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/m option Fileshare User Guide3.2
Machine Name
        CCIAPPC definition Configuring CCI2.3.2
        CCIIPX definition Configuring CCI3.4.2
        CCINETB definition Configuring CCI4.3.2
        CCITCP definition Configuring CCI5.3.2
machinename Communications2.5.1
Macintosh Internet Applications1.1
Main alternate menu Dialog System Character3.2
Main menu Dialog System Character2.1 , 3.1
        Adiscf Character UIs3.2.1
        HyHelp Character UIs9.2.2.3
Main window
        Form Express Getting Started10.3.2
Mainframe Access
        CCI configuration Configuring CCICh6
        using a fixed port server Configuring CCI6.1.2
Mainframe applications Migration Cookbook2.1
Mainframe print files
        converting File Handling11.1.2.3
Maintaining files
        what to use Getting StartedCh1
Maintenance Dialog System User Guide1.2
Makefiles Distributed Computing2.5.4
Managing the Server Communications2.10
Manipulating controls Dialog System User Guide10.1 , 20.4
Manual record locking File Handling5.2.1.1
Map screenset colors map to COBOL system Dialog System Character3.2.8.2
MAPNAME Migration Cookbook6.4
MAPNAME Compiler directive Language Reference17.1
Mapper file
        location File Handling3.5.2
        structure File Handling3.5.1
        filenames Fileshare User Guide6.2
Mapping filenames File Handling3.3
UNIX Option User Guide3.1.1
        external file mapper File Handling3.5
        multiple paths File Handling3.3.1
Mark/Unmark Dialog System Character5.1
        panel painting Dialog System Character6.2.1
MAS Dialog System Character9.1 , 19.2
MASM Migration Cookbook3.1.1.6
Mass storage Language Reference3.5.3 ,
Master Field Dialog System User Guide3.2.6
Master field Dialog System User Guide2.2.3 , 3.2
Getting Started12.3.4
        bitmap Dialog System User Guide5.5.1
MAX function Language Reference11.9.29
Maximize Dialog System User Guide4.2
Maximize button Getting StartedA.1
        clients Communications2.10.3
Maximum size of operand Language Reference10.1.5.4
MAXNAME On-line Help Builder directive Character UIsCh12
maxtrans Communications2.5.1
MB Dialog System Character9.1 , 19.2
MBD Dialog System Character9.1 , 19.2
MCS Migration Cookbook2.1 ,
MEAN function Language Reference11.9.30
MEDIAN function Language Reference11.9.31
        running with limited Migration Cookbook2.3.1.42
        screenset Dialog System User GuideCh16
Memory monitoring Migration Cookbook2.3.1.27 ,
MEMORY SIZE clause Language Reference6.1.2.2
Memory, Read a Byte from Migration Cookbook4.1.1.3
Memory, Read a Word from Migration Cookbook4.1.1.7
Memory, Write to a Byte in Migration Cookbook4.1.1.4
Memory, Write to a Word in Migration Cookbook4.1.1.8
Memsnap Migration Cookbook2.3.1.27
        action bar definition Dialog System Character5.3
        Adiscf Character UIs3.2
        amend field Dialog System Character7.1.2.3
        amend pulldown Dialog System Character5.3.5
        attribute group Dialog System Character8.5
        block Dialog System Character6.1
        check digit validation Dialog System Character4.1.7.3
        colorize Dialog System Character3.2.8
        data group Dialog System Character8.3
        date validation Dialog System Character4.1.7.4
        dialog definition Dialog System Character9.2
        dialog definition alternate Dialog System Character9.3
        directory Dialog System Character3.2.3
        directory control Dialog System Character3.2.3.10
        error message definition Dialog System Character4.2
        field naming Dialog System Character7.1
        function detail Dialog System Character9.2.5
        generate COBOL Dialog System Character11.3
        generate prompt Dialog System Character11.1
        generate prompt control Dialog System Character11.2
        group name Dialog System Character8.2.2
        group occurrence maintenance Dialog System Character8.3.4
        group selection Dialog System Character8.4
        group size maintenance Dialog System Character8.2.4
        main Dialog System Character2.1 , 3.1
        main alternate Dialog System Character3.2
        null validation Dialog System Character4.1.7.5
        panel functions Dialog System Character7.1.2.2
        panel maintenance Dialog System Character6.2.9
        panel painting Dialog System CharacterCh6 , 6.2
        panel painting alternate Dialog System Character6.3
        panel painting control Dialog System Character6.4
        panels Dialog System CharacterCh5
        popup and context Getting StartedA.9
        print Dialog System Character14.1
        pulldown Dialog System User Guide4.8.1
        range/table validation Dialog System Character4.1.7.2
        range/table validation alternate Dialog System Character4.
        selection Dialog System Character22.18 , 22.19
Dialog System User Guide1.3.6
        selection bar Dialog System Character8.2.1
        trace Dialog System Character10.2.1
        trap screen Dialog System Character10.2
        validation Dialog System Character4.1.7
        virtual attribute group definition Dialog System Character8.2.3
        virtual text group definition Dialog System Character8.2.3
Menu bar Dialog System User Guide4.2 , 4.8.1 , 12.4
        dialog Dialog System User Guide6.3.4
        main Dialog System User Guide1.3.2
Menu entry
        table Dialog System Character17.6
Menu handling,dynamic Dialog System User Guide15.4
Menu on/off Dialog System Character6.4.8
Menu system Dialog System Character2.1.2
        context Dialog System User Guide4.8.3
        selecting choices Dialog System User Guide6.3.4.2
MERGE operation Language Reference15.1.4
MERGE statement Language Reference6.1.3.2 , , 14.1.1 , 14.1.1 , 14.1.1 , 14.1.1 , 14.1.1 , 14.1.1 , 14.1.1
Merging files File Handling9.1
Message box Dialog System User Guide1.3.4 , 4.7
        movable Dialog System User Guide12.4
        push buttons Dialog System User Guide4.7
        types Dialog System User Guide4.7
Message log Communications2.11.1
Message loop Solutions Guide3.3.2
Messages Configuring CCICh9
Fileshare User GuideCh10
        escape characters UNIX Option User GuideB.3
        replace patterns UNIX Option User GuideB.2
        search patterns UNIX Option User GuideB.1
Method Internet Applications10.2 ,
Method Wizard Getting StartedB.1.1.19
METHOD-ID paragraph Language Reference5.6
        ActiveX object Distributed Computing4.3.1
Methods tab Internet Applications10.3.1
Methods View Internet Applications10.3.1.3
MF-OO Compiler directive Language Reference17.1
        CCI configuration Configuring CCICh6
        using a fixed port server Configuring CCI6.1.2
        connecting your client program Communications2.6
        overview Communications2.1
        location Communications2.5.3
        minimum entries Communications2.5.2
        overview Communications2.5
        parameters Communications2.5.1
        and mfclient Communications2.6
        and mfserver Communications2.7
        overview Communications2.4
MFCSCFG Communications2.5.3
mfcsmgr program
        command line syntax Communications2.10.4
        managing the server Communications2.10
mfcsovrd.cfg Communications2.11.3
Mfdir Migration Cookbook2.3.1.19
Mfdir2 Migration Cookbook2.3.1.19
Mfentmap Migration Cookbook2.3.1.5
.mfenv file UNIX Option User Guide4.5
Mfextmap File Handling3.5
Migration Cookbook2.3.1.20
MFEXTMAP environment variable File Handling3.5 , 3.5.2
.mff file Internet Applications5.2.1 , 6.4 , 9.1 , 10.5.1 , 10.5.2 , 10.5.3
Mffinder Migration Cookbook2.3.1.22
MFLOGDIR Communications2.5 , 2.11.1
mfole.cpy Distributed Computing5.2 , 5.4
MFSCCS Migration Cookbook2.3.1.28
mfserver Communications2.8
        connecting your server program Communications2.7
        how it works Communications2.2
        name Communications2.2
        overview Communications2.1
        passwords Communications2.10.2
        secondary processes Communications2.2
        shutting down Communications2.10.1
        using non-Dialog System programs Communications2.11.5
Mfsort File Handling9.1
        error messages File Handling9.1.4
        examples File Handling9.1.3
        field types File Handling9.
        fields instruction File Handling9.1.2.1
        input files File Handling9.1.2.2
        instructions File Handling9.1.2
        output files File Handling9.1.2.2
        record instruction File Handling9.
        workfile File Handling9.1.1
MFSORT command Migration Cookbook2.3.1.40
mfsqlmessagetext Solutions Guide4.1.1.1
mfuser Getting Started5.1.1
MF_CLIENT_STATE_n routines UNIX Option User Guide4.8
Micro Focus
        addresses and numbers Getting StartedCh3
        via Web Getting StartedCh3
Micro Focus constants Dialog System Character16.2
Micro Focus Panels Dialog System Character3.2.5.1 , 22.17
Microsoft Solutions Guide2.2.2
Microsoft Access Internet Applications12.3.9
Microsoft Advisor Character UIs11.5.2
Microsoft SNA Server
        configuring v2.11 Configuring CCI2.2.1
        configuring v3.0 Configuring CCI2.2.1
Microsoft SQL Server Migration CookbookCh7
Microsoft Transaction Server Distributed ComputingCh6
Microsoft Transaction Server Support Getting StartedB.1.1.13
Microsoft Windows Dialog System User GuideCh1
midconfig Communications2.5.1
MIDRANGE function Language Reference11.9.32
        containers Dialog System User Guide12.5.2
        notebooks Dialog System User Guide12.5.1
Migrating applications
        Compiler directives Migration Cookbook3.1.1.6
Migrating code Migration Cookbook1.2
Migrating from 16-bit Migration CookbookCh3
Migration Cookbook
        brief description Getting StartedCh3
MIME type Internet Applications12.3.9
mime.types file Internet Applications12.3.10.1
MIN function Language Reference11.9.33
Minimize Dialog System User Guide4.2
Minimize button Getting StartedA.1
Minus sign
        in tree view Getting StartedA.4
MLE Dialog System User Guide5.1.1.3
        editing Dialog System User Guide5.1.1.4
        loading text via Clipboard Dialog System User Guide5.1.1.4
        refreshing Dialog System User Guide5.1.1.5
        action bar Dialog System Character5.3.1
        pulldown Dialog System Character5.3.5.7
Mnemonic-Name Language Reference2.2.2.1
MOD function Language Reference11.9.34
Modal Dialog System User Guide4.6.1 , 4.6.1
Modal dialog box Dialog System User GuideCh16
        sharing File Handling5.1
MODE IS BLOCK clause Character UIs2.3.2.1
MODEL Migration Cookbook3.1.1.6
Modeless Dialog System User Guide4.6.1
        menu Dialog System User Guide15.4
Modular design Dialog System User Guide11.2.2
Module class Migration Cookbook5.1
Monitor Multi-threading2.4.1
Monitoring Fileshare Fileshare User Guide6.5
Monitoring memory Migration Cookbook2.3.1.27 ,
Mono fonts Character UIsCh13
        behavior Dialog System User Guide12.1
Mouse button
        in tutorial Getting Started4.2
Mouse Pointer Dialog System User GuideCh23
Mouse pointer Dialog System User Guide1.3.1
        changing Dialog System User Guide23.1
        dynamic Dialog System User Guide23.1.1
        I-beam Dialog System User Guide1.3.1
        shape Getting StartedA.12
        static Dialog System User Guide23.1.1
Mouse routines
        CBL_GET_MOUSE_MASK Character UIs6.5
        CBL_GET_MOUSE_POSITION Character UIs6.5
        CBL_GET_MOUSE_STATUS Character UIs6.5
        CBL_HIDE_MOUSE Character UIs6.5
        CBL_INIT_MOUSE Character UIs6.5
        CBL_READ_MOUSE_EVENT Character UIs6.5
        CBL_SET_MOUSE_MASK Character UIs6.5
        CBL_SHOW_MOUSE Character UIs6.5
        CBL_TERM_MOUSE Character UIs6.5
        PC_GET_MOUSE_SHAPE Character UIs6.5
        PC_SET_MOUSE_HIDE_AREA Character UIs6.5
        PC_SET_MOUSE_SHAPE Character UIs6.5
Mouse support
        HyHelp Character UIs9.2.1 ,
MOUSE-ENABLE Dialog System Character16.5
MOVE Dialog System Character9.1 , 19.2
Dialog System User Guide17.3.1 , 17.5.1
        block Dialog System Character6.1.1
        panel Dialog System Character6.2.9.1
MOVE CORRESPONDING statement Language Reference14.1.2
Move panel
        trace menu Dialog System Character10.2.1.4
Move panel function Dialog System Character9.1
MOVE statement Language Reference14.1.2 , 14.1.2
MOVE statement data categories Language Reference14.1.2
MOVE-OBJECT-HANDLE Dialog System User Guide13.4.2 , 23.2
MOVE-WINDOW Dialog System User Guide6.3.2.8
MOVEPNL Dialog System Character9.1 , 19.2
MOVETXT Dialog System Character19.2
MOVEVTXT Dialog System Character9.1
        by cut and paste Getting StartedA.10
        by drag and drop Getting StartedA.11
        columns in list Getting StartedA.6
Moving around folders Getting StartedA.2
Moving text
        using an application program Dialog System User Guide17.1.2.1
MPID Dialog System Character9.1 , 19.2
MS2 Compiler directive File Handling4.3.3
MSG On-line Help Builder directive Character UIsCh12
MTD Dialog System Character9.1 , 19.2
Multi-branch structure Language Reference13.1.3
Multi-join structure Language Reference13.1.3
Multi-threaded application
        run-time system Multi-threading3.1
Multi-threading Internet Applications12.3.4
        application Multi-threading1.2
        compiler directives Multi-threadingCh4
        introduction Multi-threadingCh1
        library routines Multi-threading3.3
        operating system Multi-threading1.1
        program attributes Multi-threading2.1
        specifying no multi-threading Multi-threading2.1.1
        synchronizing threads Multi-threading2.3
        writing multi-threaded applications Multi-threadingCh3
        OLE automation Distributed Computing4.3.6
Multi-threading program
        optimizing performance Multi-threadingCh4
Multicolumn list
        rearranging Getting StartedA.6
        environments, developing for Dialog System User Guide12.2
        instances of screensets Dialog System User Guide7.1.2.3 , 11.2.5
        programs Dialog System User Guide11.2.2
Multiple conditions Language Reference13.1.3
Multiple delete File Handling12.7
Multiple IP subnets and Samba UNIX Option User GuideA.4.3
Multiple Line Entry Field Dialog System User Guide5.1.1.3
Multiple line entry field
        defining Dialog System User Guide18.1.3
        read-only Dialog System User Guide12.4
Multiple line entry fields
        editing Dialog System User Guide17.1.2
Multiple programs
        using Dialog System User Guide11.2.2
Multiple record locking File Handling5.2.2.2
MULTIPLE REEL Language Reference12.1.7
Multiple repeat File Handling12.6.1
Multiple resolutions Dialog System User Guide5.1.11 , 15.1
        enabling Dialog System User Guide15.1.1
        font mapping Dialog System User Guide15.1.2
Multiple results Language Reference10.1.5.6
Multiple screensets Dialog System Character12.2
        controlled loop Dialog System User GuideCh16
MULTIPLE UNIT Language Reference12.1.7
MULTIPLY statement Language Reference14.1.3
Multithreading Getting StartedB.1.1.14
Multiuser file-sharing facilities Language Reference1.1
Mutex Multi-threading2.4

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