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Introducing the Administrative Console

From the Administrative Console, you can manage all Client operations, including starting, stopping and scheduling Client runs as well as querying Client runs to get status information and statistics.

Client output messages are displayed in the console pane for the data source. You can update the settings maintained in the Client and Client Manager Service's configuration files and customize the layouts of the tables in the relational database that hold the replicated DMSII data. For a description of the graphical user interface, Tour the Administrative Console.

In addition, the Administrative Console provides a single window from which you can monitor multiple data sources and/or Client Managers, while also receiving alerts when a Client or Client Manager encounters an issue.


See the Databridge Client Administrator's Guide for a complete reference to the Databridge Client, including configuration settings, user scripts, and command-line Client operations. This guide is included with the Databridge software as a PDF file (client-admin.pdf).