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        status LR - Additional Topics12.3.13
I-O CONTROL paragraph LR - Additional Topics13.1.7
Language Reference6.1.3.2
        mode Language Reference15.1.2 , 15.1.5 , 16.1.13
        phrase Language Reference14.1.7
        status Language Reference10.1.6.2 , ,
.ibk file User's Guide11.9
        MQSeries CICS Option TG9.6
        unload utility Administrator's Guide3.2.1.1
IBM Communications Server v5.01 for Windows NT Configuring CCIApC
        See DB2
IBM Personal Communications v4.2 for Windows NT/95 Configuring CCIApD
IBMCOMP Compiler directive Language Reference2.6.4.2 , , , 17.1
IDADDSA control block IDE TG5.2
IDADTCA control block IDE TG5.2
IDAEFT01 utility IDE TG3.6
IDCAMS utility IDE TG3.1
Getting Started5.3.5
        See Integrated Development Environment
Idedemo project Getting Started5.3.2 , 8.2 , 9.2 , 13.2
Identification Division LR - Additional Topics5.12
Language Reference4.2.1 , Ch5
Identifier Language Reference2.6.5.5 ,
IDENTIFY Assembler macro Migration Cookbook16.2.8
.idx file User's Guide11.9
IDXFORMAT4 file format Administrator's Guide4. ,
.idy file IDE TG1.1.1
User's Guide8.9 , 8.10 , 13.3
IEBGENER utility IDE TG3.3
IEEE double precision Migration Cookbook16.2.7
IEESMCA control block IDE TG5.2
IEFBR14 utility IDE TG3.4
IEFJFCBN control block IDE TG5.2
IEFTIOT1 control block IDE TG5.2
IEZJSCB control block IDE TG5.2
IF Compiler directive Language Reference18.2.6
$IF statement Language Reference18.5.4
IF statement Language Reference3.9.2.1 , 13.1.10
User's Guide22.2.3 , 22.2.4
        example LR - Additional Topics7.7
        MFSGEN IMS Option TG8.5.3.9
IGNORE LOCK phrase Language Reference15.1.2
IHAACEE control block IDE TG5.2
IHAASCB control block IDE TG5.2
IHAASVT control block IDE TG5.2
IHAASXB control block IDE TG5.2
IHACDE control block IDE TG5.2
IHAPSA control block IDE TG5.2
IKJEFT01 utility IDE TG3.6
IKJTCB control block IDE TG5.2
Imperative sentence Language Reference3.9.2.7
Imperative statement Language Reference3.9.2.6
Implementor-name Language Reference2.2.2.1
        attribute Language Reference2.6.6.3
        data description picture LR - Additional TopicsCh10
        Procedure Division reference Language Reference2.6.6.1
        scope terminator Language Reference2.6.6.4
        specification Language Reference2.6.6
        transfer of control Language Reference2.6.6.2
Import Data tool Host Compat. Option TGCh12
        database CICS Option TG8.1
        dispatcher utility IDE TG3.5
IMS Option Getting Started1.1
        administration Administrator's GuideCh14
        and CCI Administrator's GuideCh5
        API Migration Cookbook13.2.3
        application development User's GuideCh35
        Assembler program IMS Option TG11.1
        backward compatibility Migration Cookbook19.2.3
        call interface Administrator's Guide14.3
        concatenation IMS Option TG1.2
        configuration Getting Started22.3.9
IMS Option TG1.1.2
        configuring User's Guide34.3
        creating project Getting Started22.3.1
        customization IMS Option TGCh1
        data capture exit IMS Option TG6.8
        database administration IMS Option TGCh6
        database file Migration Cookbook13.2.1
        database management User's Guide35.10
        database utility User's Guide34.4.1
        DB Catalog User's Guide35.8
        debugging Getting Started22.3.8
User's Guide34.5 , 35.6 , 35.11.2
        defining a transaction Getting Started22.3.5
        demonstration program Administrator's GuideCh13
        diagnostics IMS Option TG3.4
        directive User's Guide35.4
        downloading database Administrator's Guide3.2
        ECHO system Administrator's Guide14.4
        editing database Migration Cookbook9.2.4
User's Guide35.11
        environment variable Migration CookbookCh4
        exclusive use database IMS Option TG1.1.1
        gen file Migration Cookbook13.2.1
        IDE User's GuideCh34
        IMS View User's Guide34.2
        IMSDBU utility User's Guide35.10
        initialization IMS Option TG1.5.1
        listing output folder IMS Option TG1.1.3
        loading database Getting Started22.3.6
User's Guide35.10
        Message Format Service IMS Option TGCh7
        migration from Migration CookbookCh13
        overview User's GuideCh33
        password IMS Option TG5.3
        performance IMS Option TGCh3
        printer User's Guide35.7
        problem determination IMS Option TGCh13
        project menu User's Guide34.6
        project settings IMS Option TG1.1
        Properties dialog box User's Guide34.3
        remote test User's Guide34.4.2
        resource Getting Started22.3.4
        running application Getting Started22.3.7
        sample program Administrator's Guide14.1
        security IMS Option TGCh5
        shared read-only database IMS Option TG1.1.4
        statistics Getting Started22.3.9
        supervisor IMS Option TG2.8 , 2.9
        Supervisor program Migration Cookbook13.2.7
        syncpoint coordination IMS Option TGCh4
        system call User's Guide20.1.1 , 20.2 , 20.3.3
        system exit Administrator's Guide14.2
        system log Administrator's Guide14.5
        tools menu User's Guide34.4
        trace print User's Guide34.4.3
        tracing Getting Started22.3.9
        transaction User's Guide35.5
        Transaction Manager IMS Option TGCh7
        tuning IMS Option TGCh3
        tutorial Getting StartedCh22 , Ch32 , Ch33 , Ch35
        with Assembler Option Migration Cookbook13.2.6 , 16.2.12
        with other options Getting StartedCh32 , Ch33 , Ch35
        workgroup Administrator's Guide2.2.4.2
User's Guide5.2.2
        zeroloading a database Getting Started22.3.6
IMS View Getting Started22.3.4
User's Guide3.2.8 , 34.2
        supported features IMS Option TGCh12
IMS2ASM utility Administrator's Guide14.2
IMS Option TG6.3 , 7.10
Migration Cookbook13.2.8
IMS2SQL system exit Administrator's Guide14.2
IMS86ALT system exit Administrator's Guide14.2
IMS Option TG1.5.8
IMS86ENT system exit Administrator's Guide14.2
IMS Option TG1.5.1
Migration Cookbook13.2.4 , 13.2.5
IMS86GIO system exit IMS Option TG1.5.4
IMSDBU utility Administrator's Guide3.2.3
Getting Started22.3.6
IMS Option TG6.14
User's Guide34.4.1 , 35.10
IMSDBUV utility Administrator's Guide3.2.1.2 , 14.1
Imsdemo project Getting Started22.3.1
IMSGEN directive User's Guide35.4
IMSMTO.LOG file Administrator's Guide14.5
IMSSUPER program Migration Cookbook13.2.7
In-doubt failure IMS Option TG4.2 , 4.6.3 , 27.3
In-flight failure IMS Option TG4.2 , 4.6.3 , 27.2
In-house system data set Administrator's Guide3.1
In-line comment Language Reference3.10.5.1
In-line PERFORM Language Reference15.1.1
In-stream data set User's Guide17.2
Inactive state Language Reference3.8.3
        communications Administrator's Guide10.3.7
Getting Started18.1
        function shipping CICS Option TG5.2.2.2
        linking CICS Option TG5.4.3.2
        transaction routing CICS Option TG5.3.3.2
.inc file IDE TG2.1
-INC mechanism Language Reference18.4
-INC statement Language Reference18.4.1
INCLUDE command in link file Assembler Option TG1.2.3
++INCLUDE mechanism Language Reference18.4
++INCLUDE statement Language Reference18.4.2
INCLUDE statement
        MFJSORT IDE TG3.2.2
Incompatible data Language Reference10.1.5.7
Incremental values User's Guide22.2.1
Independent segment LR - Additional Topics4.1.1.3
        alternate Assembler Option TG3.4
        creating Getting Started24.3.3
        of book and help Getting StartedCh3
        recovering Administrator's Guide4. ,
        secondary IMS Option TG6.2
        table element Language Reference2.6.5.3
Index data item Language Reference8.1.1.24
        comparison Language Reference10.1.4.2
        size LR - Additional Topics12.3.4
INDEX SIZE clause LR - Additional Topics13.1.4
        comparison Language Reference10.1.4.2
INDEXED BY phrase Language Reference2.6.5.3 , , 16.1.1 , 16.1.3
Indexed file Language Reference3.5.4.1 , , 7.1.3 , 14.1.7
        changing key values User's Guide11.9.3
        converting to Micro Focus format User's Guide14.2
        corrupt User's Guide14.3
        creating records User's Guide11.6.3
        defining keys User's Guide11.3.3
        fixing User's GuideCh14
        reorganizing Administrator's Guide4.2.3.4
User's Guide14.6
        validating User's Guide14.5
        viewing User's Guide11.8.3
Indexed input/ouput Language Reference3.5.4
Indicator area Language Reference1.2.3 , 3.10.1
Individual monitor User's Guide8.4.4
Info Assembler debugger command User's Guide28.9
        exporting User's Guide24.3.1
        not supported Migration Cookbook14.1 , 15.1
        interface Language Reference3.6.9
INHERITS clause Language Reference5.3
INHERITS phrase Language Reference5.7
        data item Language Reference3.8.2 ,
        program Language Reference3.7.1
        state Language Reference3.8.2 , 3.8.3 , ,
        value Language Reference7.1.4.4 ,
INITIAL clause LR - Additional Topics2.1.2
Language Reference3.7.1 , 5.2
Initial state
        fragment User's Guide21.1
Initial values Getting Started25.1
User's GuideCh21
        automatic generation Getting Started25.4.3 , 26.7 , 29.3
User's Guide21.2
        deleting User's Guide21.7
        editing User's Guide21.6 , 22.2.5
        exporting User's Guide21.5
        importing User's Guide21.4
        manual definition User's Guide21.3
        removing User's Guide21.7
        database IMS Option TG9.6.1
Initialization phase
        CLIST IDE TG6.1
INITIALIZE statement LR - Additional Topics5.15.6 , 6.11.3
Language Reference13.1.11
INITIATE statement LR - Additional Topics1.5.4
Inner join Getting Started21.1
Input field Language Reference9.1.1 ,
Input field in mapset Getting Started19.3.8
Input file Language Reference12.1.7
Input message segment
        MFS IMS Option TG7.11
INPUT mode Language Reference15.1.2
INPUT phrase LR - Additional Topics2.2.2 , 2.2.3
Language Reference14.1.7 , 14.1.7
Input variable Getting Started25.1
User's Guide20.1 , 20.2.1
        date User's Guide22.2.1
        defining Getting Started25.4.2
User's Guide20.3.4
        file User's Guide22.2.1
        importing User's Guide22.2.1
        value Getting Started25.4.4.1 ,
User's Guide22.2.1
Input-Output Section Language Reference6.1.3
        file Language Reference12.1.7
        indexed Language Reference3.5.4
        relative Language Reference3.5.3
        statement Language Reference3.9.2.9
        status Language Reference3.5.5
INQUIRE command Getting Started18.1
INREC statement
        MFJSORT IDE TG3.2.2
INSERT DB2 directive option Host Compat. Option TG16.5.2
Insert mode User's Guide6.1.1
INSERT statement Language Reference18.3.3
        EXEC DLI IMS Option TG10.1
Inserting behavior User's Guide9.2.2.2
Insertion editing Language Reference8.1.1.15
INSPECT statement LR - Additional Topics5.15.7 , 6.11.4
Language Reference13.1.12
        example LR - Additional Topics7.8
        3270 terminal emulator Administrator's Guide9.2
        comparison of methods Administrator's Guide1.1.1
        Host Compatibility Option Host Compat. Option TGCh3
        IMS Option Supervisor IMS Option TG2.10
        Mainframe Express Administrator's GuideCh1
Getting StartedCh2
        Remote IMS IMS Option TGCh17
        Remote IMS Server IMS Option TGCh19
        verification of CICS communications Administrator's GuideCh7
        verification of CICS Option Administrator's GuideCh6
        verification of IMS Option Administrator's GuideCh13
        VRECGEN utility Administrator's Guide4.3.1
        VRECGEN2 utility Administrator's Guide4.4.1
.int file IDE TG1.1.1
Migration CookbookCh2 , 7.5.3
INTEGER function Language Reference11.9.20
Integer function Language Reference11.6
INTEGER-OF-DATE function Language Reference11.9.21
INTEGER-OF-DAY function Language Reference11.9.22
INTEGER-PART function Language Reference11.9.23
Integrated Development Environment Getting Started1.1
Migration CookbookCh2 , 8.1
User's GuideCh3
        closed by Alt+F4 Migration Cookbook8.2.4
        customization User's GuideCh9
        tutorial Getting StartedCh5
        with Assembler Option User's Guide27.2
        with CICS Option User's GuideCh30
        with Host Compatibility Option Host Compat. Option TG4.3
        with IMS Option User's GuideCh34
Integrated Fileshare CICS Option TG6.4
Intel pointer Migration CookbookCh6
Inter-program statement Language Reference3.9.2.9
Interactive AMS Getting Started5.3.5
Interface Language Reference5.1
        See Integrated Development Environment
        inheritance Language Reference3.6.9
        object Language Reference3.6.6
        parameterized Language Reference3. , 3.6.11
Interface program Migration Cookbook7.2
INTERFACE-ID paragraph Language Reference4.2.2 , 5.7
Intermediate code file IDE TG1.1 , 1.1.1
User's Guide8.10
        performance IMS Option TG3.9
Intermediate results Language Reference10.1.5.2 ,
        data item Language Reference3.8.5
        file connector Language Reference3.8.5
International FixPack
        Mainframe Express 1.1 Migration Cookbook14.2.1
International update pack
        Workbench Migration Cookbook14.2.1
Interval control Getting Started18.1
INTO phrase Language Reference15.1.2 , 15.1.4
IntraNetWare Configuring CCI3.1.2
Intrinsic function Language ReferenceCh11
INVALID KEY condition Language Reference10. , , 15.1.2 , 15.1.5 , 16.1.5 , 16.1.13
INVALID KEY phrase Language Reference3.9.2.1 , 12.1.11 , 15.1.2 , 15.1.5
Invalid statement User's Guide20.3.2
Inverted database structure IMS Option TG6.7
INVOKE statement Language Reference3.6.5 , 13.1.13 , 17.10.3
IPX Configuring CCICh3
Fileshare UG8.1
IPX/SPX Host Compat. Option TG7.4
IRST abend code CICS Option TG2.1
IRXJCL utility IDE TG3.7
IS PROGRAM phrase Language Reference5.2
        imperative verb Language Reference3.9.2.6
ISOLATION DB2 directive option Host Compat. Option TG16.5.2
        definition User's Guide22.1
        recording baseline User's Guide22.4 , 23.2
        separate execution User's Guide22.6
        status User's Guide24.2.1
        values User's Guide22.2
IXF format Host Compat. Option TG11.3.2 , 12.10

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