Master Index for Mainframe Express Online Books

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/p option Fileshare UG4.6.1.1
PA1 attention key User's Guide16.1.2
PACKAGE DB2 directive option Host Compat. Option TG16.5.2
PACKED-DECIMAL format Language Reference2.6.4 ,
Padding byte User's Guide10.3
PADDING CHARACTER clause Language Reference6.1.3.1
        footing LR - Additional Topics1.4.12.9
        format LR - Additional Topics1.4.3.1
        heading LR - Additional Topics1.4.12.7
        list CICS Option TG2.3
        overflow condition Language Reference8.1.1.13
        region LR - Additional Topics1.4.10
        shared CICS Option TG9.7
PAGE clause LR - Additional Topics1.4.9
PAGE FOOTING phrase LR - Additional Topics1.4.22
PAGE HEADING phrase LR - Additional Topics1.4.22
PAGE-COUNTER special register LR - Additional Topics1.2.2 , 1.2.5 , 1.4.5
Panvalet data set Administrator's Guide3.1
Getting Started10.1
Paragraph Language Reference3.10.2.3
        header Language Reference3.10.2.3
Paragraph name User's Guide20.2 , 20.3
PARAGRAPH phrase Language Reference13.1.7
Paragraph-name Language Reference2.2.2.1 ,
        Testcase User's Guide21.2
Parameter Passer Migration Cookbook7.4.6
Parameter passing Migration Cookbook7.4.6
        COBOL program User's Guide16.6.2
        JCL User's Guide17.3.2
        REXX program User's Guide18.4
Parameterized class Language Reference3.6.10 , 5.3
        conformance Language Reference3.
        life cycle Language Reference3.6.12.3
Parameterized interface Language Reference3.6.11 , 5.7
        conformance Language Reference3.
        life cycle Language Reference3.6.12.4
Parent data User's Guide20.3.4
Parentheses Language Reference2.1 , 2.2.1 , , 10.1.4 ,
PARMS parameter to link file command Migration Cookbook16.2.12
PARMS parameter to link file commands Assembler Option TG1.2.3
        project build User's Guide4.4
        Touchpoint User's Guide20.3.2
Partitioned data set Getting Started10.1
Migration Cookbook18.3
User's Guide2.4.1
        adding a member Getting Started7.3.1
User's Guide2.4.3 , 16.3.1
        allocating User's Guide16.3.1
        Mainframe Access Administrator's Guide3.1
        member User's Guide2.4.1
        REXX User's GuideCh18
Pass status User's Guide24.1
        application test User's Guide24.2.2
        iteration User's Guide24.2.1
        CICS Option Administrator's Guide8.5
        file Fileshare UG3.2 , 5.4
        Fileshare CICS Option TG6.2.3
        Fileshare system Fileshare UG5.1
        IMS Option IMS Option TG5.3
        Remote IMS IMS Option TG23.4.1
        supervisor Fileshare UG5.5
PASSWORD clause Language Reference6.1.3.1
PASSWORD statement
        MFSGEN IMS Option TG8.5.2.6
Pasting behavior User's Guide9.2.2.2
Path Getting Started4.2 , 8.3.3
        of execution Getting Started13.3.8
        workgroup Migration Cookbook3.1.2
        configuration terminology Administrator's Guide10.2.1
        file format configuration Migration Cookbook12.1
        IMS Option communications IMS Option TGCh20
        LU 6.2 link configuration Administrator's Guide10.3
        to mainframe communication Administrator's Guide10.3
CICS Option TG5.6.3
        to PC communication Administrator's Guide10.4
CICS Option TG5.6.4
PC-style file User's Guide10.2.2
        converting User's Guide12.3.2
        creating User's Guide11.3.2
        defining keys User's Guide11.3.3.2
        file format User's Guide11.3.2
        loading record layout User's Guide13.4.2
        rebuilding corrupt User's Guide14.3.2
        record format User's Guide11.3.2
PCB statement
        PROCSEQ keyword IMS Option TG6.7
        PSBGEN IMS Option TG8.4.2.2
        See Program control table
        See Partitioned data set
        See Partitioned data set member
Peer network configuration Administrator's Guide10.4.1
CICS Option TG5.6.4
Pending connection IMS Option TG26.4.2
PERFORM statement LR - Additional Topics4.3.2 , 12.3.9
Language Reference3. , 15.1.1
        parsing User's Guide20.3.2
PERFORM-TYPE Compiler directive LR - Additional Topics12.3.9
Language Reference15.1.1
        Fileshare Fileshare UG6.10
        Fileshare database IMS Option TG2.11
        IMS Option IMS Option TGCh3
        IMS Option Supervisor IMS Option TG2.10.2
        indexed files Administrator's Guide4.2.3.4
        locking strategy IMS Option TG2.7.1
PERFORMed program User's Guide8.6
        in filename Migration Cookbook18.3
Permanent error Language Reference10.
/pf option Fileshare UG5.1 , 5.1.2 , 5.4
Physical paging
        MFS IMS Option TG7.3
PI function Language Reference11.9.41
PIC clause Language Reference8.1.1.15
PICTURE character-string Language Reference2.2.4.8
PICTURE clause LR - Additional Topics5.14.2 , 6.10.2
Language Reference3. , , ,
        character precedence Language Reference8.1.1.15
PL/I PL/I Option UGPL/I Book
Please note message User's Guide11.2.2
Plus sign
        in tree view Getting StartedA.5
.poi file User's Guide8.7.2 , 25.2
POINT Assembler macro Assembler Option TG3.4
Point of interest User's Guide8.7.2 , 19.5 , 25.2
POINTER format Language Reference2.6.4 ,
Pointer item
        comparison Language Reference10.
POINTER phrase Language Reference16.1.7 , 16.1.11
Polymorphism Language Reference3.6.7
Pool of 3270 LUs Administrator's Guide10.3.2.11
.pop file Migration Cookbook7.5.1
User's Guide25.2
        creating a project User's Guide4.3
Population file Migration Cookbook7.5.1
Popup help Getting Started5.3.13
Popup menu Getting StartedCh3 , A.10
POS call
        DEDB IMS Option TG6.16
Position-specification phrase LR - Additional Topics11.4.1
Pound sign () User's Guide26.5
        See Processing program table
.prc file IDE TG2.1
Pre-CODESET EBCDIC location Migration Cookbook14.2.1.2
Pre-compiled Assembler macro Assembler Option TG1.1
Precedence Language Reference10.
        rules Language Reference8.1.1.15
        floating-point Migration Cookbook16.2.7
        XDB Migration Cookbook14.2.1
Predecessor record Language Reference3.5.2.3
Predefined object identifier Language Reference2.2.4.7
Prefix area User's Guide6.5 ,
Prefixed save area IDE TG5.2
        DB2 ECM Host Compat. Option TGCh16
PREPROCESSOR Compiler directive Migration Cookbook7.4.1
PRESENT-VALUE function Language Reference11.9.42
Presentation rules LR - Additional Topics1.4.12
Previous logical record Language Reference15.1.2
PREVIOUS phrase Language Reference15.1.2
Previous version of Mainframe Express Getting StartedCh3
Primary key
        defining Getting Started24.3.3
Prime key Administrator's Guide4. ,
User's Guide11.3.3.2 , 11.6.3 , 11.8.3
Prime record key Language Reference3.5.4.1 , , 15.1.2 , 15.1.5
PRINT command
        MFJAMS IDE TG3.1.3.6
Print file
        converting Administrator's Guide4.2.3.1 ,
User's Guide12.4.2
PRINT-SWITCH special register LR - Additional Topics1.2.4 , 1.5.6
Printed book Getting StartedCh3
        CICS Option Administrator's Guide9.8
        defining User's Guide35.7
        customizing User's Guide9.3
        data file Getting Started12.3.11
Prior values LR - Additional Topics1.4.22
.pro file Migration Cookbook9.2.5
User's Guide11.4.1
Probe Assembler debugger command Getting Started16.3.4
User's Guide28.8
Problem determination
        IMS Option IMS Option TGCh13
        installation Getting Started2.1 , Ch3
        Remote IMS IMS Option TGCh28
        adding file to project User's Guide2.4.3
        library User's Guide2.4.2 , 17.1.1
Procedure branching statement Language Reference3.9.2.9
Procedure Division LR - Additional Topics5.15 , 6.11 , 11.4 , 12.3 , 13.3
Language Reference3.9 , 4.2.1 , Ch10
        COBOL debug LR - Additional Topics3.3
        Communication LR - Additional Topics2.2
        header Language Reference10.1.1
        intrinsic function Language ReferenceCh11
        object-oriented COBOL Language Reference17.10
        reference Language Reference2.6.6.1
        Report Writer LR - Additional Topics1.1.2.3 , 1.5
        statements Language ReferenceCh12 , Ch13 , Ch14 , Ch15 , Ch16
Procedure pointer data item Language Reference8.1.1.24 , 16.1.3
        example LR - Additional Topics7.2
PROCEDURE-POINTER format Language Reference2.6.4 ,
PROCEDURE-POINTER phrase Language Reference8.1.1.24
Processing order for compiler directives IDE TG1.2.3
Processing program table User's Guide32.2.4.3
PROCSEQ keyword
        PSBGEN IMS Option TG6.7
PROCSEQ operand
        PSBGEN IMS Option TG6.13
Production level Administrator's Guide2.2.1
Getting Started8.1
User's Guide5.2.1
Profile file Administrator's Guide4.2.1 , ,
Migration Cookbook9.2.2 , 9.2.5
User's Guide11.4.1
PROGID-COMMENT Compiler directive Language Reference5.2
        See COBOL program, Assembler program
        execution Language Reference3.9.1
        state Language Reference3.8.3
PROGRAM COLLATING SEQUENCE clause LR - Additional Topics5.15.1.1
Language Reference6.1.2.2 , 16.1.5
Program control statement
        MFJSORT utility IDE TG3.2.2
Program control table Administrator's Guide11.3
Getting Started17.3.3
User's Guide32.2.4.1
        adding entry Getting Started17.3.5 , 26.1.8 , 28.1.8
        defer loading of entry CICS Option TG4.4.2 , 4.5
        security key Administrator's Guide8.2
Program item
        finding User's Guide7.1
PROGRAM-ID paragraph LR - Additional Topics5.12.1
Language Reference5.2
Project Getting Started1.1 , 5.1.1
Migration CookbookCh2
User's GuideCh4
        acicdemo Getting Started31.3.1
        acihdemo Getting Started33.3.1
        acobdemo Getting Started14.2 , 16.2
        adding file Migration Cookbook3.1.3
        amuldemo Getting Started15.2 , 21.2
        Assembler Option User's Guide27.3.1
        automatic loading User's Guide9.1.3
        backward compatibility Migration Cookbook19.2.4
        benefits of using User's Guide4.2
        building IDE TG2.2
User's Guide4.4
        cdlidemo Getting Started32.3.1
        CICS Option User's Guide32.1
        cicsdemo Getting Started17.3.1 , 18.2 , 19.2
        closing Getting Started5.4
        complete rebuild IDE TG2.2.1
        creating Getting Started5.3.2
User's Guide4.3
        dependency IDE TG2.1
        distributing to users Administrator's Guide1.3.1
        dtoldemo Getting Started12.2
        file User's Guide2.1
        file type IDE TGCh2
        folder Getting Started5.1.1
        hccidemo Getting Started34.3.1
        hcimdemo Getting Started35.3.1
        hcodemo Getting Started20.3.1
        idedemo Getting Started5.3.2 , 8.2 , 9.2 , 13.2
        IMS Getting Started22.3.1
        imsdemo Getting Started22.3.1
        jcldemo Getting Started7.2 , 11.2
        lifecycle User's GuideCh1
        manual rebuild IDE TG2.2.3
        rebuild using changed files IDE TG2.2.2
        reloading in tutorial Getting Started4.3
        saving IDE TG2.4
Getting Started5.3.3
        scondemo Getting Started10.3.3
        sqldemo Getting Started23.3.1 , 24.2
        tsodemo Getting Started6.2
        window Getting Started5.3.2 , 5.3.3
        workgrouping Administrator's Guide2.2.2
Project settings User's Guide4.5
        IMS Option IMS Option TG1.1
User's Guide34.6.1
        Language environment IDE TG7.2
Project View User's Guide3.2 , 4.1
        filtering User's Guide3.2.9
Project Wizard Getting Started5.3.2
User's Guide4.3
PROLOG Assembler compiler directive Migration Cookbook16.2.10
PROMPT clause Language Reference9.1.1.23
PROMPT option LR - Additional Topics11.4.2
        of data file Getting Started12.3.2
        sheet User's Guide4.4
PROPERTY clause Language Reference4.2.2 , 5.6 ,
Protected field Getting Started19.3.8
Protection System Administrator's Guide1.2
Getting Started2.5
Protocol Fileshare UG8.1
ProxDM command Migration Cookbook18.1
        environment variable Migration CookbookCh4
        migrating from IDE TG4.5
Migration CookbookCh18
User's Guide16.3.1
PSA control block IDE TG5.2
        error message IMS Option TG13.1
        name mapping IMS Option TG24.3
.psb file IDE TG2.1
PSB statement
        PSBGEN IMS Option TG8.4.2.3
        directive User's Guide35.4
        format Migration Cookbook13.2.1
        removing Administrator's Guide14.6
PSBGEN statement IMS Option TGCh8 , 8.4.2
Pseudo-text Language Reference3.10.1.4 , 18.1.1 , 18.1.2
PURGE statement LR - Additional Topics2.2.4
Pushpin Getting StartedA.11
PUT Assembler macro Assembler Option TG3.2 , 3.4
        drive Administrator's Guide3.1

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