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Processing - Date and Time

This configuration page defines options for items that are date and time values in DMSII.

Configuration file parameters are included below with the following_font.

Date parameters

Century break dynamic when off (yy)(00 to 99)

Parameter: century_break

Several DMSII date formats have 2-digit years (for example "mmddyy"). This option determines the algorithm for changing the value of "yy" to a 4-digit year. For example, if Century break is set to 50, values less than 50 are 21st century years (20yy) and values greater than or equal to 50 are 20th century years (19yy). This method does not work very well as the century break needs to be adjusted from time to time so the current year is in the middle of the range. The Client supports a dynamic century break, where the client uses the current year to set the century break.

When this option is disabled, the century break is dynamically computed when the Client starts. To set it to a different value you need to enable this option, which makes the input field below the option available. Enter the desired value in this input field and select Save at the bottom right of the page.

LINC date base year (yyyy)(1800 to 2100)

Parameter: linc_century_base

Specifies the base year for LINC database dates as a four-digit year value.


Do not change this parameter after you have cloned the DMSII database, as you will get different results when decoding Linc dates.

Set LINC date 0 to NULL

Parameter: set_lincday0_to_null

When enabled, this option indicates that a LINC date value of 0 should be treated as NULL, rather than 1/1 of the LINC date base year.

Correct invalid date values

Parameter: correct_bad_days

This group of buttons defines the method in which bad dates are corrected. The four options available are mutually exclusive.

  • Do not correct: the Client does correct any bad dates.

  • Only correct days that are 0: the Client corrects dates with a day value of 0 by changing the day value to 1. This is useful if you have dates that do not have a day part (like credit card expiration dates).

  • Correct only bad days <= 31: the Client attempts to correct DMSII dates with a bad day value by setting the value to last day for the given month and year (unless the day value is greater than 31).

  • Correct all bad days and months: the Client performs the following corrections in addition to the ones handled by Correct only bad days <= 31. Day values greater than 31 are set to the last legal day of the month, day values that are 0 are set to 1, month values greater than 12 are set to 12, and a month value of 0 is set to 1.

Default formats

Numeric date

Parameter: numeric_date_format

Specifies the date format used to encode numeric dates. Options include all six and eight-digit numeric date formats.

Default date format

Parameter: default_date_fmt

Specifies the default date format that appears when you select the Replicate as Date option in the DMS item properties page when using the Customize command.

Null date values for columns that do not allow NULL

The options in this section only apply to the SQL Server Client.


Allows you to change the value used to represent a NULL date in a datetime column that does not allow nulls.

Datetime2 and date

Allows you to change the value used to represent a NULL date in a datetime2 column that does not allow nulls.