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/s option Fileshare User Guide2.1.2.1 , 2.2.1 , 3.2
SAA Migration Cookbook6.4
SAA1 Migration Cookbook6.5.1
SAA2 Migration Cookbook6.5.1
SafeArray Distributed Computing5.5
        bounds Distributed Computing5.5.3
        creating Distributed Computing5.5.2
        dimensions Distributed Computing5.5 , 5.5.3
        direct access Distributed Computing5.5.5
        element size Distributed Computing5.5.3
        example Distributed Computing5.5.2 , 5.5.3 , 5.5.4
        index Distributed Computing5.5
        OLE objects Distributed Computing5.5.4
        olesafea.cpy Distributed Computing5.5.1
        other data types Distributed Computing5.5.4
        prerequisites Distributed Computing5.5.1
        reading Distributed Computing5.5.4
        strings Distributed Computing5.5.4
        type of data Distributed Computing5.5.3
        Variants Distributed Computing5.5.4
        writing Distributed Computing5.5.4
Sahring builds
        troubleshooting UNIX Option User Guide7.2.3
SALES-INFO-PAGE Dialog System User Guide17.6
Samba Getting StartedCh2
UNIX Option User GuideCh1
        configuring UNIX Option User GuideA.4
        guest account UNIX Option User GuideA.4.1
        installing UNIX Option User GuideA.3
        multiple IP subnets UNIX Option User GuideA.4.3
        user authentication UNIX Option User GuideA.4.2
        changing installation location of UNIX Option User GuideA.4.4
        re-enabling Windows clients to use unencrypted passwords UNIX Option User GuideA.4.2.1
        smbpasswd file configuration UNIX Option User GuideA.4.2.2 , A.4.2.3
SAME AREA clause Language Reference6.1.3.2 ,
SAME clause Language Reference6.1.3.2 , ,
SAME RECORD AREA clause Language Reference6.1.3.2 , , 15.1.5 , 15.1.5 , 16.1.13 , 16.1.13 , 16.1.13
        Data Block Dialog System User Guide18.1.1
        data definition Dialog System User Guide18.1
Sample dialog:entry fields Dialog System User Guide17.1
Sample dialog:validating entry fields Dialog System User Guide17.1.1
Sample program
        Locking Getting Started5.2.4
Sample programs Getting Started5.1.2
Sample.mdb database Getting Started11.1
SAS Dialog System Character9.1 , 19.2
        action bar Dialog System Character5.3.2
        screenset Dialog System User Guide2.3 , 18.1.5
Save menu
        Adiscf Character UIs3.2.1.18
Save screenset Dialog System Character3.2.4
        record layout file Getting Started6.3.6
SB Dialog System Character9.1 , 19.2
SBOD Dialog System Character9.1 , 19.2
Scanning a directory Migration Cookbook3.1.1.2
SCCS Getting StartedCh1
SCCS support Getting StartedB.1.1.25
Scenario Solutions Guide1.2
SCMF Migration Cookbook2.3.1.37
SCO Solutions Guide2.2.2
Scope terminators Language Reference2.6.6.4 ,
SCP Getting StartedCh2
UNIX Option User Guide1.2
        configuring UNIX Option User GuideA.2
        installing UNIX Option User GuideA.1
        security UNIX Option User GuideA.2.1
        remote shell protocol UNIX Option User GuideA.2
Screen Character UIs2.5
        layout Dialog System User Guide4.1
        with Dialog System loaded Getting Started12.3.2
        with Form Designer loaded Getting Started8.3.2
Screen and Keyboard Configuration Tools Getting StartedB.2.1.6
Screen and Keyboard Handler Getting StartedB.2.1.5
Screen description Language Reference9.1.1
Screen description entry Language Reference9.1.1 ,
Screen group functions
        array size Dialog System Character9.1
        data positioning Dialog System Character9.1
        insertion and deletion Dialog System Character9.1
        procedure Dialog System Character9.1
Screen handling Language Reference1.1 , 9.1.1
Screen item Language Reference9.1.1 , 9.1.1 , 9.1.1
Screen options Language Reference9.1.1
Screen painter Migration Cookbook2.3.1.23 ,
Screen routines
        CBL_CLEAR_SCR Character UIs6.5
        CBL_GET_CSR_POS Character UIs6.5
        CBL_GET_SCR_SIZE Character UIs6.5
        CBL_READ_SCR_ATTRS Character UIs6.5
        CBL_READ_SCR_CHARS Character UIs6.5
        CBL_READ_SCR_CHATTRS Character UIs6.5
        CBL_SET_CSR_POS Character UIs6.5
        CBL_SWAP_SCR_CHATTRS Character UIs6.5
        CBL_WRITE_SCR_ATTRS Character UIs6.5
        CBL_WRITE_SCR_CHARS Character UIs6.5
        CBL_WRITE_SCR_CHARS_ATTR Character UIs6.5
        redirectable console I/O Character UIs6.5
screen routines
        CBL_WRITE_SCR_CHATTRS Character UIs6.5
        CBL_WRITE_SCR_N_ATTR Character UIs6.5
        CBL_WRITE_SCR_N_CHAR Character UIs6.5
        CBL_WRITE_SCR_N_CHATTR Character UIs6.5
        CBL_WRITE_SCR_TTY Character UIs6.5
        cursor-type, set Character UIs6.5
Screen Section Character UIsCh2
Getting StartedB.2.1.7
Language Reference9.1.1
Screen section Character UIs2.4
Screen type Character UIs6.5
Screens Migration Cookbook2.1 ,
Screenset Dialog System Character1.1
Dialog System User Guide1.2 , 2.2.3
        creating Getting Started12.3.1
        controlling the use of Dialog System User Guide7.1.2.1 , 11.2
        creating Dialog System User GuideCh3 , Ch18
        Database access Dialog System User Guide8.2.3
        definition order Dialog System User Guide2.3
        Dsrunner Dialog System User Guide11.1.2
        listing Dialog System CharacterCh14
        memory Dialog System User GuideCh16
        multiple Dialog System Character12.2
        palette Dialog System Character16.3
        POP Dialog System Character12.2
        print Dialog System CharacterCh14
        PUSH Dialog System Character12.2
        pushing and popping Dialog System User Guide7.1.2.2 , 11.2.1
        running Dialog System User Guide7.1.4.1 , 18.1.6
        sample Dialog System User GuideCh3 , Ch18
        save Dialog System User Guide2.3 , 18.1.5
        SQL Dialog System User Guide8.2.4
        steps to create Dialog System User GuideCh3 , Ch18
        Switching Dialog System User Guide11.2.8
        using multiple Dialog System User Guide7.1.2.2 , 11.2.1
        using multiple instances Dialog System User Guide7.1.2.3 , 11.2.5
Screenset alterations Dialog System User Guide22.1
Screenset Animator Dialog System User Guide7.1.4.1 , , Ch16 , 18.1.6
        window Dialog System User Guide7.1.4.3 , 18.1.8
Screenset Animator window Dialog System User Guide7.
Screenset conversion utility Dialog System Character15.2
Screenset name
        trap field Dialog System Character10.1.1.1
Screenset Name
        Windows GUI Application Wizard Dialog System User Guide8.2.1
Screenset processing
        basic tutorial Getting StartedCh13
Screenset switches Dialog System Character3.2.5
SCREENSET-INITIALIZED Dialog System User Guide6.3.1 , 23.2
        controlling multiple Dialog System User Guide11.1.2.2
        conversion Dialog System Character15.2
        DOS Dialog System Character15.1.1
        UNIX Dialog System Character15.1.2
Script Assistant Internet Applications10.1 , 10.3
Solutions Guide3.3.2
SCRIPT tag Internet Applications10.2
Scripts tab Internet Applications10.3.2
scrntype Communications2.5.1
Scroll Bar Dialog System User Guide4.2
Scroll bar Dialog System User Guide1.3.7 , , 5.1.7
        changing properties Dialog System User Guide5.1.7 , 17.5.2
        events Dialog System User Guide17.5.1
Scroll bars Dialog System User Guide17.5
Migration Cookbook5.1
        data Dialog System Character17.3
        groups Dialog System Character22.2
Scrolling field Dialog System Character7.1.1
SCROLLOPTION Database Access4.5
Migration Cookbook7.1
SD Dialog System Character9.1 , 19.2
        examples UNIX Option User GuideB.5
        regular expressions UNIX Option User GuideApB
        search patterns UNIX Option User GuideB.1
Search a table Language Reference16.1.1
SEARCH ALL operation Language Reference16.1.1
Search pattern UNIX Option User GuideApB
        examples UNIX Option User GuideB.5
        metacharacters UNIX Option User GuideB.1
        setting for project UNIX Option User Guide3.1.4
        setting for specific servers UNIX Option User Guide3.2.6
SEARCH statement Language Reference16.1.1
Search, serial Language Reference16.1.1
Search/replace patterns
        tips UNIX Option User Guide7.1.2
Searching for Information Getting StartedCh3
Secondary index
        adding extra File Handling11.1.2.5
Secondary window Dialog System User Guide4.3.2
        relationship to primary window Dialog System User Guide4.3.3
        EXIT Language Reference13.1.3
Section header Language Reference3.10.2.2
Section-name Language Reference2.2.2.1
SECURE clause Language Reference9.1.1.26
Security Fileshare User GuideCh5
Internet Applications7.5
        .rhosts file UNIX Option User GuideA.2.1
        hosts.equiv file UNIX Option User GuideA.2.1
        SCP UNIX Option User GuideA.2.1
        RSH UNIX Option User GuideA.2.1
SEGCROSS Migration Cookbook3.1.1.6 ,
SEGMENT-LIMIT clause Language Reference6.1.2.2
SEGSIZE Migration Cookbook3.1.1.6
Select Dialog System User Guide1.3.6
Select all entries
        export Dialog System Character3.2.10.2
Select all panels
        export Dialog System Character3.2.10.6
SELECT clause Language Reference6.1.3.1
Select error message filename Dialog System Character4.2.1
Select first panel Dialog System Character5.2.4
        list items Getting StartedA.7
Selection bar Dialog System Character8.2.1
        data group Dialog System Character8.3.2
        functions Dialog System Character9.1
        in list in On-line Help Character UIs14.4
        menu Dialog System Character8.2.1
        text group Dialog System Character8.4.2
Selection box Internet Applications3.2
        drop-down Dialog System User Guide5.1.6
        drop-down list Dialog System User Guide5.1.6
        selection Dialog System User Guide1.3.6
        simple Dialog System User Guide5.1.6
Selection objects Language Reference13.1.3
Selection subjects Language Reference13.1.3
Semantic checking
        import Dialog System Character3.2.9.2
Semaphore Multi-threading2.4.2
Sentences Language Reference3.9.2
SEPARATE CHARACTER clause LR - Additional Topics1.4.19
Separators Language Reference2.2.1 , 2.2.1 , 2.2.1
SEQCHK Compiler directive Language Reference3.10.1.1
        database numbering Fileshare User Guide4.4
Sequence number area Language Reference3.10.1.1
Sequence numbers Language Reference1.2.2 ,
        files File Handling2.1.1
Sequential access Language Reference3.5.2.4 , , 15.1.2 , 15.1.5 , 16.1.13 , 16.1.13
SEQUENTIAL Compiler directive Language Reference3.5.2
Sequential file Language Reference15.1.2 , 15.1.2 , 15.1.2 , 16.1.13
        convert to indexed File Handling11.1.2.5
        creating records File Handling12.6.1
Sequential files Language Reference3.5.2.3 , 12.1.7 , 14.1.7
Serial attribute Multi-threading2.1.2
SERIAL Compiler directive Multi-threading2.1.2 , Ch4
Serial program Multi-threading2.1.2
Serial search Language Reference16.1.1
Server Getting StartedApC
        background process Communications2.8
        connecting to mfserver Communications2.7
        default name Communications2.8
        deleting UNIX Option User Guide3.2.2
        managing Communications2.10
        name Communications2.8
        network Getting StartedApC
        options Communications2.10
        override Communications2.10.4
        passwords Communications2.10.2
        setting build options UNIX Option User Guide3.2.5
        setting Compiler directives UNIX Option User Guide3.2.5
        setting details UNIX Option User Guide3.2
        setting logical directories UNIX Option User Guide3.1.3
        setting search/replace pattern for UNIX Option User Guide3.2.6
        setting up UNIX Option User Guide3.2.1 , ,
        shutting down Communications2.10.1
        specifying directories UNIX Option User Guide3.2.1.2
        starting Communications2.8
        user-written Communications2.2
        verifying settings UNIX Option User Guide3.2.4
        verifying source code on UNIX Option User Guide3.2.7
        Web Getting StartedApC
Server Control Program Getting StartedCh2
        SCP UNIX Option User Guide
Server controlled file management Communications2.11.8
server module
        using non-Dialog System programs Communications2.11.5
Server Name
        CCIAPPC definition Configuring CCI2.3.1
        CCIIPX definiton Configuring CCI3.4.1
        CCINETB definition Configuring CCI4.3.1
        CCITCP definition Configuring CCI5.3.1
Server program
        connecting to mfserver Dialog System User Guide14.6
        connecting to mfserver Dialog System User Guide14.3.2
Server-side program Internet Applications1.2 , 5.1 , Ch7
Solutions Guide3.5
        structure Getting Started7.2.1
        asymmetric Internet Applications1.2.1 , 6.2
        basic tutorial Getting StartedCh9
        creating Internet Applications4.1
        editing Internet Applications4.6
        input Internet Applications7.3
        output Internet Applications7.4 , 7.4.2
        symmetric Internet Applications1.2.1 , 6.2
server-side program
        editing Getting Started9.3.1 , 9.3.1
Server-side state mechanism Internet Applications7.5.3 , 12.3.8
servername Communications2.5.1
Servers Fileshare User Guide1.2
        CCI protocol Fileshare User Guide2.2.2
        configuration Fileshare User Guide3.2
        default Fileshare User Guide3.1
        name Fileshare User Guide2.2.1 , 3.2
        starting Fileshare User Guide2.2
        stopping Fileshare User Guide2.2.3
Service provider Solutions Guide2.1.1
Service requestor Solutions Guide2.1.1
SERVICE statement Language Reference16.1.2
Services file Configuring CCI5.1.4.2 , 9.2
Set default directory
        generate Dialog System Character11.2.3
Set details Dialog System Character3.2.7
SET statement Language Reference8.1.1.24 , 16.1.3
SET-BUTTON-STATE Dialog System User Guide6.3.1 ,
SET-DATA-GROUP-SIZE Dialog System User Guide6.3.1 , 17.4.1
SET-DESKTOP-WINDOW Dialog System User Guide6.3.2.5
SET-FIRST-WINDOW Dialog System User Guide6.3.2.2
SET-FOCUS Dialog System User Guide6.3.2.2 , , 17.1.1 , 17.2.2
SET-LIST-ITEM-STATE Dialog System User Guide17.4.1
SET-MOUSE-SHAPE Dialog System User Guide23.1
SET-OBJECT-LABEL Dialog System User Guide6.3.2.9 , 17.2.2
"setCharArray" method Distributed Computing5.4.2
SETCUR Dialog System Character9.1 , 19.2
setenv Communications2.5.1
SETF Dialog System Character9.1 , 19.2
"setOLEObject" method Distributed Computing5.4.2
"setString" method Distributed Computing5.4.2
        build options for project UNIX Option User Guide3.1.2
        build options for server UNIX Option User Guide3.2.5
        Compiler directives for project UNIX Option User Guide3.1.2
        Compiler directives for server UNIX Option User Guide3.2.5
        logical directories UNIX Option User Guide3.1.3
        miscellaneous UNIX Option details UNIX Option User Guide3.3
        project details UNIX Option User Guide3.1
        replace pattern for project UNIX Option User Guide3.1.4
        search pattern for project UNIX Option User Guide3.1.4
        search/replace pattern for server UNIX Option User Guide3.2.6
        server details UNIX Option User Guide3.2
Setting environment variables Language Reference12.1.1 , 12.1.13
Setting up Publisher UNIX Option User GuideCh3
        project details UNIX Option User Guide3.1
        verifying for server UNIX Option User Guide3.2.4
Setup (character) Migration Cookbook2.1 ,
SetVirtualWidthHeight Migration Cookbook5.1
SFAT Dialog System Character9.1 , 19.2
SGAT Dialog System Character9.1 , 19.2
SHADOW configuration parameter Dialog System Character16.5
Shared resources Internet Applications7.2
Shared run-time system Internet Applications12.3.9
Sharing data Language Reference3.7.2
Sharing files File HandlingCh5
Sharing files on network Getting StartedB.1.1.11
Sharing mode File Handling5.1
Language Reference3.5.5 , , 14.1.7 , 14.1.7 , 14.1.7
Shift keys Character UIs2.6.1.3
Dialog System Character18.3 , 19.2
        codes Character UIs2.6.9.1
        detecting states Character UIs2.6.9.2
        determining available keys Character UIs2.6.9.1
        enabling/disabling using Adis Character UIs2.6.9.3
        support in Adis Character UIs2.6.9
Show default directory
        generate Dialog System Character11.2.1
Show Panel Dialog System Character5.2.2
SHOW-WINDOW Dialog System User Guide6.3.2.2 ,
        file extensions Getting StartedA.5
SHP Dialog System Character9.1 , 19.2
Side file
        changing Dialog System User Guide23.1.1.1
        converting to binary format Dialog System User Guide15.1.2
Sidefiles Migration Cookbook5.1
SIGN clause LR - Additional Topics1.4.19
Language Reference8.1.1.21 ,
Sign condition Language Reference10.
Sign representation Language Reference2.6.1 ,
SIGN"EBCDIC" compiler directive File Handling9.1.2
Sign-digit Language Reference2.6.4.1 ,
SIGN-TRAILING configuration parameter Dialog System Character16.5
SIGNCOMPARE Migration Cookbook3.1.1.6 , ,
        field format Dialog System Character7.1.1
Signed receiving items Language Reference10.1.5.8
Simple condition Language Reference10.1.4.1
Simple condition, negated Language Reference10.
Simple insertion editing Language Reference8.1.1.15
Simulating keys Character UIs2.6.9
SIN function Language Reference11.9.48
Single fields Character UIs2.1 , 2.2
Single form Internet Applications6.2
Single record locking File Handling5.2.2.1
Single user mode Fileshare User Guide1.2 , 6.1
Single-record view Internet Applications5.1
Single-threaded application
        run-time system Multi-threading3.1
        draw Dialog System Character6.4.4.2
SIZE clause Character UIs7.2.1
Language Reference9.1.1.28
Size error condition Language Reference10.1.5.2
Size of 3-D effects Migration Cookbook3.1.1.8
SIZE phrase Character UIs7.2.1
        columns in list Getting StartedA.6
        window Getting StartedA.12
SKIP1 statement Language Reference18.6.2
SKIP2 statement Language Reference18.6.2
SKIP3 statement Language Reference18.6.2
SKIPLOCK configuration option File Handling5.2.3
SKNF Dialog System Character9.1 , 19.2
SKPF Dialog System Character9.1 , 19.2
SLIDER-MOVING Dialog System User Guide17.5.1
SLIDER-RELEASED Dialog System User Guide17.5.1
SMALLDD Migration Cookbook3.1.1.6
smallint data type Database Access3.2.2
smbpasswd file UNIX Option User GuideA.4.2.2 , A.4.2.3
SNA Configuration Configuring CCI2.1.2
Solo Getting Started7.1
Internet Applications2.2.3 , 4.4.3
        basic tutorial Getting StartedCh9
        brief description Getting StartedCh1
Solutions Guide
        brief description Getting StartedCh3
Sort Getting StartedB.1.1.24
Sort a table Language Reference16.1.4 , 16.1.4 , 16.1.4
Sort dialog Dialog System Character9.2.4
Sort extension Dialog System Character3.
Sort file Language Reference16.1.4
Sort list
        panel field Dialog System Character7.1.2.5
Sort name Dialog System Character3.2.3.5
SORT operation Language Reference15.1.3 , 15.1.4
Sort operation Language Reference16.1.4
Sort size Dialog System Character3.
SORT statement Language Reference6.1.3.2 , , 16.1.4 , 16.1.4 , 16.1.4 , 16.1.4 , 16.1.4 , 16.1.4 , 16.1.4 , 16.1.4 , 16.1.4 , 16.1.4 , 16.1.4
SORT STATUS clause Language Reference6.1.3.1
Sort time Dialog System Character3.2.3.6
Sort utility Migration Cookbook2.3.1.40
SORT-MERGE Language Reference7.1.2.1
Sort-Merge file description entry Language Reference3.9 , 14.1.1
Sort-Merge files Language Reference6.1.3.1
SORT-RETURN special register Language Reference14.1.1 , 16.1.4
Sorting Getting StartedB.1.1.4
Migration Cookbook2.3.1.40
Sorting files File HandlingCh9
        Callable Sort Module File Handling9.2
        command line File Handling9.1
        Mfsort File Handling9.1
Sound alarm Character UIs6.5
Sound function Dialog System Character9.1
SOUND On-line Help Builder directive Character UIsCh12
SOURCE clause LR - Additional Topics1.4.20
Source code
        verifying UNIX Option User Guide3.2.7
Source Code Control System Getting StartedCh1
Source Code Control System support Getting StartedB.1.1.25
Source code control, what to use Getting StartedCh1
Source code listing Language Reference18.6.2
Source Control Migration Cookbook2.3.1.28 ,
Source Converter Migration Cookbook2.1
Source element Language Reference4.2.1
Source Format Language Reference1.2
Source format Language Reference1.2.4
Source text manipulation Language Reference18.1
Source unit Language Reference4.2.1
Source-Computer paragraph Language Reference6.1.2.1
Sparse key File Handling12.4.1
Sparse keys File Handling2.1.3.4
SPC Dialog System Character18.1
Special character words Language Reference2.2.2.1
Special insertion editing Language Reference8.1.1.15
Special operation codes
        file handler File Handling7.4
Special registers
        LINE-COUNTER LR - Additional Topics1.2.3
        PAGE-COUNTER LR - Additional Topics1.2.2
Special Registers,
        general information Language Reference2.2.2.1 ,
Special registers, LENGTH OF Language Reference12.1.4
Special registers, RETURN-CODE Language Reference13.1.6
Special registers, SORT-RETURN Language Reference14.1.1 , 16.1.4
Special registers, TALLY Language Reference13.1.4 , 13.1.6
Special-Names paragraph Language Reference6.1.2.3
        explicit and implicit Language Reference2.6.6
Split key Language Reference3.5.4.1
Spyglass web server Solutions Guide2.2.2
SQL Migration Cookbook2.3.1.11 , Ch7
        SQL Communications Area Database Access9.4.8
        SQLCA Database Access9.4.8
SQL application Database Access1.3.1
SQL Communications Area Database Access5.1
SQL communications area Solutions Guide4.1.1.1
SQL Compiler directive Solutions Guide4.
SQL Descriptor Area Database Access5.2
SQL directive Migration Cookbook7.1
SQL error Solutions Guide4.1.1.1
SQL query Internet Applications5.1
SQL Server Solutions Guide2.2.2
SQL server Migration Cookbook7.1
SQL statements Solutions Guide4.1.1.1
        case Database Access1.2
        overview Database Access1.2
SQLCA Database Access5.1
        DB2 Database Access9.4.8
        using Database Access7.10
sqlca.cpy Database Access7.6 , 7.10
SQLCODE Migration Cookbook7.1 , 7.1
sqlcode Database Access5.1 , 5.1.1
Solutions Guide4.1.1.1
SQLDA Database Access5.2
        using Database Access5.2.1
sqlda.cpy Database Access5.2 , 7.6
_sqlodbc.dll Database Access7.6
SQLSTATE Migration Cookbook7.1
sqlstate Database Access5.1 , 5.1.2
Solutions Guide4.1.1.1
SQRT function Language Reference11.9.49
srvanim Communications2.5.1
srverrprog Communications2.5.1
srvprog Communications2.5.1 , 2.5.2
srvtier Communications2.5.1
sstate Internet Applications7.5.3 , 12.3.8 UNIX Option User Guide4.8
SSTRAN conversion utility Dialog System Character15.2
Stack block Dialog System Character6.1.4 , 22.1
Stack functions Dialog System Character9.1
Standard alignment rules Language Reference2.6.2
Standard button
        on window Getting StartedA.1
Standard operation codes
        file handler File Handling7.4
STANDARD-DEVIATION function Language Reference11.9.50
START statement Language Reference16.1.5 , 16.1.5 , 16.1.5 , 16.1.5
Start/close file
        trace menu Dialog System Character10.2.1.1
Starting a Web application Getting Started7.2.2
Starting an ActiveX object Distributed Computing4.2.2
Starting the client Communications2.8
Starting the Development Environment Getting Started5.2.1
Starting the Fileshare Server Fileshare User Guide2.2
Starting the IDE Getting Started5.2.1
Starting the Integrated Development Environment Getting Started5.2.1
Starting the server Communications2.8
State Internet Applications7.5
State maintenance routines UNIX Option User Guide4.8
Statements Language Reference3.9.2
Static filename assignment File Handling3.2.1
Statis Language Reference3.8.2
        file status File HandlingCh4
Status bar File Handling12.5.1 , 12.5.2
Status bar, customizing Dialog System User Guide20.6
Status calls Fileshare User Guide4.1.2
Status key 1 Language Reference10. ,
Status key 2 Language Reference10. , , , , ,
Status key combinations Language Reference10.
Status keys Dialog System Character18.3
Language Reference6.1.2.3
Status line Dialog System Character2.1.1
Status Messages Configuring CCICh9
Step Getting Started5.2.5
        trace menu Dialog System Character10.2.1.2
STOP literal Language Reference16.1.6
STOP RUN Language Reference16.1.6
STOP statement Language Reference16.1.6
Stopping the Fileshare Server Fileshare User Guide2.2.3
.str file File Handling12.12
STRING statement Language Reference16.1.7
Striping File Handling6.3.2
        examples File Handling6.3.2.3
        naming conventions File Handling6.3.2.2
        options File Handling6.3.2.1
STRUCT Migration Cookbook6.2
Structure Animator Migration Cookbook2.1
Structure editing Migration Cookbook2.1
Structures File Handling2.3
stubgen utility Distributed Computing2.4.2
Stubs Distributed ComputingCh2 , 2.5.4
        client Distributed Computing2.2
        server Distributed Computing2.2
Style Internet Applications10.2 ,
Styles tab Internet Applications10.3.1
Styles View Internet Applications10.3.1.5
Submenus Dialog System User Guide1.3.2
Submit button Getting Started7.2
        procedures Dialog System User Guide6.1
Subscript Dialog System Character9.1.1
Subscripting Language Reference2.6.5.2 , , ,
subserver Communications2.5.1
Substitution marker
        DISPLAY Internet Applications7.4.2
        EHTML Internet Applications7.4.1.1
SUBTRACT statement Language Reference16.1.8
Successor record Language Reference3.5.2.3
SUM clause LR - Additional Topics1.4.21
Sum counters LR - Additional Topics1.4.21 , 1.4.22 , 1.5.4
SUM fucntion Language Reference11.9.51
Sum products value/digits Dialog System Character4.
Summary report LR - Additional Topics1.5.3
        mode Fileshare User Guide5.4.1
        password Fileshare User Guide5.4.1
        via Web Getting StartedCh3
Supported platforms Solutions Guide2.2.2
        field format Dialog System Character7.1.1
SUPPRESS printing LR - Additional Topics1.4.22
SUPPRESS statement LR - Additional Topics1.5.6
SUPPRESS-CURSOR-RIGHT configuration parameter Dialog System Character16.5 , 16.5
SUPPRESS-TO-BWZ configuration parameter Dialog System Character16.5
Suppression editing Language Reference8.1.1.15
SUSP Dialog System Character9.1 , 19.2
Suspending threads Multi-threading3.4.4
Swap screen character & attribute Character UIs6.5
        run-time Migration Cookbook3.1.1.10
SWITCH clause Language Reference6.1.2.3
Switch-status condition Language Reference10.
Switches, external Language Reference6.1.2.3 , , , 16.1.3
Sybase Solutions Guide2.2.2
Sybase and COBSQL UNIX Option User Guide6.2.1
SYMBOLIC CHARACTERS clause Language Reference6.1.2.3 ,
SYMBSTART directive Language Reference6.1.2.3
Symettric Getting Started7.2.2
Symmetric server-side program Internet Applications1.2.1 , 6.2
SYNC clause Language Reference8.1.1.22
Synchronization Language Reference2.6.3 , , , ,
Synchronization primitives Multi-threading2.3
        event Multi-threading2.4.3
        monitor Multi-threading2.4.1
        mutex Multi-threading2.4
        semaphore Multi-threading2.4.2
SYNCHRONIZED clause Language Reference8.1.1.1 ,
Synchronizing execution Multi-threadingCh2
Synchronizing field and record views File Handling12.5.3
Synchronizing threads Multi-threading2.3
        checking UNIX Option User GuideCh2
        flagging UNIX Option User Guide2.2
        getting help Getting StartedCh3
        incompatibilities UNIX Option User GuideCh2
        mapping input data to controls Internet Applications7.3.1
        mapping output data to HTML Internet Applications7.4.1.1 , 7.4.2
        not flagged UNIX Option User Guide2.3
Syntax checking
        import Dialog System Character3.2.9.1
Syntax incompatibilities
        OO programs UNIX Option User Guide2.6
Syntax Rules Language Reference2.3.2
System copyfiles UNIX Option User Guide4.6
        troubleshooting UNIX Option User Guide7.2.4
System information Dialog System Character12.7
System Log File Communications2.11.1
System menu Dialog System User Guide4.2
System-names Language Reference2.2.2.1

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