Master Index for Mainframe Express Online Books

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C-ISAM file format Administrator's Guide4. ,
        dynamic database IMS Option TG3.10
        in Assembler debugger User's Guide28.10
CALL Assembler macro Assembler Option TG1.2.2
Call convention Language Reference6.1.2.3
Call interface
        autoinstall control program Administrator's Guide9.2.4
        Data File Converter Administrator's Guide4.2.2.2
        IMS Option Administrator's Guide14.3
CALL linker directive Migration Cookbook16.2.2
CALL prototype Language Reference3.4 , 3.8.1 , , 5.2 , , 12.1.4
        example LR - Additional Topics7.1 , 7.1.1
CALL statement LR - Additional Topics5.15.4 , 13.3.1
Language Reference3.9.2.1 , 12.1.4
User's Guide20.1.1 , 20.3.3
        literal in LR - Additional Topics12.3.1
CALL TSO command IDE TG6.2
CALL-CONVENTION clause Language Reference6.1.2.3
Call/Perform stack Getting Started13.3.3
Migration Cookbook8.2.2
User's Guide8.6 , 8.9
CALLed program User's Guide8.5 , 8.6
CALLFH Compiler directive Fileshare UG2.1.1
CALLGIO sample program Administrator's Guide14.1
IMS Option TG1.5.4
CALLGIO2 sample program Administrator's Guide14.3
CALLSORT Compiler directive Language Reference16.1.4
CALLUTIL sample program Administrator's Guide14.1 , 14.3
CANCEL statement LR - Additional Topics5.15.5
Language Reference3. , 12.1.5
Canceled program
        accessing data User's Guide15.1.2
.cap file IDE TG2.1
Migration Cookbook16.1
Case Getting Started4.2 , 5.3.4 , 9.1
CASE Compiler directive Language Reference5.2
Catalog Assembler Option TG3.1
Getting Started5.3.4
Migration Cookbook10.1
User's Guide2.4 , 16.3.1
        accessing at run time Assembler Option TG2.2
        adding file Getting Started5.3.5
Migration Cookbook3.1.4
        backward compatibility Migration Cookbook19.2.2
        corrupt User's Guide14.4
        Data Tools Migration Cookbook9.2.1
        database catalog type IMS Option TG3.7
        distributing to users Administrator's Guide1.3.1
        entry User's Guide3.2.4
        MVS Workbench Migration Cookbook17.2
        ProxDM command Migration Cookbook18.1
        PROXMVS Migration Cookbook18.2
        use check box User's Guide10.3
        workgroup Administrator's Guide2.2.3.1
Catalog Browser User's Guide36.4.2
Catalog Database tool Host Compat. Option TGCh8
Catalog Server tool Host Compat. Option TGCh7
Catalog View Getting Started5.3.4
User's Guide3.2.3 , 3.2.4
        file Getting Started5.3.6
User's Guide11.3.1
        procedure Getting Started7.3.1
User's Guide17.1.1
Category of data Language Reference2.6
Category of statement Language Reference3.9.2.9
.cbl file IDE TG2.1
CBLOPTS language environment IDE TG7.2
CBLTDLI routine IMS Option TG1.5.2
CCC/LCM data set Administrator's Guide3.1
CCI Configuring CCICh1
        See Common Communications Interface
        and Fileshare Configuring CCI7.2
        and Mainframe Access Configuring CCI7.1
        client protocol Fileshare UG2.1.2.2 , 3.1
        communications Fileshare UGCh8
        configuration utility Configuring CCI5.1.3
        error messages Configuring CCICh10
Fileshare UG9.2
        server protocol Fileshare UG3.2
        timeout Fileshare UG8.4
        trace Fileshare UG8.3
cci.ini file Configuring CCICh9
        CCIIPX configuration Configuring CCI3.2.1
        CCINAMPU configuration Configuring CCI6.1.3
        CCINETB configuration Configuring CCI4.2
        CCITCP configuration Configuring CCI5.2.2.2
        trace options Configuring CCI8.2.2
CCIAPPC configuration Configuring CCICh2
CCIIPX configuration Configuring CCICh3
CCINAMPU configuration Configuring CCICh6
CCINETB configuration Configuring CCICh4
CCITCP configuration Configuring CCICh5
        cci.ini file Configuring CCI5.2.2.2
        direct connection Configuring CCI5.2.2
        environment variables Configuring CCI5.2.2.2
        UNIX Configuring CCI5.1.4
CCITCP2 daemon process Configuring CCI5.1.5
        debug option Configuring CCI5.2.1
        NT service Configuring CCI5.2.1
ccitcp2 daemon process Fileshare UG8.2
CCITCP2 environment variable Fileshare UG8.2
ccitrace.log Configuring CCICh8
CCSIDG DB2 directive option Host Compat. Option TG16.5.3
CCSIDM DB2 directive option Host Compat. Option TG16.5.3
CCSIDS DB2 directive option Host Compat. Option TG16.5.3
CDE control block IDE TG5.2
Cdlidemo project Getting Started32.3.1
CEDA CICS transaction Administrator's Guide10.3.4
CESN CICS transaction Administrator's Guide8.4
CHAIN statement Language Reference12.1.6
CHANGED option LR - Additional Topics11.4.4
CHAR function Language Reference11.9.6
CHAR-NATIONAL function Language Reference11.9.7
Character mode tool Migration Cookbook7.4.2
Character set Administrator's Guide4. ,
Getting Started1.1
Language Reference2.1 , ApB
User's Guide16.4 , 26.1 , 32.4
        changing User's Guide11.8.2
        conversion Administrator's Guide4.1 ,
CICS Option TG9.1
User's Guide12.2 , 26.4 , 29.5.4
        data file User's Guide10.3
        for command-line utility User's Guide26.4
        for DOS applications User's Guide26.1
        in database Host Compat. Option TGCh6
        source file Migration Cookbook7.5.2
        application Migration Cookbook7.2
Character-string Language Reference2.2.2
CHARSET Compiler directive Administrator's Guide4.
        DB2 ECM Host Compat. Option TG16.1
CHARSUB DB2 directive option Host Compat. Option TG16.5.3
CHECKPOINT statement
        EXEC DLI IMS Option TG10.1
CHNG system exit IMS Option TG1.5.8
CICS Option
        3270 terminal emulator Administrator's GuideCh9
Getting Started17.3.9
User's Guide29.2.3
        and Assembler Option Assembler Option TG1.1
Migration Cookbook16.1
        and CCI Administrator's GuideCh5
        and distributed applications Administrator's GuideCh12
        API User's Guide29.2.1 , 32.3
        application development CICS Option TGCh2
User's Guide29.2 , Ch32
        BMS screen painter CICS Option TGCh1
User's Guide29.2.4 , 30.2 , Ch31 , 32.5
        BMS-related command CICS Option TG2.3
        build settings User's Guide32.6.2
        CEDA transaction Administrator's Guide10.3.4
        CESN transaction Administrator's Guide8.4
        character set User's Guide29.5.4 , 32.4
        Clear key Getting Started17.3.9
        communications Administrator's GuideCh10
User's Guide29.5.1
        compiling User's Guide32.6
        configuration CICS Option TGCh4
        configuration file Migration Cookbook12.2.2
        configuration for distributed processing CICS Option TGCh5
        CRTE transaction CICS Option TG5.3.1.1
        Ctrl key Getting Started17.3.9
        database User's Guide29.2.5
        debugging Getting Started17.3.10
User's Guide29.2.2 , 30.5 , 32.7
        defining a transaction Getting Started17.3.5
        Enter key Getting Started17.3.9
        environment variable Migration CookbookCh4
        Escape key Getting Started17.3.9
        External CICS Interface User's Guide29.5.5
        External Presentation Interface User's Guide29.5.6
        file User's Guide29.2.5 , 32.2.4
        Files View User's Guide30.2
        Fileshare CICS Option TGCh6
User's Guide29.5.2
        installation verification Administrator's GuideCh6
        installation verification for communications Administrator's GuideCh7
        interface User's GuideCh30
        intersystem communication CICS Option TGCh5
        log Getting Started17.3.9
        logical cancel mode CICS Option TG9.4
        overview User's GuideCh29
        preprocessor Migration Cookbook12.1
        printer Administrator's Guide9.8
        program User's Guide32.2.4
        region CICS Option TGCh4
Getting Started17.3.9 , 18.3.1
User's Guide29.3
        remote PC Administrator's Guide10.4.3
        resource definition Administrator's GuideCh11
User's Guide29.4
        resource definition file Administrator's Guide2.2.4.1
Getting Started17.3.3
        running application Getting Started17.3.9
        security Administrator's GuideCh8
User's Guide29.5.3
        setting up environment User's Guide32.2
        shared page CICS Option TG9.7
        shared storage Migration Cookbook6.3
        sharing files CICS Option TGCh6
User's Guide29.5.2
        source code User's Guide32.3
        starting Administrator's Guide10.3.6
        startup list Administrator's Guide11.3
Getting Started26.2.1 , 28.2.1
        system call User's Guide20.1.1 , 20.2 , 20.3.3
        tools menu User's Guide30.4
        transaction User's Guide20.1.1 , 20.3.3
        tutorial Getting StartedCh17 , Ch18 , Ch19 , Ch31 , Ch32 , Ch33 , Ch34
        with other options Getting StartedCh31 , Ch32 , Ch33 , Ch34
        workgroup Administrator's Guide2.2.4.1
CICS system definition file Administrator's Guide11.1
CICS View Getting Started17.3.3
User's Guide3.2.7 , 30.3
CICS/ESA API User's Guide29.2.1 , 32.3
Cicsdb2 project Getting Started26.1.1 , 28.1.1
Cicsdemo project Getting Started17.3.1 , 18.2 , 19.2
Class Language Reference3.6.1 , 5.1
        body Language Reference17.4
        condition LR - Additional Topics5.15.1.2 ,
Language Reference10.
        extension Language Reference17.3
        inheritance Language Reference3.6.8 , 5.3
        object Language Reference17.5
        of data Language Reference2.6
        parameterized Language Reference3. , 3.6.10
Class Browser Migration Cookbook7.2
CLASS clause Language Reference6.1.2.3
Class Library Migration Cookbook7.2
CLASS-CONTROL paragraph Language Reference5.3
CLASS-ID paragraph Language Reference5.3 , 17.2
Clear key
        in CICS Option Getting Started17.3.9
Click Getting Started4.2
        Fileshare CICS Option TG6.3
Fileshare UG1.2
IMS Option TG2.3
        remote CICS Migration Cookbook12.2.6
Client communication protocol
        Fileshare CICS Option TG6.3.2
Client installation of SNA server Administrator's Guide10.3.2.14
Clipboard User's Guide9.2.3
        use with Application Output window User's Guide3.3.2
        built-in function IDE TG6.5
        control variable IDE TG6.7
        differences from mainframe User's Guide16.7
        distributing to users Administrator's Guide1.3.2
        file statement IDE TG6.6
        from mfextmap.dat Migration Cookbook11.2
        operator IDE TG6.4
        running User's Guide16.1.2
        statement IDE TG6.3
        to migrate parmpass.dat Migration Cookbook7.4.6
        tutorial Getting StartedCh6
        USERCICS IDE TG6.1
        USERIMS IDE TG6.1
        USERTSO IDE TG6.1
CLOSE Assembler macro Assembler Option TG3.2 , 3.3 , 3.4
Close button Getting StartedA.1
CLOSE statement LR - Additional Topics1.5.2 , 12.3.8
Language Reference12.1.7
Closed fragment Getting Started25.1
User's Guide20.1.1 , 20.2
CLS TSO command IDE TG6.2
/cm option Fileshare UG3.1 , 3.2 , 8.1
Co-MFS Migration Cookbook7.2
.cob file IDE TG2.1
COBDIR environment variable Fileshare UG2.2
        code compatibility Migration Cookbook7.5.3
        comment in BMS macro CICS Option TG1.3
        Compiler IDE TGCh1
        concepts Language ReferenceCh2
        condition Getting Started25.5.2.3
        dialect Getting Started25.2.3 , 26.1.6 , 28.1.6
        editing source errors Getting Started5.3.8
        example LR - Additional TopicsCh7
        introduction Language ReferenceCh1
        language extension LR - Additional Topics6.3
        object oriented Language ReferenceCh17
        object-oriented syntax User's Guide8.12
        obsolete language element LR - Additional TopicsCh8
        Report Writer LR - Additional TopicsCh1
        run-time error messages Fileshare UG9.1
        source format Language Reference1.2 , 3.10
        structure Language Reference2.2
        syntax help Getting StartedCh3
        syntax summary Language ReferenceApA
        word Language Reference2.2.2.1
COBOL compiler directive
        See Compiler directive
COBOL condition
        result User's Guide22.2.4
        validation User's Guide22.2.3
COBOL item
        finding Migration Cookbook8.2.3
COBOL program Language Reference5.1
        and DB2 ECM Host Compat. Option TG16.4
        breakpoint Getting Started13.3.5
User's Guide8.2
        called by Assembler Assembler Option TG1.2.2
        communications LR - Additional TopicsCh2
        compiling on the mainframe Getting Started11.3.3
        copying to the mainframe Getting Started11.3.2
        Debug Module LR - Additional TopicsCh3
        debugging Getting StartedCh13
User's GuideCh8
        editing User's GuideCh6
        entry point mapping User's Guide15.2
        failed IDE TG1.3.2
        finding parts of Getting Started13.3.6
        PPT entry User's Guide32.2.4.3
        screen handling Language Reference9.1.1
        segment LR - Additional Topics4.1.1.1 , 4.2
        sequence LR - Additional Topics4.1.3
        statistics Getting Started13.3.7
COBOL Source Information Migration Cookbook7.2 , 8.2.3
COBOL Workbench
        environment variable Migration CookbookCh4
        interface to Data Tools Migration Cookbook9.2.2
        migrating from IDE TG4.5
Migration CookbookCh7
COBSQL Migration Cookbook7.4.3
CODE clause LR - Additional Topics1.4.7
Code compatibility Migration Cookbook7.5.3
Code fragment User's Guide20.1 , 20.1.1 , 20.2
CODE-SET clause Language Reference8.1.1.4
Codecomp utility User's Guide26.4
        and SQL Option User's Guide36.10
Codepage utility Migration Cookbook14.2.1.2
        configuring User's Guide10.4
CODESET EBCDIC location Migration Cookbook14.2.1.2
COL special register LR - Additional Topics11.1
Collating sequence Host Compat. Option TG16.3
Language Reference10.1.4.2 , ApB
User's Guide26.5
COLLATING SEQUENCE clause Language Reference6.1.2.2
COLLATING SEQUENCE phrase Language Reference14.1.1 , 16.1.4
COLLECTION DB2 directive option Host Compat. Option TG16.5.2
Color LR - Additional Topics11.4.2
        3270 terminal emulator CICS Option TG7.2
        customizing User's Guide9.1.6
        in Assembler debugger User's Guide28.3
        in BMS Getting Started19.3.5
        Workbench component Migration Cookbook7.2
        function Host Compat. Option TG2.4.1
        in DDL file Host Compat. Option TG9.7
        name format Host Compat. Option TG13.7
        selection Migration Cookbook8.2.6
User's Guide6.1
COLUMN clause Language Reference9.1.1.8
COLUMN NUMBER clause LR - Additional Topics1.4.13
Columns in list
        rearranging Getting StartedA.7
COM-REG special register LR - Additional TopicsCh10
Combined condition Language Reference10.
Combined relation condition
        abbreviated Language Reference10.1.4.4
Command line Migration Cookbook7.3
        compiling from User's Guide9.5
        Data File Converter Administrator's Guide4.2.2.1
Migration Cookbook9.2.2
        DBUTIL IMS Option TG9.4
        DDL Processor tool Host Compat. Option TG9.10
        Export Data tool Host Compat. Option TG11.11
        Import Data tool Host Compat. Option TG12.12
        MDECONV Administrator's Guide4.1.1.3 , 4.1.2
Command prompt
        copying Getting StartedA.15
        in Animator V2 Migration Cookbook8.2.7
COMMAND-LINE function-name Language Reference12.1.1 , 12.1.13
Comment line Language Reference1.2.3 , , 3.10.5
User's Guide20.2 , 20.3
Comment-entry LR - Additional Topics5.6 , 6.4
Language Reference2.2.4.9 , 5.1
Commit database
        CICS Option CICS Option TG8.2
        IMS option IMS Option TG4.5 , 4.6
COMMIT DB2 directive option Host Compat. Option TG16.5.2
COMMIT statement Fileshare UG4.1
Language Reference12.1.8
COMMON clause Language Reference5.2 , 5.2
Common Communications Interface Administrator's GuideCh5
CICS Option TG6.1
        and Mainframe Access Administrator's Guide3.1
        CCI Configuring CCICh1
        Fileshare Server CICS Option TG6.2.2
Common program Language Reference3.7.1
        between run units Language Reference3.7
        device LR - Additional Topics2.2.6
        in COBOL program LR - Additional TopicsCh2
Communication Description LR - Additional Topics2.1.2
Communication Section LR - Additional Topics2.1.1
Language Reference3.8.1
Communication vector table IDE TG5.2
        CICS Option Administrator's GuideCh10
        Fileshare Fileshare UG2.1.2.2 , Ch8 , 9.2
        Host Compatibility Option Host Compat. Option TG7.4
        inbound Administrator's Guide10.3.7
        PC to mainframe Administrator's Guide10.3
CICS Option TG5.6.3
        PC to PC Administrator's Guide10.4
CICS Option TG5.6.4
        Remote IMS IMS Option TGCh26
Communications Module Migration Cookbook7.2
COMP format LR - Additional Topics11.3.1 , 12.2.4
Language Reference2.6.4
COMP-0 format LR - Additional Topics11.3.1
COMP-1 format LR - Additional Topics12.2.4
COMP-3 format Language Reference2.6.4
COMP-4 format Language Reference2.6.4
COMP-5 Compiler directive Language Reference2.6.4.5
COMP-5 format Language Reference2.6.4
COMP-6 format LR - Additional Topics12.2.4
COMP-X format Language Reference2.6.4
Comparison Language Reference10.1.4.2
        backward Migration CookbookCh19
        code Migration Cookbook7.5.3
        XDB version Migration Cookbook14.2.2
Compilation group Language ReferenceCh3 , Ch4
Compilation unit Language Reference4.2.1
Compiler directive IDE TG1.2
Language Reference3.9.2.5 , 18.2
Migration CookbookCh2 , Ch5
User's Guide4.1 , 9.5
        ACCEPTREFRESH Language Reference12.1.1
        ALIGN Language Reference2.6.4.2 , 17.1
        ALPHASTART Language Reference6.1.2.3
        AMODE Assembler Option TG2.1
CICS Option TG9.5
Migration CookbookCh6
User's Guide15.1.1
        APOST Language Reference2.2.4.3
        Assembler Assembler Option TG1.1
        ASSIGN LR - Additional TopicsCh10
Language Reference6.1.3.1 ,
        AUTOLOCK Language Reference10.
        BYTE-MODE-MOVE Language Reference14.1.2
        CALLFH Fileshare UG2.1.1
        CALLSORT Language Reference16.1.4
        CASE Language Reference5.2
        CHARSET Administrator's Guide4.
        COMP-5 Language Reference2.6.4.5
        CONSTANT Language Reference18.5
        COPYEXT Language Reference18.1.1
        COPYLBR Language Reference18.1.1
        COPYLIST Language Reference18.1.1
        CURRENCY Language Reference8.1.1.15
        DATA Migration CookbookCh6
User's Guide15.1.1
        DATACOMPRESS Fileshare UG4.6.2.3 , 6.3.1
        DATE Language Reference5.8
        DB2 Host Compat. Option TG16.5
        DBCS LR - Additional Topics5.1 , 5.8
Language Reference14.1.2
        DBSPACE LR - Additional Topics5.8 , 6.6
Language Reference14.1.2
        DE-EDIT Language Reference14.1.2
        DEFAULT-BYTE Language Reference5.2 , 7.1.5
        DG LR - Additional TopicsCh13
        DOSVS LR - Additional TopicsCh10
        EVALUATE Language Reference18.2.5
        FDCLEAR Language Reference16.1.13
        FLAG LR - Additional TopicsCh9
Language Reference10.1.5.5
        FLAGSTD Language Reference6.1.2.2
        FOLD-COPY-NAME Language Reference18.1.1
        IBMCOMP Language Reference2.6.4.2 , , , 17.1
        IF Language Reference18.2.6
        JAPANESE LR - Additional TopicsCh6
        KEYCOMPRESS Fileshare UG4.6.2.3 , 6.3.1
        LIBRARIAN Language Reference18.4.1
        MAPNAME Language Reference5.2 , 17.1
        MF-OO Language Reference17.1
        MFCOMMENT Language Reference3.10.1.1
        MS LR - Additional TopicsCh11
        NATIVE Language Reference6.1.2.2 ,
        NCHAR LR - Additional TopicsCh6
        ODOOSVS Language Reference8.1.1.14
        ODOSLIDE Language Reference8.1.1.14
        OLDCOPY LR - Additional Topics7.4
Language Reference18.1.1
        OOCTRL Language Reference17.1
        OPTIONAL-FILE Language Reference14.1.7
        OSVS Language Reference2.6.5.5 , 10.1.4
        PERFORM-TYPE LR - Additional Topics12.3.9
Language Reference15.1.1
        PREPROCESSOR Migration Cookbook7.4.1
        processing order IDE TG1.2.3
        PROGID-COMMENT Language Reference5.2
        QUOTE Language Reference2.2.4.3
        RDFPATH Language Reference6.1.2.4
        REPOSITORY Language Reference3.3 , 17.1 , 18.2.7
        RETRYLOCK Language Reference15.1.2
        REWRITE-LS Language Reference14.1.7
        RM LR - Additional TopicsCh12
        RMODE Assembler Option TG2.1
        SEQCHK Language Reference3.10.1.1
        SEQUENTIAL Language Reference3.5.2 ,
        setting in IDE IDE TG1.2.1
        setting in program IDE TG1.2.2
        SYMBSTART Language Reference6.1.2.3
        TRACE LR - Additional Topics3.3.1 , 3.3.2
        TRUNC Language Reference2.6.4.2 , 14.1.2
        VSC2 LR - Additional TopicsCh9
        WARNING"3" Language Reference10.1.5.5
        WRITE-LOCK Language Reference15.1.5 , 16.1.13
        XOPEN Language Reference12.1.1
Compiler-directing statement Language ReferenceCh18
Compiling Getting Started5.3.7
        and DB2 ECM Host Compat. Option TG16.4
        order Getting Started5.3.7
Compiling Assembler program User's Guide27.3.3
        customizing User's Guide9.5
        directive Assembler Option TG1.1
Compiling COBOL program User's Guide4.1
        customizing User's Guide9.5
        dialect checking IDE TG1.3.1
        directive IDE TG1.2
        error IDE TG1.4
        intermediate code IDE TG1.1
        object-oriented syntax IDE TG1.5
        optimized code IDE TG1.1
        phase IDE TG1.1
        setting directive in IDE IDE TG1.2.1
        setting directive in program IDE TG1.2.2
Compiling with CICS Option User's Guide32.6
Complex condition Language Reference10.1.4.3 , 18.2.3
Components of key
        defining User's Guide11.3.3.2
Composite of operands Language Reference10.1.5.4 , 12.1.2 , 12.1.14 , 14.1.3 , 16.1.8
        data and key Fileshare UG6.3
COMPUTATIONAL format LR - Additional Topics11.3.1 , 12.2.4
Language Reference2.6.4 , ,
COMPUTATIONAL-0 format LR - Additional Topics11.3.1
COMPUTATIONAL-1 format LR - Additional Topics12.2.4
Language Reference2.6.4 ,
COMPUTATIONAL-2 format Language Reference2.6.4 ,
COMPUTATIONAL-3 format Language Reference2.6.4 ,
COMPUTATIONAL-4 format Language Reference2.6.4 ,
COMPUTATIONAL-5 format Language Reference2.6.4 ,
COMPUTATIONAL-6 format LR - Additional Topics12.2.4
COMPUTATIONAL-X format Language Reference2.6.4 ,
COMPUTE statement Language Reference3.9.2.1 , 12.1.9
Computer-name Language Reference2.2.2.1
Con special name Migration Cookbook11.2
CONCAT DB2 directive option Host Compat. Option TG16.5.2
Concatenated search path Migration Cookbook13.2.2
User's Guide5.4.4
        IMS Option IMS Option TG1.2
Concatenated segment IMS Option TG6.9
Concatenation expression Language Reference2.2.4.5
Condition Language Reference10.1.4
        evaluation rules Language Reference10.
Condition-name LR - Additional Topics6.11.1.1
Language Reference2.2.2.1 , , 3.8.4
        rules Language Reference8.1.1.25
Condition-name condition Language Reference6.1.2.2 ,
        compilation Language Reference18.2.1 , 18.5
        expression LR - Additional Topics5.15.1 , 6.11.1
Language Reference10.1.4 , 17.10.1 , 18.2.3
        sentence Language Reference3.9.2.2
        statement Language Reference3.9.2.1 ,
        variable Language Reference8.1.1.11 , , 16.1.3
Conditional record layout Getting Started12.3.5
User's Guide13.2
Conditional statement Getting Started25.1 , ,
        3270 terminal emulator Administrator's GuideCh9
        backward compatibility Migration Cookbook19.2.3
        BMS screen painter User's Guide31.2
        CCIAPPC Configuring CCICh2
        CCIIPX Configuring CCICh3
        CCINAMPU Configuring CCICh6
        CCINETB Configuring CCICh4
        CCITCP Configuring CCICh5
        CICS Option communications Administrator's GuideCh10
        CICS Option distributed processing CICS Option TGCh5
        CICS Option security Administrator's GuideCh8
        CICS region CICS Option TGCh4
        DataConnect Getting Started10.3.1
        default terminal Administrator's Guide10.3.4.3
        distributed program linking CICS Option TG5.4.3
        distributed transaction processing CICS Option TG5.5.2
        DLC over 802.2 Configuring CCIApI , ApJ
        Fileshare CICS Option TGCh6
        Fileshare Client Fileshare UG2.1.2 , 3.1
        Fileshare Manager Fileshare UG6.6.2
        Fileshare Server Fileshare UG2.2.1 , 3.2 , 6.8
        function shipping CICS Option TG5.2.2
        host communications Administrator's Guide10.3
        Host Compatibility Option Host Compat. Option TGCh5
        IMS Option Getting Started22.3.9
IMS Option TG1.1.2
User's Guide34.3
        IMS Option supervisor IMS Option TG2.10.1
        Mainframe Access Administrator's Guide3.1
Getting Started10.3.1
        mainframe for Remote IMS IMS Option TGCh21
        of interface User's Guide9.1
        PC communications for IMS Option IMS Option TGCh20
        PC to PC communications Administrator's Guide10.4
        peer network Administrator's Guide10.4.1
        printer for CICS Option Administrator's Guide9.8
        Remote IMS Requester IMS Option TGCh18 , Ch23
        Remote IMS Server IMS Option TGCh24
        SNA Server Administrator's Guide10.3.2 , 10.4.2
        SourceConnect Getting Started10.3.1
        SQL Option User's Guide36.8
        testing Remote IMS IMS Option TGCh22
        Tools menu Migration Cookbook7.3
        transaction routing CICS Option TG5.3.3
        two networks Administrator's Guide10.4.2
Configuration file
        Assembler Option Migration Cookbook16.2.1
        CICS Option Migration Cookbook12.2.2
        dfh3270.cfg CICS Option TG7.1 , 7.2
        fhredir CICS Option TG6.3.2
        file handler Migration Cookbook10.2.5 , 10.2.6
        Fileshare CICS Option TG6.2.1
        Host Compatibility Option Host Compat. Option TG5.1
Configuration Section Language Reference6.1.2
Conformance Language Reference5.6 , 10.1.7
        object-oriented COBOL Language Reference3.6.6
Conformance testing User's Guide19.4 , 20.2.2
        tutorial Getting StartedCh25
CONNECT DB2 directive option Host Compat. Option TG16.5.2
Console daemon Migration Cookbook12.2.3
CONSOLE IS CRT clause Language Reference6.1.2.3
CONSTANT Compiler directive Language Reference18.5
Constant conditional expression Language Reference18.2.3
Constant-name Language Reference2.2.2.1 , ,
        rules Language Reference8.1.1.25
Contents directory entry IDE TG5.2
Contents List
        returning Getting Started4.3
Context help Getting StartedCh3 , 5.3.13
        button Getting StartedA.1
Context menu Getting StartedA.10
Context-sensitive word Language Reference2.2.2.1
Continuation of line Language Reference1.2.3 ,
CONTINUE statement Language Reference12.1.10 , 14.1.4
Control block
        macro Assembler Option TG3.1
        MVS IDE TGCh5
CONTROL clause LR - Additional Topics1.4.8 , 1.4.22
Language Reference9.1.1.1 ,
Control comparison User's Guide24.2.1 , 24.2.2
CONTROL FOOTING phrase LR - Additional Topics1.4.21 , 1.4.22
CONTROL HEADING phrase LR - Additional Topics1.4.22
Control variable
        CLIST IDE TG6.7
Controlled extension for Mainframe Access Administrator's Guide3.1
Conversational program
        SPA size User's Guide35.5
        character set Administrator's Guide4.2.3.2
CICS Option TG9.1
        data file Administrator's Guide4.2
        floating-point format Administrator's Guide4.2.3.1
        mainframe print file Administrator's Guide4.2.3.1 ,
        source file Administrator's Guide4.1
        variable-length records Administrator's Guide4.3
Conversion utility
        MVS Workbench catalog Migration Cookbook17.2
        PROXMVS catalog Migration Cookbook18.2
Convert3 Migration Cookbook7.2
Convert5 Migration Cookbook7.2
CONVERTING phrase Language Reference13.1.12
CONVERTPTRS Migration CookbookCh6
Copy data set utility IDE TG3.3
COPY statement LR - Additional Topics13.3.2
Language Reference18.1.1
        changing User's Guide6.3.4
        DBDGEN IMS Option TG8.3.1
        example LR - Additional Topics7.4 , 7.5
        MFSGEN IMS Option TG8.5.1.2
        PSBGEN IMS Option TG8.4.1
Copybook User's Guide4.7 , 6.3 , 36.7
        Assembler Migration Cookbook16.2.4
        BMS User's Guide31.7.2 , 32.6.1
        closing User's Guide6.3.3
        compiling Migration Cookbook9.2.6
        creating record layout from Migration Cookbook9.2.6
        ECI Administrator's Guide12.3.1
        EXEC SQL Migration Cookbook15.2.1
        generating Getting Started20.3.6
Host Compat. Option TG10.6
        hiding User's Guide6.3.2
        IMS source file IMS Option TG1.1.5
        relocating IDE TG1.3
        SDF array CICS Option TG1.2
        showing User's Guide6.3.1
        structure Getting Started13.3.7
COPYEXT Compiler directive Language Reference18.1.1
COPYLBR Compiler directive Language Reference18.1.1
COPYLIST Compiler directive Language Reference18.1.1
Core dump User's Guide8.9
        in Assembler debugger User's Guide28.7.2
CORRESPONDING phrase Language Reference10.1.5.3 , 14.1.2
Corrupt catalog User's Guide14.4
Corrupt indexed file Administrator's Guide4.
User's Guide14.3
COS function Language Reference11.9.8
COUNT phrase LR - Additional Topics2.1.2
Country code User's Guide26.1
        blocking IMS Option TG26.6
        side file IMS Option TG20.1
.cpy file IDE TG2.1
User's Guide27.3.1
CR symbol Language Reference8.1.1.15
Create Database tool Host Compat. Option TGCh6
        validation User's Guide22.2.3
Cross-reference Getting Started4.3
CRT STATUS clause Language Reference6.1.2.3
        example LR - Additional Topics7.6
CRT status key Language Reference6.1.2.3
CRTE CICS transaction CICS Option TG5.3.1.1
        See CICS system definition file
        See COBOL Source Information
.ctl file IDE TG2.1
CTRACE DB2 directive option Host Compat. Option TG16.5.2
Ctrl key
        in CICS Option Getting Started17.3.9
Ctrl+C Getting StartedA.12
Ctrl+F11 Migration Cookbook8.2.7
Ctrl+V Getting StartedA.12
Ctrl+X Getting StartedA.12
Ctrl+Z Getting Started13.3.2
CURRENCY Compiler directive Language Reference8.1.1.15
Currency sign Language Reference6.1.2
CURRENCY SIGN clause Language Reference6.1.2.3
CURRENT-DATE function Language Reference11.9.9
CURSOR IS clause Language Reference6.1.2.3
Custom tool User's Guide9.1.5
        IDE User's GuideCh9
        IMS Option IMS Option TGCh1
Cut and paste Getting StartedA.12
CVT control block IDE TG5.2
CYCLE phrase Language Reference13.1.7

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