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/s option Fileshare UG2.1.2.1 , , 3.2
S0C4 abend Migration CookbookCh6
S0C5 abend Migration Cookbook6.5
SAME AREA clause Language Reference6.1.3.2
SAME RECORD AREA clause Language Reference6.1.3.2 , 15.1.5 , 16.1.13
Sample program Getting Started5.1.2
        Assembler Option User's Guide27.4
        IMS Option Administrator's Guide14.1
IMS Option TG1.5
Sample project
        for MVS control blocks IDE TG5.1.3
        See Single Byte Character Set
Scalar function Host Compat. Option TG2.4.1
SCHEDULE statement
        EXEC DLI IMS Option TG10.1
Scondemo project Getting Started10.3.3
Scope terminator Language Reference2.6.6.4 ,
Scope-delimiting statement Language Reference3.9.2.9
        description entry Language Reference9.1.1.1
        handling Language Reference1.1
        item Language Reference9.1.1
Screen painter
        See BMS screen painter
Screen Section LR - Additional Topics13.2.2
Language Reference3.8.1 , Ch9
Screen size
        CICS Option Administrator's Guide9.2.2 , 9.5
Screens Workbench component Migration Cookbook7.2
        recording Getting Started27.5 , 28.4.1
        WinRunner 2000 Getting Started27.1
SD file description Language Reference7.1.2
        See Sequential dependent segment
SDF array Getting Started32.3.4 , 33.3.5
        BMS screen painter CICS Option TG1.2
User's Guide31.4
SDK/WIN32 Host Compat. Option TG4.5
Search path
        in workgroup User's Guide5.4.3
SEARCH statement LR - Additional Topics5.15.9 , 6.11.6
Language Reference3.9.2.1 , 16.1.1
        example LR - Additional Topics7.10
Secondary data structure IMS Option TG6.7
Secondary index IMS Option TG6.2
        adding extra Administrator's Guide4.2.3.5
        database management IMS Option TG6.6
        defining Getting Started24.3.4
        maintenance IMS Option TG6.4
        processing as a stand-alone IMS Option TG6.5
        sparse routine IMS Option TG6.3 , 11.2
        with logical database IMS Option TG6.13
Section header Language Reference3.10.2.2
Section name User's Guide20.2 , 20.3
SECTION phrase Language Reference13.1.7
Section-name Language Reference2.2.2.1
SECURE clause Language Reference9.1.1.26
SECURE option LR - Additional Topics11.4.2
        CICS Option Administrator's GuideCh8
        file Administrator's Guide8.3
        Fileshare CICS Option TG6.2.3
Fileshare UGCh5
IMS Option TG5.3
        IMS communications IMS Option TG20.3.1
        IMS Option IMS Option TGCh5
        journal Administrator's Guide8.3
        key Administrator's Guide8.2 , 8.4
        Mainframe Access Administrator's Guide3.1
        network IMS Option TG5.2
        Remote IMS IMS Option TG15.2 , 23.4
        temporary storage queue Administrator's Guide8.3
        transient data queue Administrator's Guide8.3
SEG statement
        MFSGEN IMS Option TG8.5.2.7
SEGM statement
        DBDGEN IMS Option TG8.3.2.9
Segment search argument IMS Option TG12.2
SEGMENT-LIMIT clause LR - Additional Topics4.2.2
Language Reference6.1.2.2
Segment-number LR - Additional Topics4.2.1 , 4.2.2
Segmentation LR - Additional TopicsCh4
SELECT clause Language Reference6.1.3.1
Selection object Language Reference13.1.3
Selection subject Language Reference13.1.3
SEND statement LR - Additional Topics2.2.6
SENFLD statement
        PSBGEN IMS Option TG8.4.2.4
SENSEG statement
        PSBGEN IMS Option TG8.4.2.5
Sentence Language Reference3.9.2
        conditional Language Reference3.9.2.2
        imperative Language Reference3.9.2.7
        system-directing Language Reference3.9.2.4
SEPARATE CHARACTER clause LR - Additional Topics1.4.19
Separator Language Reference2.2.1
SEQCHK Compiler directive Language Reference3.10.1.1
Sequence number Language Reference1.2.2 , 3.10.1 ,
Migration Cookbook8.2.9
User's Guide20.3.2
        database Fileshare UG4.4
Sequence of build Getting Started5.3.7
Sequential access Language Reference15.1.2 , 16.1.13
Sequential access mode Language Reference3.5.2.4 , , , 15.1.5
SEQUENTIAL Compiler directive Language Reference3.5.2 ,
Sequential dependent segment IMS Option TG6.15
Sequential file Language Reference3.5.2.3 , 12.1.7 , 14.1.7 , 15.1.2 , 16.1.13
        convert to indexed Administrator's Guide4.2.3.5
        creating records User's Guide11.6.1
Serial search Language Reference16.1.1
Serially-reusable code
        Assembler program Assembler Option TG1.1
Series of values User's Guide20.2.1
        cataloging Host Compat. Option TGCh7
        Endevor Administrator's Guide3.1
        Fileshare CICS Option TG6.2 , 6.3.1
Fileshare UG1.2
IMS Option TG2.4
        Mainframe Access Administrator's Guide3.1
Getting Started9.2 , 10.2
        multi-user Migration Cookbook19.2.5.4
        remote Host Compat. Option TG7.4
        SNA configuration Administrator's GuideCh10
        uncataloging Host Compat. Option TG7.5
Server Name
        CCIAPPC configuration Configuring CCI2.3.1
        CCIIPX configuration Configuring CCI3.4.1
        CCINAMPU configuration Configuring CCI6.2.1
        CCINETB configuration Configuring CCI4.3.1
        CCITCP configuration Configuring CCI5.3.1
Server-hosted install Administrator's Guide1.1.1
SERVICE statement Language Reference16.1.2
Services file Configuring CCI5.1.5.2 , 10.2
Session recording
        tutorial Getting StartedCh27
SET ADDRESS OF statement User's Guide20.1.1 , 20.3.3
SET command
        MFJAMS IDE TG3.1.3.8
SET option
        BMS-related command CICS Option TG2.3
SET phrase Language Reference5.6
$SET statement IDE TG1.2.2
SET statement Language Reference8.1.1.24 , 16.1.3 , 17.10.4
        DL/I call IMS Option TG4.7.4
        EXEC DLI statement IMS Option TG10.1
        Data File Editor User's Guide11.2
SETU statement
        EXEC DLI IMS Option TG10.1
Setup (character) Workbench component Migration Cookbook7.2
        CICS storage Migration Cookbook6.3
        memory CICS Option TG4.2
        page CICS Option TG9.7
        read-only database IMS Option TG1.1.4
        update database IMS Option TGCh2
Shared catalog
        backward compatibility Migration Cookbook19.2.2
Shared file Language Reference14.1.7
SHARING clause Language Reference3.5.5 ,
Sharing mode Language Reference3.5.5
SHARING phrase Language Reference3.5.5
Shift+Del Migration Cookbook8.2.4
Shift+Ins Migration Cookbook8.2.4
Shipping method
        remote terminal definition CICS Option TG5.3.1.2
Shortcut key Migration Cookbook8.2.4
SHOWCB Assembler macro Assembler Option TG3.4
        condition Language Reference10.
        digit Language Reference2.6.4.1 ,
        representation LR - Additional Topics12.2.3
Language Reference2.6.1 ,
SIGN clause LR - Additional Topics1.4.19
Language Reference3. , ,
SIGN function Language Reference11.9.47
Sign-on table
        security key Administrator's Guide8.2 , 8.4
        system administrator Administrator's Guide8.4.1
Signed receiving item Language Reference10.1.5.8
Simple condition Language Reference10.1.4.1
        negated Language Reference10.
Simple insertion editing Language Reference8.1.1.15
SIN function Language Reference11.9.48
Single Byte Character Set LR - Additional TopicsCh5 , Ch6
Single user mode Fileshare UG1.2 , 6.1
Single value User's Guide20.2.1 , 22.2.1
Single-tasking CICS system Getting Started17.3.9
User's Guide29.3.1
        debugging User's Guide32.7.1
Single-user fileshare database IMS Option TG2.5
        See System initialization table
SIZE clause Language Reference9.1.1.28
Size error condition Language Reference10.1.5.2
SIZE ERROR phrase Language Reference3.9.2.1
SIZE option LR - Additional Topics11.4.2 , 11.4.3
SKEL command
        not supported IDE TG6.8
SKIP statement Language Reference18.6.2
Skip to cursor Getting Started13.3.8
SmartFind-Fix/2000 User's Guide19.5
SMCA control block IDE TG5.2
SMF control area IDE TG5.2
SNA configuration Configuring CCI2.1.2
SNA Server
        CICS Option communications Administrator's GuideCh10
        client installation Administrator's Guide10.3.2.14
        configuration Administrator's Guide10.3.2
        IMS Option communications IMS Option TG20.2 , 28.2
        peer network configuration Administrator's Guide10.4.1
        registry entry Administrator's Guide10.3.7.1
        requirements Administrator's Guide10.1
        two network configuration Administrator's Guide10.4.2
        initial values User's Guide21.1
        See Sign-on table
SoftFactory User's Guide19.5
SoftFactory/2000 User's Guide8.7.2 , 25.1
Sort file Language Reference16.1.4
SORT operation Language Reference15.1.3 , 15.1.4
SORT statement LR - Additional Topics4.3.4
Language Reference6.1.2.2 , , , 16.1.4
        example LR - Additional Topics7.11 , 7.12
        MFJSORT IDE TG3.2.2
SORT STATUS clause Language Reference6.1.3.1
Sort-merge file Language Reference6.1.3.1 , 7.1.3
Sort-merge file description entry Language Reference3.8.5 , 14.1.1
Sort-Merge module Language Reference7.1.2.1
SORT-RETURN special register Language Reference14.1.1 , 16.1.4
Sort/merge utility IDE TG3.2
        Assembler User's Guide27.3.2
        character set Migration Cookbook7.5.2
        COBOL Language Reference3.10
        COBOL error Getting Started5.3.8
        comparison utility Migration Cookbook7.2
        compressing and expanding Getting Started5.3.8 , 14.3.2
User's Guide6.5
        control system Getting Started10.1
        customizing views User's Guide9.2.5
        DDL Host Compat. Option TG9.7
        editing Getting Started14.3.2
User's GuideCh6
        element Language Reference4.2.1 , 5.1
        file lock User's Guide6.3.1
        for debugging User's Guide8.9
        format Language Reference1.2 , 1.2.4
        in CICS Option User's Guide32.3
        in code fragment User's Guide20.5
        library User's Guide5.2.2
        listing Language Reference18.6.2
        migration Migration Cookbook7.5.3
        navigating User's GuideCh7
        text manipulation Language Reference18.1
        unit Language Reference4.2
SOURCE clause LR - Additional Topics1.4.20
Source Converter Migration Cookbook7.3
SOURCE-COMPUTER paragraph LR - Additional Topics3.2.1 , 5.13.1
Language Reference6.1.2 ,
SourceConnect Administrator's Guide2.2.1 , 2.2.2 , 11.1.4
Getting Started1.1
Migration Cookbook10.2.3
        configuration Administrator's Guide3.1
        synchronizing drives User's Guide4.5
        tutorial Getting StartedCh10
        maximum size IMS Option TG13.3
Space LR - Additional Topics5.8 , 6.6
SPACE-FILL option LR - Additional Topics11.4.2
Spanned record format
        not supported User's Guide16.3.2
Sparse key Language Reference6.1.3.1
User's Guide11.3.3.2
SPARSRTN system exit Administrator's Guide14.2
IMS Option TG6.3
Special character word Language Reference2.2.2.1
Special insertion editing Language Reference8.1.1.15
Special register Host Compat. Option TG2.4.2 , 2.5.1
Language Reference2.2.2.1 ,
        COL LR - Additional Topics11.1
        COM-REG LR - Additional TopicsCh10
        DEBUG-ITEM LR - Additional Topics3.1
        LENGTH OF Language Reference12.1.4
        LIN LR - Additional Topics11.1
        LINE-COUNTER LR - Additional Topics1.2.3 , 1.4.6
        PAGE-COUNTER LR - Additional Topics1.2.2 , 1.4.5
        PRINT-SWITCH LR - Additional Topics1.2.4 , 1.5.6
        RETURN-CODE Language Reference13.1.6
        SORT-RETURN Language Reference14.1.1 , 16.1.4
        TALLY Language Reference13.1.4 , 13.1.6
SPECIAL-NAMES paragraph LR - Additional Topics5.13.3 , 6.9.2 , 11.2.1
Language Reference6.1.2 ,
        explicit and implicit Language Reference2.6.6
Split key Language Reference3.5.4.1
Migration Cookbook12.1
        example LR - Additional Topics7.13
Spool file Getting Started7.3.3
User's Guide2.5 , 3.2.5
Spool View Getting Started7.3.3
User's Guide3.2.5
        backward compatibility Migration Cookbook19.2.2
        database Host Compat. Option TG4.5
        directive Migration Cookbook15.2.2
        embedded CICS Option TG8.1
        query Getting Started20.3.11
Host Compat. Option TGCh15
User's Guide36.4.3
        return code Host Compat. Option TG17.1 , 17.2
        script User's Guide36.4.6
        server Getting Started23.3.6
Migration Cookbook7.4.4
        viewing Getting Started24.3.5
SQL ATTACH function
        MFJIMS utility IDE TG3.5.2
SQL Error Message tool Host Compat. Option TG8.6.1 , Ch14
.sql file IDE TG2.1
SQL Option Getting Started1.1
Migration CookbookCh14
User's GuideCh36
        adding table and data Getting Started26.1.4 , 28.1.4 , 32.3.3
        backward compatibility Migration Cookbook19.2.5
        creating a query Getting Started24.3.8
        creating a table Getting Started24.3.2
        debugging Getting Started23.3.5
        environment variable Migration CookbookCh4
        NLS considerations User's Guide36.4.5.1
        NLS environment User's Guide36.10
        running application Getting Started23.3.4
        starting server Getting Started23.3.1
        tutorial Getting StartedCh23 , Ch32
        with other options Getting StartedCh32
        workgroup Administrator's Guide2.2.4.3
SQL option
        codepage User's Guide36.10
SQL Query tool Host Compat. Option TGCh15
SQL Wizard Getting Started1.1 , 32.3.3
User's Guide36.4
        tutorial Getting StartedCh24
Sqldemo project Getting Started23.3.1 , 24.2
SQLERROR DB2 directive option Host Compat. Option TG16.5.3
SQLFLAG DB2 directive option Host Compat. Option TG16.5.2
        setting Host Compat. Option TG15.6.2
SQLRULES DB2 directive option Host Compat. Option TG16.5.2
SQLWARN DB2 directive option Host Compat. Option TG16.5.2
SQRT function Language Reference11.9.49
.srn file Migration Cookbook12.2.1
        See Segment search argument
STACK statement
        MFSGEN IMS Option TG8.5.1.6
Staging library Administrator's Guide2.2.1 , 2.2.2
User's Guide5.3
Standard alignment rules Language Reference2.6.2
Standard button
        on window Getting StartedA.1
Standard install Administrator's Guide1.1.1
STANDARD-DEVIATION function Language Reference11.9.50
START EXEC CICS command CICS Option TG5.2
START statement LR - Additional Topics11.5.4
Language Reference3.9.2.1 , 16.1.5
Startup group
        XDB Migration Cookbook14.2.6
Startup list Administrator's Guide10.3.3.2 , 11.3
CICS Option TG4.3
Getting Started26.2.1 , 28.2.1
User's Guide32.2
        program Language Reference3.8.3
Statement Language Reference3.9.2
        category Language Reference3.9.2.9
        CLIST IDE TG6.3
        delimited scope Language Reference3.9.2.8
        imperative Language Reference3.9.2.6
        system-directing Language Reference3.9.2.3
Static data item Language Reference3.8.2
        COBOL program Getting Started13.3.7
        IMS Option Getting Started22.3.9
STATISTICS statement
        EXEC DLI IMS Option TG10.1
        backward compatibility Migration Cookbook19.2.4
        CICS region Migration Cookbook12.2.5
Status call Fileshare UG4.1.2
Status code LR - Additional Topics12.3.13
        DL/I IMS Option TG13.3
Status key Language Reference6.1.2.3 , ,
        combinations Language Reference10.
STATUS KEY clause LR - Additional Topics2.1.2
Status key condition LR - Additional Topics2.1.2
Status line
        3270 terminal emulator Administrator's Guide9.6
Status message
        CCI Configuring CCICh10
Status of source file User's Guide3.2.1.2
Status of test User's Guide24.1
Step Getting Started5.3.10
Step All Migration Cookbook8.2.5
Step Assembler debugger command Getting Started14.3.4 , 16.3.4
Step size User's Guide22.2.1
STOP RUN statement LR - Additional Topics12.3.12
STOP statement LR - Additional Topics5.15.10
Language Reference3. , 16.1.6
STORAGE Assembler macro Assembler Option TG2.1.1 , 2.1.4
Storage of data Language Reference2.6.4.2
.str file User's Guide13.1
STRDEL DB2 directive option Host Compat. Option TG16.5.3
String search
        data file Migration Cookbook9.2.7
STRING statement LR - Additional Topics5.15.11 , 6.11.7
Language Reference3.9.2.1 , 16.1.7
Structure Animator Migration Cookbook7.2
Structure file Migration Cookbook9.1
Stub macro Assembler Option TG2.2
Submenu Getting StartedA.2
SUBMIT TSO command IDE TG6.2
Subpool Assembler Option TG2.1.4
        debugging User's Guide8.10
Subscript Language Reference2.6.5.2
SUBTRACT statement Language Reference3.9.2.1 , 16.1.8
Successor record Language Reference3.5.2.3
SUM clause LR - Additional Topics1.4.21
Sum counter LR - Additional Topics1.4.21 , 1.4.22 , 1.5.4
SUM function Language Reference11.9.51
SUM statement
        MFJSORT IDE TG3.2.2
Summary report LR - Additional Topics1.5.3
Superuser User's Guide36.4.1
        IMS Option IMS Option TG2.8 , 2.9 , 2.10 , 2.10.1 , 2.10.2
Migration Cookbook13.2.7
        password Fileshare UG5.5 , 8.3
Supervisor call Assembler Option TG2.2
        via Web Getting StartedCh3
Supported language User's Guide26.1
SUPPRESS phrase Language Reference6.1.3.1
SUPPRESS statement LR - Additional Topics1.4.22 , 1.5.6
Suppression editing Language Reference8.1.1.15
Suspended state IMS Option TG26.3 , 26.4
        See Supervisor call
        external Language Reference6.1.2.3 , 16.1.3
SWITCH clause Language Reference6.1.2.3
Switch-name LR - Additional Topics13.1.1
Switch-status condition Language Reference10.
        not supported Migration Cookbook14.1 , 15.1
SYMBOLIC CHARACTERS clause Language Reference6.1.2.3
        EXEC DLI IMS Option TG10.1
        area LR - Additional Topics2.1.2
        clause LR - Additional Topics2.1.2
SYMBOLIC QUEUE clause LR - Additional Topics2.1.2
SYMBOLIC SOURCE clause LR - Additional Topics2.1.2
SYMBOLIC SUB-QUEUE-n clause LR - Additional Topics2.1.2
SYMBOLIC TERMINAL clause LR - Additional Topics2.1.2
SYMBSTART Compiler directive Language Reference6.1.2.3
SYNC clause Language Reference8.1.1.22
Synchronization Language Reference2.6.3 , ,
SYNCHRONIZED clause Language Reference3. , ,
syncList Assembler debugger command Getting Started16.3.2
User's Guide28.5
syncMode Assembler debugger command User's Guide28.3
Syncpoint IMS Option TG4.2
        coordinator IMS Option TG4.2 , 4.4
        Dynamic Database Attach IMS Option TG4.7.5
        failure IMS Option TG4.6.1 , 4.6.3
        fast path database IMS Option TG4.7.3
        IMS Option and CICS IMS Option TG4.1
        in CICS Option CICS Option TG5.2.1 , 5.4.1 , 6.1
Getting Started18.1
        mixed outcome IMS Option TG4.6.2
        Remote IMS IMS Option TGCh27
        with IMS Option IMS Option TGCh4
SYNCPOINT DB2 directive option Host Compat. Option TG16.5.2
SYNCxx error message IMS Option TG13.5
        Assembler Getting Started14.3.2
        COBOL Getting Started5.3.8
        getting help Getting StartedCh3
SYNTAX DB2 directive option Host Compat. Option TG16.5.3
Syntax rules Language Reference2.3.2
SYS1.PROCLIB library User's Guide2.4.2
        for REXX exec User's GuideCh18
SYSIBM.SYSLOCATIONS table Migration Cookbook14.2.4
SYSIBM.SYSVIEWS table Migration Cookbook14.2.2
SYSLOCALS record Migration Cookbook14.2.1.1 , , ,
SYSLOCATIONS record Migration Cookbook14.2.1.1 , , ,
SYSPARM Assembler compiler directive Assembler Option TG1.1
Migration Cookbook16.2.11
        for REXX exec User's GuideCh18
        administrator Getting Started2.3
        administrator for CICS Option Administrator's Guide8.4.1
        catalog Migration Cookbook18.2
User's Guide2.2
        clipboard User's Guide9.2.3
        data set Administrator's Guide3.1
        exit Administrator's Guide14.2
IMS Option TG1.5
        file Host Compat. Option TGApA
        identification configuration Administrator's Guide10.3.2.5 ,
        log Getting Started7.3.5
User's Guide2.4.4
        log, IMS Option Administrator's Guide14.5
        queue area Assembler Option TG2.1.1
System initialization table CICS Option TG4.2
User's Guide32.2
        AI exit Administrator's Guide9.2.3.1
        parameter User's Guide32.2.1
System-directing statement Language Reference3.9.2.3 ,
System-name Language Reference2.2.2.1
SYSXDB.SYSLOCALS table Migration Cookbook14.2.4

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