custom Filter or Search for Lists
        Scrolling Up and Down in Lists
        Multiple Item Selection in Lists
      Getting Started Checklist
      Workload Status
        Workload Status
      What’s Happening
        What’s Happening Overview
        Bookmarks Overview
        About Bookmarks
        Creating Bookmarks
        Viewing Bookmarks
        Opening Bookmarks
        Searching for Bookmarks
        Deleting Bookmarks
      Recently Viewed
        Recently Viewed Overview
      Workload Status
        Viewing Workload Status Counts by Project, Wave, or Batch
        Viewing Workload Health and Status
      Overview of Project Planning
        About Planning Objects
        About Project Roles
        About Project Dates
      Managing Projects
        About Projects
        Prerequisites for Projects
        Viewing a Project
        Creating a Project
        Editing a Project
        Configuring Custom Field Names for a Project
        Configuring Project Associations
        Closing or Reopening a Project
        Deleting a Project
      Managing Waves
        About Waves
        Prerequisites for Waves
        Viewing Waves
        Creating a Wave
        Editing a Wave
        Configuring Wave Associations
        Deleting a Wave
      Managing Batches
        About Batches
        Prerequisites for Batches
        Viewing a Batch
        Creating a Batch
        Editing a Batch
        Modifying the Owner of a Batch
        Moving a Batch to a Different Wave
        Configuring Batch Associations
        Deleting a Batch
      Managing Applications
        About Applications
        Prerequisites for Applications
        Viewing Applications
        Creating Applications
        Creating Applications during Spreadsheet Import
        Editing Applications
        Associating Applications and Workloads
        Deleting an Application
      Overview of Workloads
        Workload Types
        Workload Transformation Modes
        OS Types
        Custom Fields
      Importing and Discovering Workloads
        About Source Workload Details
        About Workload Discovery
        Viewing Workloads
        Importing Workloads with a Spreadsheet
        Importing Workloads with the Import Dialog
        Importing Workloads Using the PTM REST API
        Viewing Import Progress
        Retrying Workload Discovery
        Rediscovering Workloads
        Troubleshooting Discovery Failures
      Configuring Workload Transformations
        About the Workload Dialog
        Viewing the Workloads List
        Viewing a Workload NIC and Volume Summary
        Locating Workloads with the Filter and Advanced Search
        Viewing Workload Transformation Details
        Editing the Workload Transformation
        Configuring the Source NIC to Use for Replication
        Editing a Workload Transformation after Submit
        Bulk Edit for Multiple Target Workloads
        Bulk Status Change for Multiple Target Workloads
        Synchronizing Edits from the Migrate Server
        Viewing the Transformation History
        Adding User Notes to the Transformation History
        Withdrawing a Submitted Workload
        Deleting a Workload
      Configuring Network Interfaces
        Selecting a Network and Subnet for Each NIC
        Creating a NIC for the Target VM
        Deleting a NIC from the Target VM
        Configuring the Primary NIC for Target VM on Azure
        Configuring the DHCP Service for Target VMs
        Configuring the DNS Service for Target VMs
        Configuring Multiple IP Addresses Per NIC for Target Windows Workloads
      Configuring Azure VMs
        About Azure Storage
        Configuring Azure Storage Settings
        Prerequisites for Azure Networks
        Prerequisites for Using Azure Availability Sets
        Prerequisites for Installing Azure VM Agent
      Tracking External Workload Migrations
        About Tracking External Migrations
        Planning for Tracking External Migrations
        Checklist for Tracking External Migrations
        Enabling Enhanced Tracking
      Preparing an Import Spreadsheet
        About Spreadsheet Import
        Spreadsheet Parameters
        Downloading a Sample Import Spreadsheet
        Validating a Spreadsheet
        Downloading the Results Spreadsheet
        Re-Importing Workloads
      Overview of Resources
        About Resources
        Prerequisites for Resources
      Managing Credentials Resources
        About Credentials Resources
        Viewing Credentials
        Creating a Credential
        Associating Credentials with Workloads, Platforms, or Migration Servers
        Editing a Credential
        Deleting a Credential
      Managing Migration Server Resources
        About Migration Server Resources
        Viewing Migration Server Resources
        Creating a Migration Server Resource
        Associating a Connector with a Migration Server Resource
        Associating Migration Servers and Target Workloads
        Editing a Migration Server
        Deleting a Migration Server
      Managing Environment Resources
        About Environment Resources
        Viewing Environments
        Creating a Source Environment
        Creating an Environment
        Associating Environments and Target Workloads
        Editing an Environment
        Deleting an Environment
    Target Platforms
      Managing Target Platforms
        About Platforms
        Viewing Platforms
        Creating a Platform
        Retrying Platform Discovery
        Rediscovering Platforms
        Editing Platforms
        Associating Platforms and Target Workloads
        Deleting a Platform
        Deleting Workload Associations for a Platform
    VMware Platform Resources
      VMware vCenter Clusters
        About VMware Clusters
        Associating VMware Clusters with Target Workloads
        Creating a VMware Cluster
        Viewing VMware vCenter Clusters
        Excluding or Including a VMware Cluster Resource
        Editing a VMware Cluster Description
        Deleting a VMware Cluster
      VMware vCenter Cluster Hosts
        About VMware Cluster Hosts
        Creating a VMware Cluster Host
        Viewing VMware vCenter Cluster Hosts
        Editing Target Cluster Host Description
        Excluding or Including a VMware Host Resource
        Deleting a VMware Cluster Host
      VMware Network Resources
        About Network Resources
        Viewing Networks
        Excluding or Including a Network Resource
        Associating VMware Networks with Target Workloads
        Viewing Workloads Associated With a VMware Network
        Editing a VMware Network Description
        Deleting a VMware Network
        About Datastore Resources
        Creating a Datastore
        Viewing Datastores
        Associating VMware Datastores and Target Workloads
        Setting a Path on the Datastore
        Viewing Workloads Associated With a Datastore
        Excluding or Including a Datastore Resource
        Editing a Datastore Description
        Deleting a Target Datastore
      VMware Resource Pools
        About Resource Pool Resources
        Viewing Resource Pools
        Excluding or Including a Resource Pool Resource
        Editing a Resource Pool Description
        Associating Resource Pools with Workloads
        Deleting a Resource Pool
    Azure Platform Resources
      Azure Locations
        About Azure Cloud Locations
        Associating Azure Locations with Target Workloads
        Excluding or Including an Azure Location
        Editing an Azure Location Description
        Deleting an Azure Location
      Azure Virtual Networks
        About Azure Virtual Network Resources
        Viewing Azure Networks
        Excluding or Including a Network Resource
        Associating Azure Virtual Networks with Target Workloads
        Viewing Workloads Associated With a Virtual Network
        Editing a Target Network Description
        Deleting a Network
      Azure Network Subnets
        About Subnet Resources
        Viewing Subnets
        Excluding or Including a Subnet Resource
        Associating Subnets and Target Workloads
        Viewing Workloads Associated With a Subnet
        Editing a Subnet Description
        Deleting a Subnet
      Azure Storage Accounts
        About Storage Account Resources
        Creating a Storage Account
        Associating Storage Accounts and Target Workloads
        Setting a Path on the Storage Account
        Excluding or Including a Storage Account Resource
        Viewing Workloads Associated With a Storage Account
        Editing a Storage Account Description
        Deleting a Target Storage Account
      Azure Resource Groups
        About Resource Group Resources
        Excluding or Including a Resource Group Resource
        Viewing Workloads Associated With a Resource Group
        Editing a Resource Group Description
        Deleting a Resource Group
      Azure Availability Sets
        About Availability Set Resources
        Viewing Workloads Associated With an Availability Set
        Excluding or Including an Availability Set Resource
        Editing an Availability Set Description
        Deleting an Availability Set
    AWS Platform Resources
      AWS Regions
        About AWS Regions
        Associating AWS Regions with Target Workloads
        Editing an AWS Region Description
        Deleting an AWS Region
      AWS Virtual Private Clouds
        About AWS Virtual Private Clouds
        Viewing AWS VPCs
        Associating AWS VPCs with Target Workloads
        Viewing Workloads Associated With a VPC or Subnet
        Editing an AWS VPC Description
        Deleting an AWS Virtual Private Cloud
      AWS VPC Subnets
        About VPC Subnet Resources
        Viewing VPC Subnets
        Associating VPC Subnets and Target Workloads
        Editing a VPC Subnet Description
        Deleting a VPC Subnet
      AWS Datastores
        About AWS Datastore Resources
        Viewing AWS Datastores
        Creating a Datastore
        Associating AWS Datastores and Target Workloads
        Editing an AWS Datastore Description
        Deleting an AWS Datastore
      AWS Security Groups
        About AWS Security Groups
        Associating AWS Security Groups with Target Workloads
        Editing an AWS Security Group Description
        Deleting an AWS Security Group
      AWS Placement Groups
        About AWS Placement Groups
        Associating AWS Placement Groups with Target Workloads
        Editing an AWS Placement Group Description
        Deleting an AWS Placement Group
      AWS Key Pairs
        About AWS Key Pairs
        Associating AWS Key Pairs with Target Workloads
        Editing an AWS Key Pair Description
        Deleting an AWS Key Pair
      AWS Encryption Keys
        About AWS Encryption Keys
        Associating AWS Encryption Keys with Target Workloads
        Editing an AWS Encryption Key Description
        Deleting an AWS Encryption Key
      AWS IAM Roles
        About AWS IAM Roles
        Associating AWS IAM Roles with Target Workloads
        Editing an AWS IAM Role Description
        Deleting an AWS IAM Role
    Legal Notice